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Mango Power

Mango Power E Expansion Capacity

What Makes the Mango Power E Home Backup and Portable Power Station stand out from the competition? 

    Port Options with Mango Power E: Accommodates USB ports, 20A outlets, and a 30A RV outlet, essential for comfort or survival on the road or in remote locations.

      Battery Longevity in Mango Power E: Offers 6000 charge cycles retaining 70% capacity, ensuring durability for off-grid living.

        Solar Charging Capabilities of Mango Power E: Features a robust 2000W solar charging rate for enhanced independence from traditional power sources.

          Mango Power E's Mobility and Durability: Despite its weight, designed with rugged wheels and handles for convenient single-person transport.

            Mango Power E's Value: Priced at $3,700, considered an investment in self-reliance, independence, and security due to its comprehensive features and outstanding quality. 

            Expandability: Mango Power offers an option to double the capacity of Power E from 3.5kWh to 7kWh with an add-on battery, further enhancing its usability for those in need of sustained, dependable power. Also, with the mSocket Pro accessory (sold separately) and two Mango Power E’s, they become a high-powered split-phase generator capable of delivering 240V output so you can run large power-consuming appliances such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and more.  

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            5 Star Review for Wild Oak Trail

            “Great unit! Works Flawlessly! The Mango Power E is the ultimate home power station, providing 3kW of battery and AC output power. The superior cell technology and the possibility of adding extra batteries justify the higher price tag.” - Eric C 

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            Explore the Mango Power E: Your Questions Answered

            1. Why Choose Mango Power E for Off-Grid Living or Prepping? Unleash the potential of off-grid living with Mango Power E! With a robust 3.5kWh capacity, 3000W AC power, and versatile solar charging, it's the go-to solution for powering essentials in the wild. Its rugged build ensures reliability for all your adventurous needs.

            2. Ready to Power Your RV or Small Cabin? Imagine powering your entire RV or cabin with Mango Power E! With an impressive 3000W AC output and 16 versatile ports, say hello to running your AC, fridge, and cooking on an electric stove, all under one roof.

            3. How Long Will Mango Power E Keep You Going? Expect a week of energy between charges with Mango Power E! Ideal for typical campsite usage and emergencies, its 3.5kWh capacity has got you covered around the clock.

            4. Thinking Solar? Charge Mango Power E with Solar Panels! Tap into the sun's power with Mango Power E's 2000W solar charging rate. Easy compatibility with most solar panels makes it a renewable energy champion for the eco-conscious prepper.

            5. Is Portability a Concern? Not with Mango Power E! At 100 pounds, Mango Power E's clever design includes a collapsible handle and rugged wheels. Mobility is no longer a worry, even if you're always on the go.

            6. Wondering About Mango Power E's Lifespan? Outlasting many competitors, Mango Power E's capacity retains 70% after 6000 charge cycles, making it a resilient choice for those seeking long-term energy solutions.

            7. How Does Mango Power E Stack Up Against Others? In a league of its own, Mango Power E boasts unique advantages like superior recharge/discharge cycles and solar charge rate. It's more than a power station; it's a lifestyle choice for the road-lover or self-reliance enthusiast.

            8. Weather-Resistant? Know Your Mango Power E! While designed to withstand light drizzles, Mango Power E deserves protection from severe weather. It's built tough but appreciates a little shelter.

            9. Worried About the Price Tag? Here's Why Mango Power E is Worth It! Mango Power E is not just a purchase; it's an investment in freedom and resilience. With robust construction and enduring battery life, it's a perfect companion for off-grid living or emergency preparedness.

            10. Need More Power? Expand Mango Power E's Capacity! Double the capacity of Power E to 7kWh with an add-on battery. Mango Power offers an upgrade that turns your reliable power source into a powerhouse, providing more energy when you need it most.