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Do You Need Extra Smart Batteries For EcoFlow Delta Pro?

by Hunter Kissam August 01, 2022 3 min read

If you’ve looked into your options for home backup, portable power, or off-grid power solutions, you’ve probably come across the EcoFlow Delta Pro. It’s the most powerful of its kind, and it can easily compound with additional power stations, known as Smart Batteries.

So, do you need Smart Batteries for your system? It depends. Let’s determine if the EcoFlow Delta Pro is enough on its own or if you need an extra Smart Battery!

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How Much Can One Battery Charge?

Each battery can hold up to 3.6kWh, which is a lot for a portable power station. One battery is enough to power a dryer for a full cycle or charge your new iPhone over 300 times. Need to run a WiFi router (10W) and a smart TV (60W) to watch Netflix during a storm? Each battery will last over 50 hours without any solar input.

Even during a storm, each 200W EcoFlow solar panel should still draw 100W of electricity at a time. With that, one battery should be enough to power most small appliances indefinitely. The problem is when we get to larger appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and electric stoves. Let’s talk about that.

What Can Extra Batteries Do?

Your EcoFlow Delta Pro can compound up to 3 batteries at a time, including the main system. This means you can attach two Smart Batteries at once, which would triple your original capacity to 10.9kWh of stored power being used as one cell. Equipping these batteries with up to 1600W of solar input is more than enough for home backup, and likely enough for off-grid living.

How Long Do They Last?

Smart Batteries last just as long as the EcoFlow Delta Pro, as they use the same lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries that last for over 6,500 lifecycles. You can also store them for up to one year at a full charge without losing energy, which is perfect for home backup! Read about LFP batteries for more information and to learn about proper care!

How Long to Charge?

If you plug them into a wall, Smart Batteries should charge in 3 hours or less from empty. With solar panels, you can charge up to 3 batteries (EcoFlow Delta Pro and 2 Smart Batteries) in under 8 hours with 1600W of solar input! Even with 400W and nothing else, it will only take 4 to 6 hours per battery!

EcoFlow Delta Pro smart battery side view

Are Extra Smart Batteries Worth It?

Honestly, it depends. If you use your Delta Pro for small jobs, camping trips, or on the road, one full charge with solar input should be more than enough to sustain you. However, if you want to live off-grid or use your system to backup your appliances at home, then extra batteries areabsolutely worth it. Doubling or tripling your capacity could help you run a small refrigerator for over a week without any solar input.

Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro Enough For Me?

So, why would I buy extra Smart Batteries along with the system when I could just buy a bigger system? It’s a fair question.

The answer is simple; anything with a higher capacity won’t be portable. It may last as long, and it may have a higher capacity, but it will be stationary as a home-backup system or off-grid living power solution. If you want to take power with you to work, while camping, or anywhere else, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is by far the most powerful option.

Buy EcoFlow Delta Pro Batteries Today

If you need a reliable backup power source for your home, you can benefit from EcoFlow Delta Pro Smart Batteries. 10.9kWh is enough to ride out any storm, and you can store that energy for up to a year to use whenever you need it!

Stay up to date with our latest product reviews, and buy an EcoFlow Delta Pro with extra Smart Batteries today!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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