Emergency and Survival Food Storage Kits
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Emergency and Survival Food Storage Kits

Survival & Emergency Food Storage Products

Whatever your passion is, may it be camping, off-grid living, disaster preparedness, Wild Oak Trail is here to absolutely support your lifestyle choices. With that being said, we offer a great variety of brands and products that can efficiently provide you with much-needed survival food kits.

When stockpiling for an emergency, food security is our number one concern. We have to make sure that our family won't go hungry during a catastrophe. For most families, their emergency food storage would usually comprise of a lot of canned goods or instant items that are non-perishable but are unfortunately so-so when it comes to health and flavor. 
Wild Oak Trail offers you the best brands of Food Storage that are highly recommended by various communities who are into serious planning and emergency preparation.


Emergency Food Kits - NuManna
NuManna, offers emergency meals that may be as delicious, if not more, than your average everyday food. In addition, they also cater to those with strict dietary requirements or people who are medically not able to eat certain food groups or types. They believe in giving consumers food that will help them "not just survive, but to thrive."

NuManna was created by very passionate individuals. The couple who initially started the company in 2011, was driven by their dissatisfaction of the available food storage products in the market. Daniel Brigman, the Executive Director of NuManna, wanted food storage products that would tick all of the boxes in his family's checklist. The frustration of not being able to find such eventually prompted him and his wife to initiate their own quest in creating the ultimate food preparedness product that every family can enjoy.