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The globally recognized Disc-O-Bed is highly popular due to its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system. Starting as a family-owned business since 1988 with a strong urge to challenge conventional cot wisdom, Disc-O-Bed has been quite successful. Their entrepreneurial staff is hard working and service oriented, proudly backed by a unique and awesome product.
Through its patented disc system – hence the name – the company consistently meets and exceeds the extreme demands of Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment worldwide. Disc-offers offer a product that is robust, transportable; simple to assemble, is hygienic and offers a quick, effective and comfortable sleep solution.

Today, Disc-O-Bed’s reputation for quality, strength, and comfort extends to sleep solutions and modular seating for outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, especially where sleep space is at a premium.

Beyond its exceptional product design, Disc-O-Bed is dedicated to customer service:

  • Customizing sleep solutions for extreme needs
  • Responding with a sense of urgency to meet customer needs
  • Supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis.

Experience extreme sleep with ready-to-go solutions from Disc-O-Bed