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Propane Heaters vs. Natural Gas Heaters: Which Is Better?

by Hunter Kissam November 02, 2022 2 min read

If you're looking for adjustable heat for your living space or work spaces this winter, you may be overwhelmed with options. Hopefully, we can make it a little easier.

Two of the most common heating sources are natural gas and propane, but they are very different! Let's compare Martin propane heaters with natural gas heaters and see which has the best prices!

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Installing a new natural gas furnace can cost over $10,000. If you need to have a pipeline installed on your property as well, you may need to add an additional $10,000 to that price tag.

Conversely, installing a Martin propane heater is easy, even as a DIY project. It's a simple wall furnace than connects to a propane tank outside of your home! The only challenges are your wall's thickness and finding the ideal location.


Natural gas furnaces need constant filter replacements and annual cleanings to keep running, which can get expensive. On the other hand, indoor propane gas units require little to no maintenance. For example, Martin propane heaters are extremely low maintenance and require little to no upkeep.

Cost to Run

If you don't have existing natural gas infrastructure at your home, it could be a lot more expensive to install. Still, natural gas is less expensive than propane per BTU on average, but this trend is steadily shifting.

Off-Grid Living

With a direct vent wall heater, you can easily live off the grid with a tank outside your home. However, propane is much easier to have delivered, as natural gas typically only comes in pipelines.

Clean Energy

Propane tank outdoors

Without a doubt, propane is the cleaner energy at a 62.87 CO2 emissions factor. Propane is the cleanest fossil fuel, and installing a propane heater is much cheaper than some cleaner alternatives like heat pumps.


For proper heat dispersion, ease of control, and aesthetics, Martin propane heaters win by a landslide. The sleek fireplace design and ceramic window on the front of the unit make for a cozy atmosphere, and the remote-controlled built-in thermostat makes it easy to maintain. While you may have better heat flow with baseboard heating, a ceiling fan will do the trick.


Easy installation, direct vent exhaust, and a tip-over safety switch make Martin propane heaters the safer option. They are much less likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning than natural gas, but you should still use a CO detector with any indoor heating source that uses fossil fuels or wood.

Also, there has never been a recorded fire caused by Martin heaters. Conversely, natural gas heaters cause nearly 50,000 fires every year.

Overall Heating Score

Without a doubt, a propane heater comes at a lower price than new natural gas systems. This is true both in the short and long term, especially if you're only concerned about one living space or room temperature. There's no sense in overpaying.

Stay up to date with our latest consumer tips, and buy a Martin propane heater today with free shipping and the lowest price guarantee at any online store!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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