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How Do Martin Heaters Work Without Electricity?

by Hunter Kissam July 06, 2022 2 min read

Whether you have an off-grid cabin or you’re worried about a power outage, heat is essential. Reports show that Texas saw up to 3 times more deaths than reported during the winter storm, possibly claiming the lives of over 700 people.

Preparation can save lives, and one of the best ways to prepare is to have a heating system that doesn’t rely on the grid. Rather than installing a new wood stove, let’s talk about how Martin heaters work, even without access to electricity!

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How Martin Propane Heaters Work

Martin direct vent heaters use vents to take in propane and oxygen and expel exhaust. For oxygen, Martin propane heaters use outside air for combustion, not inside air. You never have to worry about proper room ventilation or oxygen levels while running Martin heaters. For more information on how they work, read our full review.

Of course, propane and oxygen are much easier to run without electricity. What about the ignition and the temperature control? We’re glad you asked.

Martin Heater Ignitions

Martin propane heaters use Piezo ignitions similar to what you would find on a gas stove. These generate a small spark to start the entire system. All you have to do is pinch a lever or push a button, depending on the model. Neither of these requires any electricity.

From there, the system maintains a level of propane intake to keep the combustion going. If there is ever an issue, you must check that the tank has propane, see if there is proper flow, and push the ignition button once or twice. With such a simple system, troubleshooting is easy.

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Battery-Powered Thermostat

Another great addition for off-grid living is the remote-controlled thermostat to help you set your system from high to low. You won’t need to adjust the propane valve at all, as the system is certified at over 80% efficiency. Remote-controlled access makes it much easier to control, and they are battery-powered, so they require no electricity to run.

Mechanical Safety Switch

Perhaps the most important feature is the safety switch. If the system tips over, which is extremely dangerous, the system has amechanicalswitch to cut off the propane, which does not require electricity. That means running a Martin propane heater entirely off-grid or during a blackout is perfectly safe.

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Buy an Off-Grid Martin Heater Today

Now that you know how Martin propane heaters work, you can see why they’re so popular for off-grid homes or storm preparation. They require no electricity to run, and you can safely heat your home with the press of a button.

Keep reading our blog for more information, and feel free to buy a Martin heater with us for free shipping and a price match guarantee!
Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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