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Is Propane Heat Worth It? The Truth About Price, Emissions, and More!

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It’s a staple of rural life and off-grid homes, and anybody driving through the Midwest or NorthEast US is familiar with them. Between 3% and 8% of US households use propane for their heating fuel, and for good reason.

So, what is propane, and why is it becoming so popular? We’re glad you asked!

What Is Propane?

Propane is liquefied petroleum gas or a gas that is compressed and stored as a liquid. It’s non-toxic, colorless, and odorless, although an odor is added to detect leaks if they occur! This is a very common fuel used to heat homes or fuel an outdoor grill, as it’s affordable, easily accessible, and safe to use.

Also, propane is a convenient option for those living off-grid. You won’t need pipelines or a log-splitter, as propane can easily be delivered to your tank regularly by truck. If you live far north in the US or Canada, you’ll often see large propane tanks on the sides of houses, as it

Propane Heat Efficiency

For a Martin propane heater, you can expect an efficiency rating of over 80%, meaning there is very little waste involved. Also, there is no need for electricity at all, so your heating system won’t increase your electric bill.


With no need for electricity and with at least 80% efficiency, propane heat is one of the most cost-effective home heating solutions on the market. The only cheaper option on the market is natural gas and fuel oil, mainly due to easy access from grid pipelines. However, not every house has access to these pipelines, and natural gas and oil emit far more carbon than propane, making propane the best option for many households.

For a direct comparison, you can expect to pay $23.12 for propane heat and $32.24 for electric resistance heat per 1 billion BTUs.


If you’re trying to keep your carbon footprint low or transition to a net-zero home, then you may be surprised to learn how clean propane is. Propane heat is much cleaner than other fossil fuels, and it comes with more efficiency and at a lower price. Okay, but is itclean?

Not entirely, but neither is solar or wind energy. Believe it or not, propane heat emits significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than electric heat on average, making it one of the best home heating options on the market.

Choose the Best Propane Heaters

If you’re interested in switching to propane heat, it really is a great option for off-grid heat that’s safe for the environment, non-toxic, and fairly priced. However, that’s only if you choose the right heater. Martin direct vent heaters allow you to connect directly to a propane tank and heat your home without the need for electricity, which is perfect for off-grid living or in the event of a power outage.

The best part is that you can even install them yourself! Feel free to shop with us for free shipping and a price match guarantee, and enjoy a warm and cozy winter!
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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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