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Kodiak Canvas

A Growing Range of Innovative Products

In addition to their flagship Flex-bow™ tent, Kodiak Canvas has continued to expand and innovate their product range. In 2019, they launched the patented Z Top sleeping bag, which offers a unique combination of warmth and comfort. This innovative design is considered the most significant advancement in sleeping bags in over two decades, further cementing Kodiak Canvas's reputation for quality and ingenuity.

Customer Satisfaction at the Core with Kodiak Canvas Tents

The success of Kodiak Canvas can also be attributed to the company's unwavering commitment to treating customers like family and friends. This dedication to customer satisfaction has led to a multitude of 5-star review and word-of-mouth recommendations, which have played a significant role in propelling Kodiak Canvas to the top of the market.

When it comes to choosing the best tent for your camping adventures, look no further than Kodiak Canvas Tents. With its unrivalled Hydra-Shield™ canvas, exceptional durability, and innovative designs, Kodiak Canvas Tents offer campers the ultimate in comfort and protection against the elements. Experience the difference for yourself and join the growing community of satisfied campers who trust Kodiak Canvas Tents.

Why People Love Kodiak Canvas Tents

 Kodiak Canvas Tents were born in the rugged Rockies. In the ten years that they have been in business, Kodiak Canvas has quickly earned a reputation for making some of the finest tents available and is one of the top leading providers of canvas tents.

10x14 Flex-Bow VX Tent

Kodiak Canvas Tent


• Weight: 79lbs
• Capacity: 8-Person Tent
• Ceiling Height: 6ft 6in
• Front Awning: 84” x 78"

9x8 Flex-Bow Canvas Tent

Kodiak Canvas Tent


• Weight: 54.5lbs
• Capacity: 4-Person Tent
• Ceiling Height: 6ft 1in
• Front Awning: 70” x 57"

8.5x6 Flex-Box VX Tent

Kodiak Canvas - 8.5 x 6 ft. Flex-Bow VX Tent


• Weight: 30.5lbs
• Capacity: 2-Person Tent
• Ceiling Height: 4ft
• Windows: 4

Truck Tent 8ft Full Size

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tents


• Weight: 46lbs
• Fits: Trucks 2016 or earlier
• Ceiling Height: 5ft
• Windows: 5

Reliable: Whether you are deep in the back country, or close to home, Kodiak Canvas makes tents that you can rely on to protect you from the elements.

Kodiak Canvas Sleeping bed

Kodiak Canvas Tent - Comfort

Comfortable: Being able to stand up when you put your pants on is one of the comforts Kodiak Canvas Tents offer. You shouldn’t have to crawl into a tent on all fours either. Kodiak's Hydra-Shield™ canvas breathes, minimizing mugginess, and makes your tent a more comfortable place to be with plenty of room to stand up and stretch.

Sturdy: Be it high winds, driving rain, harsh UV ray or even snow, Kodiak Canvas Tents will hold up to it. It’s not uncommon for Kodiak Canvas to get fan mail from its customers telling about a storm that ripped through the camp, and their Kodiak Canvas tent was the only tent left standing. Amazing weather resistance!

Kodiak Canvas Tent for Snow

Kodiak Canvas Tent for Camping

Made Right: Kodiak Canvas uses quality, top-of-the-line materials, and components. From its steel tubing, cotton duck canvas, awning poles, and steel stakes, Kodiak Canvas does not cut corners.

Made to Last: When correctly cared for, one can expect a Kodiak Canvas tent to far outlive any run-of-the-mill tents on the market today.

Kodiak Canvas Sleeping - Built to Last


5 Star Review For Wild Oak Trail


Customer service was fantastic the staff went above and beyond to file a claim to locate and the shipping date, of the 9x8 Kodiak flex-bow tent. This due date was delayed because of severe weather. They actually contacted me by phone to confirm that I received the tent that was dropped at my residence today. Personally I could have not expected any better service. If I could have rated them more than 5 stars I would have. Do not hesitate to buy from Wild Oak Trail. Tom

5 Star Review For Wild Oak Trail

Kodiak Tents are 4 Season Tents!

Everything is dry, safe and best of all just the way you left it..also the deluxe models have air vents at top for air flow on days you have all windows and doors zippered shut,,very nice feature..highly recommend KODIAK 4 SEASON CANVAS TENTS,i have a set of 3 now!!alsoHIGHLY RECOMMEND WILD OAK TRAIL,,A PLUS 4SURE,ALSO PRICE STATED IS WHAT YOU PAY,,NO SHIPPING NO TAX JUST LIKE THEY SAY 5 STARS

5 Star Review For Wild Oak Trail

Great shelter!

Awesome shelter during family camping! Added 4 cots inside tents and still have room for other belongings. Great customer service at Wild Oak Trail! They answered my questions regarding delayed shipping from Kodiak. I recommend them to my friends and family.

5 Star Review For Wild Oak Trail

Love It!

I absolutely love this tent. It is spacious, and the fact that it has ventilation on all four sides means that I can use it in the middle of summer as well as spring and fall. It is durable, pretty easy to put up, and very weather resistant. A great purchase and Wild Oak Trail gave me excellent customer service to boot.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Will my Kodiak Canvas Tent Leak?

The Kodiak Canvas Tent has Hydrashield cotton canvas that is treated with a water repellant and water resistant finish, so you don't need to be worried about getting wet. Occasionally a new tent will have some slight leaking out of the box, but there is a super easy fix! Simply apply some SILICON based waterproofing such as Kiwi Camp Dry. This will take care of any leaks. This heavy duty tent also has sealed seams to prevent water from entering the tent. You and your gear will stay nice and dry in a Kodiak Tent, even in the heavy rain. Over the life of the tent you may need to do some water proofing maintenance.

How Long do Kodiak Canvas Tents last?

With proper maintenance, your Kodiak Tent can be a comfortable refuge on your adventures for decades.

How much wind can a Kodiak Canvas Tent withstand?

If you're worried about an encounter with strong wind, you can feel rest assured that Kodiak Canvas Tents have a TON of happy reports from customers who have encountered storms while they were camping and they wake up to their tent being the only one left standing. These tents are built to withstand the elements (UV ray, wind, rain, snow etc) with their superior quality, steel poles and heavy duty canvas. People use these tents for extreme winter mountaineering too!

What do I need to know for extended use situations for my Kodiak Canvas Tent?

If you plan to stay in your Kodiak Canvas Tent for over 3 weeks at a time, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to maximize the life of your tent.

• Mildew: More likely to grow in dark, shady areas or humid climates. You can prevent it by checking and opening your Kodiak Tent up every day to air it out. Try and place the tent in an area where it can get a couple of hours of direct sun a day.

• Canvas Rot: This can occur when the walls at the bottom of the tent are constantly touching moist ground, which prevents it from drying out and will eventually lead to decay or rot of those areas. This can happen with precipitation or moisture from dew. You can prevent this by making sure the tent is correctly placed in an area that's dry and well drained. Placing it on sand, gravel or a slated wooden platform is ideal. Extended use on moist soil or grassy areas should be avoided.

UV Damage: Your Kodiak Canvas Tent is a lot less susceptible to UV ray deterioration than synthetic fabric tents, however over time UV ray damage can eventually degrade the the tent. Ideally, if you place your Kodiak Tent correctly in an area where it receives full sunlight for just a few hours a day, this will prolong its useful life as it will be protected from prolonged the harsh UV ray.

Can I use the Kodiak Canvas tent in my truck?

Kodiak sells truck bed tents! It fits right onto the back of your truck and will provide extra security by keeping you off the ground and the sturdy walls will keep you warm and set for your adventure. Click here for details.

Can I use a wood stove in my Kodiak Canvas Tent?

You can use a stove in the Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Cabin Tent. Click here for details.

Kodiak Canvas Tents - Model Comparison


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