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How To Choose The Right Big Berkey Filter For Your Needs

2 min read

How To Choose The Right Big Berkey Filter For Your Needs

While the 2.25-gallon Big Berkey is the most popular system around, a lot of users have different needs. Luckily, the filtering elements and most attachments will work in any Berkey system, which makes switching or alternating easy! Here’s how to choose the right water filter system for your kitchen!

How Many People Will Be Drinking From It?

A family of 5 will have different needs from a single person when it comes to quantity. Luckily, Berkey filters come in travel sizes and go up to 6-gallons.

The average person drinks around8 cups of water a day, which will also depend on age, size, activity levels, and more. However, if you consider your household to fall near the average, then a family of 2 to 4 should have no problem with the standard 2.25-gallon system.

In that case, you will only need to refill the water every 1 to 2 days, which is no problem for the average family.

A large family of 6 will likely prefer the larger 4.5-gallon or even the largest 6-gallon systems. Consequently, for a single person or a couple, a 1.5-gallon or 2.25-gallon system will work fine.

Is The Filter Solely For Home Use?

If you go camping regularly, spend a lot of time outside, or move back and forth between your dorm and home, then you will likely want to bring a water filtration system with you. In that case, you will either need a smaller system or an additional one for travel.

Having two systems won’t hurt, and they’ll last you forever with proper care. However, if you want to carry the system with you, then the 1.5-gallon or the 2.25-gallon systems are the best options.

What Material Is Right For You?

While the neutral tones of stainless steel work with most aesthetics, especially modern ones, there are alternatives that may work for your aesthetic and needs. 

The Berkey Light is a clear, plastic alternative to the traditional Berkey filter, but it uses the same filtering elements. This is also a great option for traveling, as this system is far lighter than the stainless steel Berkey systems. However, you do sacrifice some durability and integrity when choosing plastic.

The Verdict

There’s a reason why the 2.25-gallon, stainless steel option is so popular. It fits well in most counter spaces, lasts a long time, and holds enough water to fit the needs of most households.

However, if you have more people using it or if you want to go for longer periods without the need to refill, then a larger option is right for you.

Conversely, if you need to move your system frequently, a smaller option is the way to go. Whatever size is right for your needs,order with us today, and don’t forget to get extra filters for your new system!

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