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Martin Heater Problems and How to Solve Them

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To be clear, Martin wall heaters are some of the best on the market, and they have much fewer issues than most of their competitors. They rarely run into problems, and the systems will last for a lifetime of heavy use with proper care. 

However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t immune to all issues. Fortunately, they’re often easy to fix. Let’s talk about how to troubleshoot Martin heater problems and fix them before calling a professional!

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1. Not Blowing Hot Enough

If your heater is not blowing hot air, try adjusting the settings to the maximum heat. If it still isn’t blowing sufficiently, check the propane connection to ensure that it is secured and unobstructed. Also, check the connection lines to ensure that they were not damaged and that there were no leaks.

Once you’ve ensured the propane connections are in good standing, the pilot works, and your tank is full, it is clear that something is obstructing the line. This would be the time to remove your wall heater to inspect the vents or contact a professional.

2. Wall Heater Won’t Ignite

If this ever happens to you, simply press the manual pilot button on the system. Martin heaters use a Piezo ignition commonly found on propane and gas grills, so try to ignite it manually if it isn’t turning on with the thermostat. Otherwise, ensure that the thermostat is on, has enough battery, and that the heater is receiving the signal.

However, it could be a faulty or damaged ignition. In that case, listen for a clicking sound when you press the ignition button, which you should hear clearly. On Martin wall heaters with glass-ceramic windows, you should see the physical spark upon pressing the button. If not, you can replace the ignition by ordering a separate part or contact a professional to inspect and reinstall it.

3. My Martin Heater Stops Working

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If the heater stops working suddenly after a while, this is a sign of a dirty thermocouple or a thermocouple that is placed too far away. The thermocouple is a failsafe built into the system that regulates the temperature. 

To find this, look for the sensor on the end of the thermocouple, which should be less than an inch from the flame. If it is dirty or out of place, simply open up the system and move it back into place. Wipe it off if necessary.

These are made of stainless steel, so do not bend back and forth repeatedly and avoid 90-degree bends at all costs, as this may snap the thermocouple. If this happens, contact a professional or purchase a new (compatible) thermocouple.

Keep Your Martin Heater Smoothly

Now that you know how to troubleshoot and fix basic Martin propane heater problems, put these tips to use and keep your system running smoothly for the long run. Martin heaters will last a long time with proper care, so if you notice any issues, try your best to fix them instead of throwing them away!

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy a Martin heater today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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