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How To Assemble A Big Berkey Water Filter System

2 min read

How To Assemble A Big Berkey Water Filter System

If you’re like us and have an aversion to user manuals, then we’ll make the setup process as easy as possible for you. Setting up your Big Berkey water system isn’t difficult and it will only take a few minutes. Let’s get started!

Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Remember, this is your drinking water, so you want to prevent any contaminants from entering the system. Start by washing your hands before you even touch the system, and then sanitize any surfaces where you will be working.

Prime Filter Elements

Remove your purification elements from the packaging, place them on a clean surface, and prime them by putting the brown top up to your faucet and turning it on.

You should see water coming out the sides through the small pores on your black filters. Continue holding the filter to the water and forcing it through until every pore has water seeping out. This could take a few minutes, but make sure the water is exiting the filter clear before installing it in the system. 

Alternatively, you can use a primer pump that comes withour bundle deal, which will make that process even faster.

Insert The Elements

Once your filters are primed, place the sealing washers into the threaded element section and fit them into place.

Then, screw the elements into the threaded section on the elements and tighten the upper chamber using the wingnuts in the kit. Make sure to put blocking plugs into any unused filter holds to prevent unfiltered water from seeping through.

Attach the Spigot

Apply a rubber washer to the threaded spot on the lower chamber and then attach the threaded section of the spigot. Then, attach a second washer in place before adding a nut to hold the tap in place.

Assemble the System

Place the upper chamber on top of the lower chamber. These will lock into place. 

Then, attach the lid knob onto the lid, which you can do with your hands. Simply screw the knob into the lid until tight. Place the lid on top, and your system is ready for use!

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