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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Review 2024 | The Best Portable Power Station?

by Saxon Funk January 07, 2022 8 min read

EcoFlow is a popular Kickstarter project. It debuted the Delta in 2019 and has since raised millions of dollars. In addition, the brand returned to Kickstarter with the EcoFlow Delta Pro and garnered more than $12 million.

EcoFlow Generators

The world's first expandable portable home battery for home backup, smart energy management, decreased energy bills, and more is now available. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the latest generation of portable power, providing you with powerful security and independence no matter where you are.

EcoFlow DELTA PRO is the most powerful solar Generator they've ever made! This much-anticipated home battery system was created to provide consumers with complete power security and off-grid independence, regardless of their location. It not only has a massive 3,600Wh deep-cycle battery, but it's also scalable, which means it can connect to several 3,600Wh extension batteries for a staggering total battery capacity of 25kWh!

Ecoflow Generator

This implies theEcoFlow DELTA PRO can store nearly twice as much energy as a Tesla Powerwall 2! TheEcoFlow DELTA PRO not only has a massive capacity for power storage, but it also has some of the most advanced features of any solar generators on the market today!


Is EcoFlow Delta Pro Worth It?

When you need it the most, incredible power is available. While theEcoFlow DELTA PRO's built-in 3,600Wh battery is fantastic, it's the option to boost the capacity to 25kWh, making this unit stand out.

Because theEcoFlow DELTA PRO is compatible with the EcoFlow Smart House Panel, you can connect your home circuit panel directly to it, giving you and your family uninterrupted power throughout your home during blackouts and natural catastrophes!


EcoFlow Delta Pro Highlights

Recharging at High Speed

In many respects, the EcoFlow Delta Pro stands out from the crowd. First, you're looking at a beast of a power supply, from the crystal clear digital display to the four 20A connectors and a single 30A AC output socket.

The fastest differentiator, however, is how quickly this Generator can recharge. Most users can start charging it at home when the battery is completely depleted, and it will be fully charged in just 2 hours.

This recharge pace is many times faster than most competitors due to its lithium iron phosphate battery and superior battery monitoring systems. It is, without a doubt, a paradigm change. Similar goods from other brands require approximately 12 hours to charge.

It's hardly even a competition when it comes to recharging. The EcoFlow comes out on top, charging six times faster than the competition. Even better, you can charge it at a dedicated fast-charging station for electric vehicles.


Long-lasting Battery

The LFP battery in theEcoFlow DELTA PRO is rated for 6,500 complete cycles. This indicates that it will persist for years before losing a substantial portion of its initial storage capacity!

The PRO's integrated battery management system gives real-time status information and manages voltage, current, and internal temperature, ensuring that it runs safely and effectively at all times.


Rugged Portability

While such a strong battery backup system would be expected to be big and cumbersome, theEcoFlow DELTA PRO comes with built-in wheels and an extensible suitcase-style handle.

As a result, it's perfect for RV excursions and pretty much any off-grid outdoor experience! In addition, you can take backup power and solar capabilities with you on your next excursion with the PRO!


Perfect Solar Generator for Home-use

The primary application for this battery is at home. It can connect to your home grid via a smart connector, ensuring that you have electricity in the event of a power outage.

Most of our users haven't yet connected this tester to their homes. However, during a power outage, we do not doubt that it might keep your freezer and a few other vital electrical components working for a day or so.

Battery Capacity

DELTA Pro provides up to 25kWh of capacity for everything from tailgate power to long-term blackouts. That way, you're always prepared for anything that can happen. That is the top of the line, industry gold standard in the industry.

AC Output

A single DELTA Pro unit can produce up to 3600W of AC output, which can be increased to 4500W using X-Boost. This enables you to run power window air conditioners, washers, and other appliances.

You can connect two EcoFlow DeltaPro units to the Smart Home Panel if you need more power during an outage. This method allows you to get up to 7200W from your home circuits and power 240V gadgets. To reach 240V in the United States, pre-wired wiring is required.

Connect two DELTA Pro units with the Double Voltage Hub* for a total of 7200W, 240V power for heavy-duty equipment. That'll keep your electric heaters, dryers, and other heavy-duty appliances running. It only applies to the United States and Japan.

Various Charging Methods

DELTA Pro is the world's fastest portable power station when it comes to charging. At 6000W, multiple Charging achieves record-breaking rates. You can choose from a variety of charging techniques to achieve 6000W. In 1.8 hours, the battery will be fully charged.

EcoFlow's X-Stream charging technology is not only quick but also secure. While charging DELTA Pro from a typical AC wall socket in 1.8 hours, the battery management technology ensures safety and lifespan. DELTA Pro also includes an AC charging speed range of 200-3000W, giving you various charging options.

EcoFlow Smart Generator

Everyone needs a backup power supply to keep safe when disasters hit, such as extended blackouts and severe storms. The EcoFlow Smart Generator is a backup generator that works with your DELTA Pro system. It autostarts when your DELTA Pro reaches a low charge level, recharges your DELTA Pro, and then shuts down the engine on its own when your DELTA Pro reaches a full charge level. This allows you to get the most out of your battery while using the least amount of electricity from a generator.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is not only a reliable source of backup power, but it's also straightforward to operate. If you're close to the unit, you can use the electric start button to start it. If you need remote access, you can use the EcoFlow app. In an emergency, you can use the manual start button; and it can also autostart when DELTA Pro reaches your customized, low battery limit, which you can set in the EcoFlow app.

Powerful and Efficient Solar Generator

In the world of foldable solar panels, the EcoFlow 400W solar panel is the gold standard. It has a one-piece design that outperforms any other folding third party solar panels on the market regarding water resistance. In addition, it's foldable, has a 22.4 percent energy conversion efficiency, and can be connected to three other DELTA Pros for a massive 1200W input.

New EcoFlow Delta Pro LSP Battery

DELTA Pro comes with a brand-new LFP battery with a 6500+ cycle life. So what exactly does that imply to you? First, it means you'll be able to use DELTA Pro for many years before it reaches 50% of its original capacity. That's 6500 charges and discharges until your device comes 50% capacity, or 3500 cycles until it goes 80% capacity. In addition, the EcoFlow battery management system (BMS) evaluates and manages voltage, current, and temperature in real-time to guarantee that your battery operates safely and optimally.

Easy Monitor Control

EcoFlow Delta Pro with white background

DELTA Pro has a variety of connection options that give you complete control over your machine no matter where you are. You can utilize the new remote control via a wired and wireless connection or the app via Wi-Fi, 2.4G, or Bluetooth to switch the product on manually.

The new DELTA Pro Remote Control has a bright LCD screen that displays all of the information on the DELTA Pro screen. It's designed to be mounted so you can keep an eye on and control your DELTA Pro from the comfort of your own home.


EcoFlow App 

EcoFlow Generator

The new EcoFlow app places all the generator controls in your hands. It gives you total control over the Solar Generator parameters, including charging and discharging levels, AC output recharge speed, and more. In an emergency, you can alter the battery level the EcoFlow Smart Generator switches on using the app. You may also change DELTA Pro on with a touch of a button when it's in standby mode.


EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

The new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel powers the DELTA Pro home battery ecosystem. It can connect up to two DELTA Pro devices with ten home circuits. Each DELTA Pro may be connected to extra batteries, solar panels, or smart generators, providing you with reliable power during blackouts, intelligent energy management for your essential loads, and decreased energy bills.

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel may be quickly installed and linked with your home if you're seeking a convenient and effective way to backup your home during an outage. It connects to up to ten of your home circuits, has a switchover time of less than 20ms, and is part of the DELTA Pro ecosystem. This provides up to 25kWh of capacity and a 7200W AC output that kicks in quickly when a blackout occurs.


EcoFlow Solar Tracker

The EcoFlow Solar Tracker is the first portable solar tracker in the world. It tracks the sun throughout the day, automatically adjusting the solar panel to the sun's perpendicular position, resulting in a 30% increase in solar energy. If no sunlight is detected, the solar tracker in the solar panel will remain in standby mode until sunlight is detected again.


What can the Delta Pro Power?

The DELTA PRO's powerful inverter and efficient MPPT charge controller allow it to provide 3,600W of AC output, which may be increased to 4,500W with the unit's all-new X-Boost features.

This means you can use it to power almost any electronic item or appliance without fear of short circuits or power outages. Moreover, you may get even more power by combining two DELTA PROs for a total of 7,200W!

The exceptional power inverter and high-capacity battery in the DELTA PRO can be used to provide power in a variety of ways:

  • CPAP Machine (40W) - 60+ hours
  • Refrigerator - 50+ hours
  • Basic Power Tools (80W) - 30 hours
  • 32” LED Television - 35 hours
  • Laptop Computer - 30+ recharges
  • Standard Smartphone (iPhone 12) - 300+ recharges

The EcoFlow DELTA PRO provides everything you need, whether you require a backup power supply for emergency scenarios or protracted blackouts, or you need portable power for your RV or off-grid power.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Best Features Summary

You can take your power with you everywhere you go. DELTA Pro can be used at home, outdoors, and go. That's 3.6 kilowatt-hours of pure portable energy.

DELTA Pro has a massive 3600-7200W AC output, making it powerful enough for heavy-duty equipment. Get up to 240V with the DELTA Pro and the Double Voltage Hub if you need even more power. There's no muss, no fuss, just pure force.

Solar Charging + X-Stream, The DELTA Pro, is the world's fastest charging portable power station, with a maximum output of 4200W and solar Charging. Our world-first dual charging system allows you to charge at home or on the go.

X-Stream 3000W You may charge your portable power station at an electric vehicle charging station for the first time. The DELTA Pro is the world's first portable power station using this technology, allowing you to charge your vehicle at up to 3000W at over 35,000 EV charging stations across the United States.

The first portable microgrid in the world. Extra batteries, smart generators, solar trackers, wind turbines, a smart home panel, and other items are included in the new DELTA Pro ecosystem. So whether you're looking for cheaper energy bills, greener energy, or self-sufficiency, this intelligent ecosystem has many options to satisfy your needs.

Should You Invest in EcoFlow?

EcoFlow Generator

This could be a significant consideration for individuals who live on the road. You can quickly recharge at a residence or even a restaurant if they're prepared to let you plug in throughout a long supper.

The only disadvantage of this product is its size and weight. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a colossal machine. It's difficult to transport and requires a secure place inside a vehicle to avoid damage from vibration or water, as it's not water-resistant.

It's a lot of battery. So EcoFlow is developing the River, a new, smaller battery that will be more suitable for most campers.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro, on the other hand, is one of the most incredible power stations on the market today for people looking for a large, strong power station at a reasonable price.


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