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Big Berkey vs Travel Berkey Water Filters: Which Is Better?

2 min read

Berkey water filter sizes

Whether you're concerned about your local water treatment, your home plumbing system, or even stagnant ponds, Berkey water filters are up to the task. Each filter can last for thousands of gallons and everyday use, offering clean and filtered water whenever you need it.

While the stellar water quality remains the same, let's see which is better for your needs; the Big Berkey or the Travel Berkey!

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Big Berkey Water Filter Systems

Berkey water filters are the best systems for getting clean water from nearly any natural source. This water purifier is great for treated water for home use or for emergency situations. Berkeys use Black Berkey elements to filter out harmful chemicals and other contaminants from your tap water or other drinking water source.

More specifically, the Big Berkey offers a 2.25-gallon upper chamber that can offer purified water in the lower chamber in under two hours. Again, this is a gravity filter element, so it does take a little while, but it offers high quality purification even in hostile environments.

However, at 7 pounds empty and nearly 26 pounds with the lower chamber filled, this isn't exactly an item you can easily take with you on the go.

Overall, 2.25 gallons is plenty for large families, especially if you keep an eye on the water level. Gravity-fed filters can take a while to filter toxic elements, so remember to continue filling the upper chamber.


Berkey water filter with bundle deal

Travel Berkey Water Filters

Travel Berkeys use the same Black Berkey filters as any other Berkey system. They're just as efficient at removing heavy metals (and other harmful contaminants) and just as durable with their stainless steel shell. The only difference is the 1.5-gallon upper and lower chamber capacity, which is the perfect size for traveling.

Even with the bottom or top chamber full, the system only weighs around 18.5 pounds, which is perfect for moving around the house or taking with you on a trip. If you have a less-than-reputable water source at your off-grid vacation home or during your outdoor activities, then this is perfect for a family water supply. Again, this can even purify untreated raw water.

Also, the Travel Berkey is still durable with stainless steel chambers. If something breaks, you can easily order replacement parts. We'd recommend using a stainless steel spigot and a Berkey tote bag for safe travel!


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Now that you know the difference between these two sizes of Berkey water filters, you can see that they are both just as efficient, but ideal for different circumstances. The Big Berkey is perfect for a small or medium-sized family, whereas the Travel Berkey is best for anyone on the go. Either way, both systems will last for a long time, and you can even get a separate warranty for peace of mind!

Stay up to date with our latest tips, and buy aBerkey water filter today with free shipping in the United States!

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