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Waterless Toilet Shop

Why Choose a Waterless Toilet?

Waterless Toilet Shop


Waterless Toilets do not need to be flushed which makes it possible for these toilets to operate even without water. Some of our products also do not require electricity making it ideal for off-grid living situations. 


Waterless Toilet Shop offers a wide range of toilet solutions to choose from that adapts to each and everyone's toilet needs. A complete list of Toilet solutions that are focused on portability, Off-Grid Living, Tiny Spaces, Outdoor Installations, RVs, and even Boat Lifestyles. 


Despite being waterless, these toilets are very hygienic from usage to servicing. These waterless toilets offer an advanced composting process technology that ensures a clean and odor-free toilet experience.

Cost Effective

Waterless Toilets come with an intuitive design and a user-friendly experience that makes it possible for you to do the installation yourself. This not only saves you money with plumbing and installation expenses but also reduces your overall expense with your water bill. 

Our Top Waterless Toilets





GL 90 Batch composting toilet

A Split system composting toilet with low clearance required below the floor. Comes with a Porcelain pedestal and two composting containers. Mainly used for indoors.

Picture of GL 90 Composting Toilet
Picture of Green Toilet Lux 330 Composting Toilet





Green Toilet Lux Composting Toilet

A Split system composting toilet with more capacity. This system requires a certain clearance below the floor for installation. Comes with a Porcelain pedestal and two composting containers. Mainly used for indoors.





Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet

A Self-contained batch composting toilet. This waterless toilet can be installed directly on the floor with no clearance below the floor required.

Picture of Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet's view screen
Picture of Green Toilet 330 Family Package





Green Toilet Family Package

A larger composting toilet system for outhouse Installations. Perfect for family and all-year use. Comes in 120 and 330 packages to suit your toilet needs.





Tiny-Pod Composting Toilet

A Non-separating composting toilet with small measurements. Ideal for small space installations. 

Tiny Pod Composting Toilet
Picture of RV Pod Urine-diverting toilet





RV Pod Urine-diverting toilet

A Urine diverting small dry toilet for small spaces. Perfect for Mobile Home, Boat, and RV lifestyle.





Green Toilet 100 Easy With Spare Container

A Self self-contained composting toilet that can be placed directly on the floor. Built with wheels for portability and servicing. 

Picture of Green Toilet 100 Easy with Spare Container Package

Benefits of Choosing Our Waterless Toilets


By going waterless, you are contributing to an Eco-Friendly lifestyle by reducing your environmental footprint. You save money while doing your part! 


Our collection of Waterless Toilets is diverse to cater to the toilet needs of our customers. From Mobile, Tiny Home, and Off-Grid Living, there's a system that will work wonders for your toilet needs. 


Reliability is a guarantee from our Waterless Toilet Shop collections, featuring only well-known and trusted brands that offer the best durability, performance, convenience, and warranty policies.

Shop With Confidence

At Wild Oak Trail, we are committed to providing top-quality waterless toilet solutions to meet your needs. Browse our  Waterless Toilet collection and find the perfect model to suit your lifestyle. Enjoy peace of mind with our excellent customer service and fast shipping.