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How To Get The Most Out of Your Titan Solar Generator

by Hunter Kissam December 15, 2021 6 min read

For an average home, the cost of a gas backup generator is around $15,000, and that’s not even mentioning the ongoing fuel costs. Luckily, the game is changing.

If you’re looking for a more affordable, more portable, and cleaner energy solution, then look no further than the Titan solar generator. There are even things you can do to make these generators even better. Let’s talk about that.

Which Titan Package Is Right For Me?

Getting the most out of your Titan portable solar generator starts with choosing the right one. Depending on your budget and needs, you may find that different models will or variations work better for you. Here are some of the most popular packages they offer.

Maximum Output: Titan Solar Generator with 5 Batteries

You read that correctly. With 5 battery cells, this solar generator still comes at a lower price than most comparable gas-powered alternatives without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, no need to continue purchasing expensive gasoline!

If you’re looking to power an RV or for a backup power source for your house, then the 5-battery model is your best option. The model offers 3,000 watts (up to 6,000W peak) of continuous power and you can bring it to a full charge in under 5 hours using an AC charger.

The 5-battery package is only best for remaining stationary, as each battery weighs around 35 pounds (15.8 kg), so we recommend this package mainly for home or RV use. Although, you can remove the batteries to make them more portable.

Best Budget Option: Original Titan

Starting with the basic module and a battery is never a bad idea. In the event you want to upgrade your battery storage, you can always purchase additional batteries. While one battery won’t be enough to power your house, it will perform well for a camping trip!

The battery and the module together weigh around 67 pounds (30.3 kg), making this an excellent option to keep in an RV or car for some portable energy. 

Although this model doesn’t come with panels, it still has great options for fast charging. The original model offers a 400W or 725W AC charger, a car charger, and plenty of outlets, all for under $3,200.

If that sounds too pricey, don’t worry. You can buy these models for as little as $89 a month if you qualify.

Best Deal: Titan Flex Kit

To get the most out of your purchase right off the bat, you can choose your wattage with the Flex Kit, between 500W and 2,000W. Both the Titan Flex Kit and Briefcase Kit come with everything you need to get started, including:

  • Module
  • 2,000 Wh battery
  • Solar panels (up to five 200W panels per kit)
  • AC, cigarette, and solar chargers
  • 50’ cable
  • 2-way branch connector
  • User manual

Buying the kits rather than the individual models ensures that you have everything you need to get started, you won’t have to buy initial adaptors, and you can choose your preferred wattage upon purchasing. Kits are the best option for the price if you don’t already have solar panels to use.

Point Zero Energy Titan Solar Generator Features

While packages come with different wattages and add-ons, the features are the same for the generator module. Here is what to expect from your Titan solar generator.


Panels don’t come with every package. In some cases, you will have to purchase the panels separately if you want an option beyond AC charging.

However, if you purchase a kit, you will have panels included. While solar panels take longer to charge than car or AC charging, they can extend the life of your batteries and continue charging them for free without an additional power source.


Titan solar generator with 5 external batteries

You can choose between one battery and six batteries for your Titan, and the amount you choose will make a world of difference. Fortunately, the batteries are detachable, so if you choose to buy a 5-battery model, you can change to one for easier transportation.

Keep in mind, the shelf life on these batteries is good for about a year after full-charge, so you can store your batteries safely for long periods in case they are needed for backup. Also, the batteries are known to last for over 10 years!


You have three options for charging your Titan batteries: solar, AC, and car charging.

AC charging from your home will offer a quick charge of under 5 hours to capacity but will hurt your electric bill. Car charging will take roughly the same time while affecting your gas mileage. 

Although it takes a little longer, solar charging is entirely free and can even be used to supplement other charging methods for a faster charge or extended battery life.


Titan’s offer an impressive continuous output of 3,000 watts with a peak of up to 6,000. For context, the average home refrigerator uses between 350 and 780 watts.

However, to maximize your output, you need panels attached, even when there is limited sunlight. If you want to extend your battery life and get the most out of your generator, panels are essential.

Choosing the Right Add-Ons

Point Zero Energy Titan accessories

To get the most out of your generator, you will need the right add-ons and extensions for your needs. For example, if you have a big yard, you may need longer cables. Need more solar offset? Get more panels. Here are some key add-ons to choose from.

500-Watt Expansion Kit

The 500-watt expansion kit comes with five 100W panels that are excellent for quickly charging your Titan batteries and getting the most out of your daytime use. These will help ensure that your battery is fully charged before nighttime and that you can use maximal power during the day.

The kit includes a 50’ cable, but you can also choose to upgrade the length of the cable for a small extra fee, depending on your needs. However, if you have already purchased a kit along with your generator, then this expansion won’t be necessary.


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If you aren’t purchasing a kit, then the last thing you want is to prepare for a trip only to find out you don’t have the right cables. The MC4 to Anderson cable is the most important, as it converts the energy from the solar panels to the generator. It comes with the purchase of a generator, but you may need more based on panels.

Also, you may be interested in an external battery expansion wire if you already have a battery that you want to use. This could save you some money on battery expansions, as these wires only cost $84.99!

However, you should always make sure you’re choosing the right length for your cables before purchasing, so take measurements as needed. Although, we offer free returns if you order from us!

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To get the most out of your Titan generator, you need solar panels. Even if you plan to rely on car charging or AC charging, panels will help you save money, extend your battery life and output, and reduce your emissions.

How To Get the Most From Your Titan Solar Generator

Essentially, if you want to maximize the benefit of your new generator, you need to be able to use it in any circumstance and maximize its output. You don’t want to limit yourself.

Let’s say you purchase a Titan generator with 5 batteries and some solar panels. You will never have to pay to replenish its fuel, you can store full batteries for up to a year, and you can use as much power as you like. If you have enough batteries and panels, you’re unlikely to run out of power when you need it, even in harsh weather conditions.

Conversely, gas-powered home generators are likely to cost similar prices to a Titan generator that has 4 to 6 batteries, and they come with some downsides. 

For example, you can’t make a gas generator more portable for camping by removing battery cells, it costs money to continue running, and there are serious carbon monoxide risks with home generators. Also, gas generators only run on one power source, whereas Titans can be charged from three.

Whether you’re trying to transition to off-grid living or store it for a rainy day, Titan portable solar generators will help!

Light It Up!

Now that you know how to get the most out of your Point Zero Energy Titan solar generator, you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at you. If you enjoy the outdoors, live in a stormy area, or just want to reduce your carbon footprint, then the Titan is right for you. Stay up to date with our latest outdoor products and check out all of our Point Zero Energy products today!


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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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