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Nature's Head Composting Toilets

Nature's Head Unboxing Video

How to Use The Nature's Head Toilet 

What Makes the Nature's Head Composting Toilet the Best Choice?


That's right. With the Nature's Head Composting Toilet design, there should be no smell coming out from the toilet even if it is not being emptied daily. Thanks to the proper separation of the liquid and solid wastes, you are able to enjoy the convenience of having a working toilet without being bothered by the smell every time you use it or empty it. 

When used correctly, there should only be a slight earthy smell coming from your choice of composting materials.


Nature's Head Composting Toilet is designed with your safety in mind. The toilet seat is molded into the unit making it sturdier and more durable to cracks and breaks. Since the idea is to have these toilets in your motor home, RV, or even boats, they are conditioned to be very safe in mobile environments without breaking even in rough conditions. 

Emptying the Nature's Head Composting toilet is also quite easy. Since the liquid and solid wastes are separated, you won't be having a hard time looking for proper places to empty them out. You can properly empty the liquid collector in toilets or trees while the solid wastes can be buried. It is recommended to let the solid wastes decompose first which will make the job easier. They can also be added to plants, flower beds, and the like.


With the Nature's Head Composting Toilet fan only using 1.7amp-hours in 24 hours, this is equivalent to only 4 cents per month in household electricity costs.


What to consider when installing your Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Installing your Nature's Head Composting Toilet is pretty simple, you just need to consider a few things based on where you'll be using it to make sure you're all set. 

Unpacking Your Nature's Head Composting Toilet:
Your new Nature's Head Composting Toilet is almost ready to go! While it comes with most essentials, remember the outside vent varies based on your setup, and the 12V to 110V Transformer isn't included as it's not always needed.

Customizing Your Installation:

  • Tiny House:

    • Using 110V? Grab our wall transformer.
    • On 12V or solar? You're set with the included parts.
    • Venting? Our PVC vent assembly is perfect for wall or floor exits.
  • RV:

    • For 12V setups, everything's in the box.
    • Using 110V? You'll need our wall transformer.
    • Venting options: Mushroom vent for side/roof or PVC for floor. You might even connect to an existing vent.
  • Cabin:

    • All set for 12V systems.
    • On 110V? Get our wall transformer.
    • Venting? The PVC vent is ideal for wall or raised cabin floor.
  • Boat:

    • Ready for 12V setups.
    • Venting? Use the mushroom vent for cabin side/roof or over an old pump out fitting hole.

Additional Considerations:

  • Hose Length: Need more? Buy per foot or use PVC pipe from local stores.
  • Floor Construction: Non-wood floors might need special mounting bolts. For concrete, consider mounting on plywood for ease.
  • Electrical Needs: Use a 12V transformer or wall adapter for 110V sources. Available at Nature‚Äôs Head, Inc.
  • Composting Medium: Sphagnum Peat Moss is popular and affordable. Ensure it's organic and avoid enriched types like MIRACLE-GRO. Alternatively, Coconut Coir is also suitable but might be pricier and harder to find.

Dimensions & Location:
Ensure your Nature's Head has enough space to function and for maintenance. Keep at least a 1-inch gap from walls and ensure room for hose connections and the agitator handle. The standard handle requires 21 inches in width, but a spider handle reduces it to 17 inches.

Secure your toilet using the two L-brackets. Follow the provided instructions carefully, ensuring you don't overtighten the hold-down knobs.

Essential for a fresh-smelling bathroom and effective composting. Vent options include mushroom vents, shell vents, and PVC Vent Assembly Kits, all available for purchase. Ensure you attach a mesh fabric or screen to prevent insect entry.

Reversing the Fan and Filter Housing:
You can swap the fan/filter housing based on your preferred hose placement.

Nature’s Head Airflow Assembly & Power Connection:
Always fuse your toilet on a circuit between 2-5 amps (12V). If using a 110V source, get a power adapter that reduces to 12V. Remember, no fuse is needed with the wall transformer.

In Conclusion:
Your Nature's Head Composting Toilet is a versatile, eco-friendly solution. With this guide, you're well on your way to a successful installation. Enjoy! And if you have any questions at all, our friendly staff at Wild Oak Trail will be happy to help!