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Need Power for Your Outdoor Celebration? Try Nature’s Generator!

As the summer approaches, we all love to spend more time outside. For many of us event planners, party-goers, and family members, graduation and wedding season mark the start of our summer adventures! 

Whether you’re planning on a cookout, wedding, or any other type of event, some outdoor power could make a world of difference. Let’s talk about the safest options for reliable, outdoor power; portable power stations!

Best Budget Option: Nature’s Generator

If you need a solar generator for a few occasional events and don’t want to break the bank, then Nature’s Generator power pod is the way to go. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and the most affordable option on the market for its output. It’s even more affordable than many gas generators, and you won’t have to pay record-high gas prices!

With up to 1800 watts of continuous output and a 720Wh capacity, you can continuously power 30W speakers and 10W LED lightbulbs all day on a full charge. If you want even more power, the Nature’s Generator Elite offers a 1200Wh capacity and it still doesn’t break the bank.

The only trick with the Nature’s Generator is that it can take a while to bring to a full charge. Just remember to plug it in the night before your event so you can use maximum power that can last you throughout the day!

The system can charge up to 200W continuously using solar panels, greatly extending the life of the battery. Again, if you’re looking to use some portable energy for events or the occasional camping trip, then this is your best bet for the price. Check out our collections to see what kind of bundle deals are available!

Best Performance: EcoFlow Delta Pro

The EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station is the top-tier choice for any event host. If you’re planning on using a lot of power for lights, surround sounds, bouncy houses, or anything else, then there’s no other option. With a 3600Wh capacity and 3600 continuous watts of output, you can power a freezer along with all of your party essentials!

Also, if you buy solar panels along with your system, then you can receive up to 1600W at a time from solar energy. This can keep your system running almost indefinitely, even if you’re powering an energy-guzzling bouncy house.

On top of that, the system will never fail you with moderate use. The LFP battery can last for ten years of heavy, daily use. Even then, it will only lose around 20% of its original capacity, making it one of the best-performing batteries on the market.

The only downside is, you guessed it, it’s on the heavier side. All of that power comes with a bit of weight. However, if it’s staying in one place for the party, the system comes with a wheeled cart, allowing for easy transportation!

Have Fun This Summer!

Now that you know how solar generators can change the game, use one at your next event this summer. You never know when a portable power station will come in handy, even during the colder times of the year when you’re worried about power outages!

Either way, choose a portable power station that works for you, and feel free to shop with us for free shipping and our price match guarantee!
Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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