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The Best EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station Accessories

by Hunter Kissam September 23, 2022 2 min read

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is the best portable power station on the market by nearly every metric. It’s fast-charging, powerful, and it can last for well over a decade. However, there are still ways to customize and improve your portable solar generator.

Let’s talk about some of the best accessories for the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station for every user!

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Solar Panels

Without a doubt, the best addition you can buy for your EcoFlow Delta Pro is enough solar panels (up to 1600W) with MC4 cables to charge your system. The more you rely on solar energy, the more you’ll reduce your carbon emissions and earn your money back. After all, sunlight is free!

Delta Pro Bag

EcoFlow Delta Pro in bag

There are bags available for the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station to help protect it from rough terrain, rain, high temperatures, or other hazards. This is a stylish option for keeping your stem running (and looking) like new for as long as possible.

This is perfect if you store your system in an environment that isn’t climate controlled. Also, if you keep it outside for long periods for camping or home backup, then a bag can do a lot to protect the internal battery. You can still access the display screen through the app!

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel allows you to attach your Delta Pro to your energy grid. If you have solar panels with your system, you’re essentially adding clean energy to your home’s circuit without spending tens of thousands on rooftop solar panels. You can program the Smart Home Panel will use more of your stored energy during peak energy hours when rates are the highest, which will directly save you money every month!

On top of that, if you have an outage at home, the Smart Home Panel will switch over to your stored energy in under 20 milliseconds for uninterrupted power. This can save lives if you have medical equipment at home and keep your appliances running for as long as possible.

Delta Pro Batteries

Every Smart Battery that you add to your system effectively doubles your capacity. If you live off the grid or plan to use your Delta Pro for home backup or energy offsets, having a higher capacity can make a world of difference. A 3.6 kWh capacity is arguably excessive for a portable power station, but you may need more for home use!

Buy an EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station Today

If you’re shopping around for solar generators, the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station really is the best of both worlds. That means it’s great for both home use and on the go. Just remember to accessorize it for the best results!

Keep reading our blog for our latest product tips, and buy a Delta Pro today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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