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The Top 5 EcoFlow Delta Pro Features

by Hunter Kissam September 14, 2022 3 min read

If you’ve heard of one portable power station in the last year, it’s probably the EcoFlow Delta Pro. It’s simply the best and most powerful system of its kind, and it offers some of the most user-friendly features. Let’s talk about the most important EcoFlow Delta Pro features and how they apply to your energy needs!

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5. The EcoFlow App

It isn’t just the wheeled cart that makes this system portable. You can receive remote access and insights into your system from your smartphone with the EcoFlow app. This will connect directly to your power station, telling you your battery life, charging efficiency, and so much more.

This offers the insights you need when backing up your home’s energy source, powering your RV, or while on the job. The app will tell you everything that the LED screen on the front of the unit will tell you, along with some insights into charging time and energy consumption!

EcoFlow App on 5 smartphones

4. Long Shelf Life

If you plan to use your Delta Pro primarily for camping trips or home backup, you’d be amazed at how long you can store the system. The EcoFlow Delta Pro can hold a full charge for over a year in storage if kept away from extreme temperatures. Always store your system at least at 50% capacity to keep your system running at top shape for as long as possible!

3. High Solar Input

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is the only portable power station that allows for up to 1600W of solar input at a time. You can charge the 3.6 kWh battery in just over 2 hours with enough solar panels.

Also, with its 3600W output (7200W surge), you can easily run your system indefinitely with 1600W of continuous solar input! This is more than enough to power a refrigerator, large air conditioner, or other larger appliance.

2. Compoundable Batteries

It isn’t just solar panels that can extend your battery life. You can also compound your Delta Pro system with up to 2 EcoFlow Smart Batteries, effectively tripling your capacity. That’s a 10.8 kWh capacity. With the help of solar panels, this will be more than enough for home backup, even during a major outage!

If you have a large refrigerator and electric cooking appliances, one Delta Pro battery should last for a day. However, with 3 batteries, you can easily get through a storm, especially if you have solar energy to help!

1. Home Backup Features

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

We saved the best for last. With the help of the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, the Delta Pro can back up your homeinstantly. The Smart Home Panel attaches to your home circuit for uninterrupted power, with a switchover time of under 20 milliseconds. 

That’s not all it can do. When energy rates are highest during peak hours, the Smart Home Panel can use your stored energy from your Delta Pro, which will save you money on your electric bill every month!

Try an EcoFlow Delta Pro For Yourself

As you can see, no matter what your needs are from a portable power station, the EcoFlow Delta Pro has something for everyone. With such a high capacity and so many great features, there’s simply no other portable power station to rival it.

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy an EcoFlow Delta Pro today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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