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Ecoflow Delta Max vs Delta Mini | Which is Better?

by Jefferson Ebasan October 29, 2021 7 min read

It might not be as simple as it appears to find the best solar generator. With so many different solar generator brands, sizes, and capabilities on the market, as well as solar panels, wires, and accessories, deciding on the finest solar generator kit can be difficult.

We've put up this beginner's guide to answer some of the most often asked questions about solar generators, as well as our top 5 hand-picked solar generator kit recommendations to assist you in choosing the best solar generator for your power needs. Continue reading for more EcoFlow DELTA Max vs. DELTA Mini Comparison.


What is a Solar Generator?

Any energy-producing system that is powered by the sun is referred to as a solar generator. The term solar generator, often known as a portable power station, most commonly refers to a portable, easy-to-use kit for harnessing solar energy wherever it is needed.

Choosing a solar generator over a typical gas generator offers significant advantages to the end-user. Gas generators are noisy, emit toxic fumes, and use a costly resource to operate. Solar generators are pretty quiet and run on environmentally friendly, renewable energy. This permits solar generators to be used indoors, saving customers time and money by eliminating the need to visit a gas station to replenish their generators.


How Does a Solar Generator Work?

Solar generators are relatively basic, user-friendly appliances, despite the complexity of the technology behind them. In a nutshell, a solar generator can store and transform energy into electricity to power devices that require it.

Solar generators, of course, may generate electricity using solar energy. But, on the other hand, a solar generator does not always need to be connected to solar panels to store energy. Instead, specific solar generators may be hooked into a wall outlet or a car charging connector to charge their batteries.

The solar generator can power electric gadgets once the system's battery is wholly or partially charged. Depending on the type, most solar generators can charge electronics that require a regular AC outlet, a DC vehicle plug, or a USB port.

A solar generator's shelf life relates to how long a fully charged battery will remain charged and ready to use.


Solar Generator's Components

Solar generators are made up of various components that allow power to be generated, stored, and used. It's worth noting, though, that most solar generators don't come with solar panels. So if you don't have solar panels or don't want to buy them separately, a solar generator kit may be the most convenient way to have an all-in-one solar power system.

The following components make up the majority of solar generators.



The most crucial component of your solar generator is the solar battery. Batteries are available in various types (lithium-ion, lead-acid, and so on) and capacities (1500Wh, 500Wh, etc.). In general, you'll want a lithium battery with appropriate storage capacity for your solar generator's intended application. Some solar generators allow additional storage capacity in a battery bank, while others do not.



Solar generators have a sun charge controller that regulates the input voltage from the solar panels to prevent the battery from overcharging and getting damaged. This component is critical for maximizing the solar generator's life and efficiency. MPPT and PWM are the two primary forms of charge controllers, with MPPT being the most efficient.



A DC current is used to create and store solar energy. A solar inverter is required to utilize the energy to power household electronics that operate on AC. When evaluating what can be powered by the solar generator, it's crucial to know the size of the inverter and its continuous power and surge ratings.



Input power into the system's battery to charge a solar generator. Solar generators usually always have a port for charging the battery using solar panels and a port for charging the unit with an AC outlet. Some solar generators contain an additional DC charging connector, such as setting a vehicle, but this is frequently not a feature or can be purchased as an add-on.



Electronics can be hooked into the numerous outputs on the solar generator's exterior once ready to use. Almost every solar generator on the market has some combination of AC, DC, and USB connectors to power whatever is required.


Screens for Display

Each of the most significant solar generators has a display (typically an LCD screen) that shows what's going on with the device. The rate at which electricity enters and leaves your solar generator, as well as the amount of power left in the battery, are all determined by display screens.


Ecoflow Delta Max

EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow Delta Max portable power station is a fantastic mobile power station that will keep your electric appliances running in the event of a power loss or if you wish to go off the grid for whatever reason.

This robust power station, weighing 48 pounds (22kg) and measuring 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 inches, has an enormous capacity battery of 2016Wh.

The Delta Max can be charged using a standard wall outlet, or an optional solar panel from EcoFlow is also available. The Delta Max can handle up to 800W of input power. You can also charge it using a 12V or 24V car battery when you're in the car.

It can handle outputs of up to 3000W and a surge capacity of 4600W, so your hairdryer, CPAP machine, and full-size refrigerator, among other things, can stay running.

The Delta Max unit, an AC charging cable, a car charging cable, and a solar charging cable are all included in the box. In addition, a DC5521 to DC5525 connection is also available.

The Delta Max power station is visually stunning. These power stations may be stacked with two huge fans at the back and two additional battery connectors. If you wish to expand the power station's capacity, you'll need to purchase Delta Max smart extra batteries.




The Capacity can be Increased up to 6kWh

A single Delta Max unit has a capacity of 2kWh, which may be increased to 6kWh with Delta Max additional batteries. This implies that if there is a power outage, you may keep running your essential home gadgets like your refrigerator and lights for hours.

Track and Manage your Energy Consumption.

The EcoFlow app allows you to control and monitor your EcoFlow Delta Max. Explore the settings to personalize your power usage or to operate the Delta Max remotely.


Solar Panels Connectivity

Up to 2 x 400W EcoFlow solar panels can be connected to the Delta Max to give 800W Max solar charging speeds. You may also connect different solar panels to your Delta Max using the MC4 connector and a voltage range of 11-100V. The sophisticated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system detects voltage and current in real-time, even on cold or cloudy days, to ensure optimal solar generation throughout the day.


Use 99 % of your home devices in power outages.

Delta Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W thanks to EcoFlow's X-Boost technology. That means you can keep running your refrigerator, dryer, and other appliances even if there is a power outage (power Cut). For a portable power station of this size and capacity, this is the industry standard.

The EcoFlow Delta Max has a Convenient and Quick Dual Charging System.

Delta Max charges from 0 to 80 percent safely and quickly in about 65 minutes. It only gets better from there. If you want to set your Delta Max even faster, you can use dual charging technology. This charger combines AC (wall outlet or Smart Generator) with solar power to give incredible charging speeds of 3600W.


Ecoflow Delta Mini

The larger battery capacity is frequently viewed as the preferable option when it comes to portable power stations. But, of course, this reduces the "portable" component of the equation, and not all sizes will fit everyone. There are times when moving around and picking things up quickly is a significant priority, but power output is still a top priority. EcoFlow's new DELTA Mini Portable Power Station makes that claim, and we put it to the test to see if it indeed does tick all the boxes for a worry-free vacation outdoors.





Despite its small, it contains many ports, enough to power 12 or more devices at once. The EcoFlow DELTA Mini, unlike its larger sibling, divides the ports between USBs on the front and everything else on the back, which means wires will protrude from both ends. It may be a personal choice, but having all the connectors, including charging ports, towards the front for fast access saves space.



The EcoFlow DELTA mini's battery capacity is 882Wh, which is adequate but underwhelming when compared to the similarly priced Jackery Explorer 1000, which has a capacity of 1002Wh. However, it compensates for this with several additional features, including more ports, faster charging, and higher power. The power station has a "standard" output of 1400 watts, increasing to 1800 watts using EcoFlow's X-Boost technology.



Any battery, regardless of size, will eventually run out of juice and require charging. The smaller battery in the EcoFlow DELTA tiny makes charging faster already, but its X-Stream technology makes it much quicker. It can pull 900W of electricity from a standard wall outlet to fully charge the battery in just over one and a half hours.



Portable Power Stations are becoming more intelligent in recent years, and not simply in terms of power management. The EcoFlow DELTA Mini has a built-in color display for the latter, which shows how much power you're using or receiving, the current battery level, and the anticipated time to fully charge or fully discharge. Of course, you'll want to utilize EcoFLow's smartphone app for everything else.


Important Points to Remember

Because its weight is not a concern, the Delta Mini is suited for persons who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking. However, if you prefer RV camping, van living, fishing, and so on, Delta Max is the generator for you.

Delta Max is a product that we suggest solely for its strength. Both types are excellent, but the Delta Max is the superior choice because it can also be used as an emergency generator and can run for days depending on usage.

If you're interested in learning more about both of these generators or if you need more information about the EcoFlow DELTA Max vs. DELTA Mini Comparison, we have a separate assessment of the system here: Ecoflow Delta Max | Ecoflow Delta Mini




Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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