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The Beginners Guide To Living off the Grid - Free eBook

There are lot's of things to consider when you're preparing for Living Off the Grid. This lifestyle is an incredible adventure that not only provides the opportunity to be self-sufficient and be closer to nature, but you also learn and grow as an individual. In this free eBook we provide a comprehensive breakdown of what to consider before diving into your new off grid life. 


This eBook includes information on the following topics: 

✅ Preparing Financially and Legally

✅ Finding the Perfect Location

✅ Building a Sustainable Shelter

Securing Water & Food Sources

Growing your own Food

✅ Methods of Storing Food

Creating your own Off Grid Water System

Rainwater Harvesting

Generating Your Energy

Costs of an average Off-Grid Solar Set up

 Planning Waste Disposal

Living Off the Grid Comprehensive Checklist


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