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Whatever your passion is, may it be camping, off-grid living, disaster preparedness, Wild Oak Trail is here to absolutely support your lifestyle choices. With that being said, we offer a great variety of brands and products that can efficiently provide you with much needed outdoor living.

Wild Oak Trail would like you to enjoy being one with nature and be comfortable while doing so. Here, we showcase various coolers that you can fully rely on.


Introducing the world’s most feature-rich, customizable coolers that are unsurpassed in ice retention, durability, innovation, and personalized style, the Orion Coolers. Be unique and break away from the crowd. Orion Coolers highly encourages you to be an original and choose from their wide range of multi-color patterns. Every Orion Cooler is hand-built in Tennessee to ensure that wherever you may be - in the field, on the water, far from home, you will never lose your cool. 


The Siberian Alpha Series coolers are built for the serious outdoorsman and priced for everyone.

Siberian Coolers has now pioneered an unparalleled level of refinement in the Alpha Series Coolers. The great men and women behind Siberian Coolers have listened to the requests of industry-leading guides and elite outdoor enthusiasts. They have pulled from creativity, inventive knowledge and experience to introduce a standard of cooler construction that has been unprecedented.