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Best Heater For Tiny House Living: Martin Propane Heaters

by Hunter Kissam September 27, 2022 2 min read

One of the biggest challenges with tiny home living is finding a reliable heating source. A wood stove is too hot, a furnace is too big, and a space heater is too dangerous. Luckily, there’s a better solution that you can use, no matter where you go.

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Why Are Martin Heaters Perfect For Tiny Houses?

Martin heaters use direct vents to connect to a propane tank outside of your home, blow hot air into your home, and remove waste and toxins. They come with unparalleled safety features and more, making them perfect for tiny house living. Here’s why.

No Electricity Required

If you’re parked on a lot but don’t have access to a grid, then you need an alternative fuel source. Heat pumps get all of the attention these days, but few tiny house dwellers have enough electricity storage for their demand.

With propane heaters, you can connect any size propane tank to your heater and receive heat from anywhere. That’s right, you won’t need any electricity, even for the pilot, as you can use the Piezo ignition to start the heater.


Whether you’re parked in one location or you take your home everywhere with you, there’s a propane tank that will fit your needs. You can choose any size and have propane delivered to you off the grid or buy it yourself at your local supply store.


Martin direct vent heaters have received many third-party certifications for their energy efficiency. Propane is a much cleaner and less toxic fuel than other fossil fuels, and with such efficiency, you’ll save money on heating costs and emissions.


Propane’s efficiency and cost per pound are much better than natural gas or oil. For heating a tiny home, the cost is quite negligible, especially since you may not even need to pay for delivery. You can run to the store and fill up the tanks yourself with such limited demand.

How to Connect a Martin Heater With Your Tiny House

Propane tank outdoors

If you are building a tiny home from scratch, planning for a Martin direct vent heater is as easy as anything else. However, if you have to work with your existing space, you may find some challenges.

For example, heaters should be at least a foot away from doors and windows. Also, you will have to cut and drill into the wall, so you will need to mind any wires or plumbing in your home.

From there, simply mark your cuts and drill points on the wall using the plans that come with your system. Connect the vents to the inside and outside of your home, and secure your heater to the wall. Read our full installation guide for more information.

Buy a Martin Direct Vent Heater Today

Clearly, Martin direct vent heaters are a great solution to the problems tiny home dwellers often run into. If you’re living in a tiny house that’s stationary or mobile, you can easily set yourself up for a safe, clean, energy-efficient, and cost-effective heating system.

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and enjoy your winter months with a Martin direct vent heater!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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