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The gap between home energy storage and affordability has been bridged with cost-effective lithium battery power stations. The cost of energy storage, in particular lithium battery storage, has reached a point where it can be economically feasible to manufacture and sell practical home-energy storage units. At the same time, the lifespan, safety, and usability of lithium energy storage technologies have all improved. Worry-free “plug-and-play” lithium storage units are the new industry standard. At the moment, there is simply no better way to achieve energy independence than by using a high-storage-capacity, high-power-output lithium-ion power station.

Aiming to provide you with energy that you truly own, Hysolis is committed to making sure that with the help of their outdoor portable generator, you are able to create and generate your electricity perfect for off-grid living. With their Hysolis Apollo 5K and Hysolis MPS 3K all in-one solar power station, you can now free yourself from the grid, basically attaining profound independence. The Apollo 5K portable power station and MPS3K portable solar generator are both designed to give you reliable home backup power during power outages, making sure you are safe and comfortable. Hysolis made sure that you can lean on the Apollo 5K and MPS3K in charging even your most sensitive electronics thanks to their pure sine inverter. You can ensure that your medical devices will run without a hitch along with your small fridges, lights, and any other appliances that you may have in your off-grid cabin or tiny homes. With the use of your solar panels, you can now harness unlimited power! Not only will you have an emergency backup but you can now rely on solar energy to give you an uninterruptable power supply.

Hysolis Apollo 5K

Hysolis wants to give you a solar system that will not fail. Whether for small commercial use for business owners, enjoying life outdoors through having RV power, or living freely through having sufficient off-grid power, the goal is clear, Hysolis will help you build the solar paradise that you deserve with the best price.
HYSOLIS believes in the power of self-reliance. By providing means to create everyone's own electricity you can now get totally off the grid and attain true independence.


  • Each power station is equipped with over 4 kWh lithium battery bank, an advanced battery management system (BMS), and a robust, high-output, programmable inverter.
  • They also feature solar built-in MPPT charge controller with maximum power point tracking technology.
  • An informative LCD screen display that shows real-time running statuses (and a smart fan control!) for advanced maximum-power-point-tracking.
  • Multiple input/output ports(usb ports for less hassle charging of devices, solar input, car charger, ac charger among others).
  • Each system also comes with full circuit breakers, and a comprehensive safety protection system that features a dual CPU management of energy input/output and overcharge/discharge, over/under-voltage, over-temperature, and over/under-current protections across the board.
  • The Hysolis Power Stations do not only give you and your tiny home power or off-grid power, but it also looks good doing so! Intentionally designed to look powerful and elegant, yet made sure to keep the functionality unaffected. Made with steel and aluminum, you are guaranteed to have a durable AC Inverter Generator that will stay safe even when stored in your small storage shed for periods of time.

Hysolis Apollo 5K