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Anker PowerHouse 555 Solar Generator - 1024Wh with 100W Solar Panel



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PowerHouse 555 Solar Generator - 1024Wh with 100W Solar Panel by Anker


Pair your Anker Powerhouse 555 with a Solar Panel and never be without power again! 

Introducing the Anker PowerHouse 555 PoweHoue, a must-have for individuals and families who are looking for a reliable portable power source. The Anker 555 is a powerful and reliable portable power station designed to keep your devices and appliances charged and running even in the most remote locations ensuring you stay powered through any emergency and off-grid living situations. This new Anker powerhouse will surely meet your power needs whether you're on a camping or road trip, or need a backup power source for a power outage.


The Anker PowerHouse 555 has its own unique warranty, a superior 5-year full-device warranty, and is guaranteed to continuously power your devices daily for 10 years!

Anker 555 Solar Generator - 1024Wh with 100W Solar Panel Bundle inclusions

• Anker 555 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 1024Wh)

• XT-60 To DC7909 connector

• AC charging cable

• Car charging cable

• Solar charging cable

• Welcome Guide

• 1 Anker 625 Solar Panel (100W)

• worry-free 5-year warranty

• Lifetime friendly customer service.

Anker PowerHouse 555 Features

Anker PowerHouse 555 features

Anker PowerHouse 555 features

Anker PowerHouse 555 features

Anker PowerHouse 555 features

Battery Capacity and Battery Chemistry

The Anker 555 powerhouse packs an impressive battery capacity, featuring its massive capacity. With a 1024 Wh capacity and 3000 battery cycles, this Anker solar generator is guaranteed to be a long-lasting portable power station that can power a variety of devices from electric devices to household appliances and power tools for extended periods of time. The Anker PowerHouse 555 also features the longest-lasting 10-year lifespan batteries on the market! With lithium lifepo4 batteries, you are guaranteed to get an impressive battery life of over 30000 charge cycles(Six times longer battery lifespan than most traditional power stations). 

Multiple Ways of Charging

The Anker PowerHouse 555 offers multiple ways of charging from standard ac wall charging, to solar charging, and car charging. With a maximum solar input of 200, you can have your Anker 555 fully charged within 5.12 hours, giving you a rapid recharge depending on the number of Solar Panels you have. Pair your powerhouse with Anker's excellent solar panels to replenish the amount of energy being used in real-time with Solar power from direct sunlight and stay powered for hours absolutely free! No sun, cloudy days? You can utilize the ac charging input of the Anker 555. Plug your powerhouse into any of your ac outlets and have your powerhouse fully charged and ready for any emergency. Out for an outdoor adventure and need to recharge your powerhouse? You can utilize the car charging cable that comes with the Anker 555 to recharge your powerhouse from your car outlet.

High Power Output and All The Ports You Need

With high power output and all the ports you need, the Anker 555 is surely a Solar Generator that will do wonders for your power needs. The Anker 555 has ports for all your devices! 6 AC outlets, 3 high-speed USB-C ports(1× 100W, 2× 60W), 2 USB-A ports, a car outlet, and a 1000 w output maximum, the Anker 555 will power if not all, most of your home appliances and essentials with ease.

Portable and Convenient

On top of the impressive features mentioned above, the Anker 555 also focuses on Portability, convenience, and an impact-resistant structural design for durability. Built only with quality electronic components with 50,000 hours of electronic life expectancy to ensure you have a renewable source of power for years and years to come. Built with materials designed to withstand outdoor conditions whenever you are on the go. The Anker 555 also has a convenient carry handle for easy transport to cater to your needs whether you are moving it indoors or bringing it with you on your next outdoor adventure. Lastly, the Anker 555 Powerhouse focuses on convenience. Level up your Solar Experience with Anker 555's LED screen that displays real-time status such as battery level, output power, charging status, and even a build in LEDlight to illuminate even your evening outdoor adventures! You are truly in control at all times. True Energy independence and a worry-free experience!

Fast Charging Technology

The Anker 555 Powerhouse is built with Advanced Technology that enables it to support fast charging, offering multiple benefits and advantages. Smart Temperature control system for drastic heat reduction, Improved and faster charging with higher charging efficiency, Little to no noise, and more! Fast Recharge from any ac outlet by utilizing the High-Speed USB C port and get faster solar charging with higher efficiency compared to traditional power stations. These are a few of the features that set the Anker PowerHouse 555 apart from most Solar Generators in the Market today.

How To Setup Your Anker 555 Solar Generator

Anker 555 Powehouse Solar

1. Find DC power behind PowerHouse. 2. Connect solar panels and Anker 555 PowerHouse with a connector and solar charging cable (included).


Anker PowerHouse 555 Portable Power Station Run times

Anker PowerHouse 555 features Run times

Anker PowerHouse 555 features Run times

Anker PowerHouse 555 features Run times

Anker PowerHouse 555 Tech Specs:

• Capacity - 1024Wh

• Net Weight - 29.8 lb/ 9kg

• DC Input 200W Max

• USB-C Input - 100W

• AC Output - 110V~ 9.09A, 50Hz/60Hz, 1000W

• USB-C1 Output - 100W Max

• USB-C2 Output - 60W Max

• USB-A Output - 2.4A Max Per Port

• Car Charger Output -12V⎓10A

• Lifecycle - 3,000 cycles to 80%+ capacity


Be "Ready for Anything" with Anker PowerHouse Solar Generators! With any Anker PowerHouse portable power station, you can now keep your family safe and comfortable for anything. The Anker Powerhouse Solar Generator, with its high capacity and powerful output, is the perfect solution for anyone who needs reliable power on the go. This solar generator comes with a built-in AC wall outlet, AC ports, AC plugs, USB-C ports, and DC ports, making it easy to charge all of your electronic devices, including high-capacity power banks, small appliances, powerful laptops, and even electric cars.


Compared to similar products in the market, the Anker PowerHouse Solar Generator offers a lower price tag while still providing similar power output and features. It's perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient source of power for small appliances, coffee makers, electric grills, and other electronic devices. Get your dependable portable power source now, by purchasing your Anker PowerHouse from Wild Oak Trail. The Anker PowerHouse is a fantastic solar generator that offers high capacity, efficient power transfer, and an affordable price range. Whether you're a first-time user or a seasoned veteran, this solar generator is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations..


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