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Best Cots For Emergency Shelter: Disc-o-Bed

by Hunter Kissam December 20, 2022 2 min read

If you need new sleeping solutions for your emergency shelter, don't waste your money on something that will break. Instead, choose a high-quality, ready-to-go sleep system that can last for decades with little to no maintenance.

Even if you just need a lot of beds for your next adventure with a camp or an outdoor group, here's what makes Disc-o-Beds perfect for shelters!

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High Weight Tolerance

The steel frame on these cots can hold an impressive 500 pounds each, and they offer plenty of legroom. This allows your shelter to take in guests of all shapes and sizes when they need it.


Sizing Options

Everything from the Kid-o-Bunk to the XL, these beds come with bunkable strength, allowing you to diversify your beds for anybody who needs one.

Also, the height of the top cot won't require a ladder. People can easily step on the bottom bunk to access the top, and the side rails will prevent them from falling off.

 Disc-o-Bed Kid-o-Bunk

Maximum Comfort

The Disc-o-Bed is designed to maximize sleep space and contour to your body. True contoured comfort is even more comfortable than many popular mattresses or other more expensive sleeping systems. For the price, this is hard to beat!


Easy Transportation

If you want to easily move your cots from one place to another, the Disc-o-Bed comes with a convenient canvas carry bag. This also makes for easy storage, as the Disc-o-Bed can fold up into a compact size for any event.


Easy Setup

Some cots require tools and come with complex designs, which can take a lot of time to set up, especially for a shelter. Fortunately, the Disc-o-Bed only takes one to two minutes to set up, once you get the hang of it, and it requires no tools at all. For an emergency shelter that needs to set up and take down quickly, this is essential.


Easy Cleaning

Cleaning dozens or even hundreds of cots every day in a shelter can be time-consuming. However, cleaning Disc-o-Beds requires very little effort, as the steel frame won't require anything at all.

The strong canvas is fairly resistant to mold or mildew, and it doesn't retain odors well. Therefore, you'll only need to wipe it down after each use.


Buy a Disc-o-Bed Today

Disc-o-Bed set out to challenge conventional cot wisdom back in the '80s, and they have managed to develop a comfortable sleep solution for outdoor adventures or emergency settings. If you're responsible for keeping people safe during an emergency, then you need something reliable.

Stay up to date with our latest product information, and buy your Disc-o-Bed setup today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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