Outdoor Cooking
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Outdoor Cooking

Whatever your passion is, may it be camping, off-grid living, disaster preparedness, Wild Oak Trail is here to absolutely support your lifestyle choices. With that being said, we offer a great variety of brands and products that can efficiently provide you with much needed outdoor living.

Wild Oak Trail would like you to enjoy being one with nature and be comfortable while doing so. Here, we showcase various outdoor cooking products that you can fully rely on.


The SUN OVENS® harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake unbelievably sumptuous food while being prepared for an emergency. These amazing Sun Ovens may also work in reducing energy costs and benefiting the environment around the world.

SUN OVENS® strives to assist entrepreneurs to make and market GLOBAL SUN OVENS® in the country in which they will be quite beneficial in. Furthermore, they also assist in implementing projects to help orphanages to gain self-sufficiency through the sale of bakery goods sun-baked in VILLAGER SUN OVENS®.


Go solar with the fastest solar oven. Bake, roast or steam a meal for two people in minutes, reaching up to 550°F (290°C). The Sport™ sets the bar for portable solar ovens.
It's easy to use. It creates delicious meals. You can bring it anywhere.


Icon Grills are constantly striving to go above and beyond the expectations of any grill on the market. With that in mind, they raised the bar in the industry by having their engineers expertly craft their grills to accommodate the function and aesthetic of a classic kamado-style grill. At the same time, Icon Grills are still updating the look to incorporate an elegant, unique finish. Imagine having all of those plus an optimized, operational design and you’ve got yourself a product that's easy on the eyes while on the cutting edge of grilling technology. Whether it’s the incredible flavor of charcoal or the convenience of propane gas, Icon Grills got you covered.