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Ultimate Preppers Gift Guide 2024

by Hunter Kissam November 17, 2022 9 min read

It won't surprise you to learn that it costs quite a bit to prepare for natural disasters, the risk of a nuclear war, or, you know,doomsday. For that reason, most doomsday preppers are constantly working on their emergency preparedness.

Fortunately, that leaves opportunities for their family members and loved ones to buy gifts to help them prepare for the worst-case scenario. Here are some great gift ideas for the Mr. Prepper or Mrs. Prepper in your life!

Below you'll find out what preppers need, the top prepper gifts and a handy list of gifts under $100!

Prepper Essentials

Before we discuss specific gifts, let's understand the definition of prepper. We know they're preparing for the worst, but what exactly are they trying to prep? Here are the essentials.

Food and Water

Food and Water Resources at Wild Oak Trail

Our need for food and water comes with a few extra challenges, including food/water acquisition, purification, preservation, and more. We can survive relatively long without food, but not without water. There's no such thing as having too much of either, so anything in this category is a safe choice for a prepper!


Since humans are not covered with fur, we need external heat to survive, especially during a winter storm or nuclear winter. Anything from disposable hand warmers to a fire-starting kit or a full-size heater could be the difference between life and death.


We all need shelter, and practical preppers know to use their existing home if possible. However, in the event of an emergency evacuation, having some form of emergency shelter can save lives.


While humans survived for 200,000 years with only the essentials mentioned above, that is no longer the case. It's akin to how the beginning of agriculture spelled a death sentence for anybody wanting to go back to the hunter-gatherer period.

For the modern human, electricity is essential for survival in some form, as most of us can't easily adapt to life without it. This may be essential for:

  • Powering communication devices
  • Emergency heat
  • Jumpstarting a vehicle
  • Powering medical equipment
  • Preserving medication or food
  • Powering lanterns or flashlights

The list goes on. Most people won't get far without a reliable source of electricity in the worst-case scenario.

For further resources on prepping, check out our extremely popular blog: The Ultimate Prepper & Emergency Survival Checklist.

Top Gifts For Preppers

If someone close to you wants to prepare for the worst, there are likely many items on their list that they haven't bought for themselves yet. Here are some options that can cover a lot of your prepper's specific needs in an emergency!


Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filter

Water is the top priority for any prepper, and bottled water can only last for so long. The first thing we'd need to think of for long-term survival is how we can access clean, potable water in the long run.

Consequently, Berkey water filters are the best solution. They require minimum upkeep and each filtering element can last for over 3000 gallons, compared to only 40-120 for Brita and comparable filters.

Also, Berkeys can remove over 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. This way, a prepper can easily filter stagnant or unsafe water in an emergency while still enjoying clean drinking water in their current home!

Berkey Water Filter Price


Nature's Generator

Nature's Generator with solar panel

In case of an electromagnetic pulse or a natural disaster that destroys our energy grid, energy self-sufficiency is essential. Your average prepper likely already hassome backup power in the form of "pocket chargers" and others, but that isn't nearly enough.

You can charge Nature's Generator entirely with solar panels and can last a long time for powering satellite phones, smartphones, and even power tools or larger equipment. It even offers wireless charging for their smartphones for ease of use, and only weighs 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg).

With a 720Wh lead-acid battery capacity and 1800W of maximum output, this is a great option for long-term, sustainable energy security. This is especially important for anybody relying on medical equipment like a CPAP machine nebulizer, which has a higher energy demand.

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EcoFlow Generators  

EcoFlow generators

Nature's Generators are a great choice, but if you want a different size or price point, then EcoFlow generators will have what you're looking for. EcoFlow uses lithium-ion batteries that are lighter and smaller than lead-acid batteries, and they last longer.

The Ecoflow Delta series has some of their most popular models, and the River series is great for portability. Here are some examples:

  • Delta 2 (1024Wh)
  • Delta Max (2000Wh)
  • Delta Pro (3600Wh)
  • River (288Wh)
  • River Mini (210Wh)
  • River Max (576Wh)
  • River Pro (720Wh)

The Delta series ranges from 27 pounds to 99 pounds (12.2 to 45 kg), while the River series ranges from 6 pounds to 16.9 pounds (2.7 to 7.7 kg). That's a wide range of sizes and capacities for any needs, as some are powerful enough to power space heaters or refrigerators as needed. The Delta 2 can even charge in as little as 2 hours with 500W solar panels!

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Emergency Shelter

Kodiak Canvas Tent

Emergency shelters are essential for protection from the elements, which can be quite harsh at certain times of the year, and can be made worse by human intervention such as nuclear war. For a lightweight, emergency shelter with some light insulation, we recommend the Kodiak Canvas emergency shelters. They can range anywhere from 3-4 seasons and 17 to 140 pounds for lightweight safety or a durable, long-term shelter!

Tents at Wild Oak Trail



Siberian Coolers

Keeping food fresh, preserving insulin or medications, and holding ice packs for emergencies. These are just a few reasons why a high-quality cooler can come in handy during the worst-case scenario. Again, you can't rely on the energy grid during a natural or man-made disaster, but you may still rely on refrigeration.

We recommend Siberian coolers, which hold ice for 7-8 days at a time and come at varying price points depending on your needs or preferences. While they come in different shapes and styles, they are all high-quality and extremely durable.

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Martin Heater

Cooling is important, but so is heat. Without a safe and reliable heat source in your shelter, freezing is a serious possibility. You can't have a fire in your home without proper ventilation.

Having some type of heater, whether it be a direct vent propane heater or a space heater with its own fuel source, could be a matter of life and death. You can't rely on the grid, and electric heaters require too much energy for a solar generator. We recommend a propane or diesel heater, either a direct vent with a large tank to last through the winter or a smaller, portable heater for easy transport.

Martin Heater


Prepper Gifts Under $100

You don't have to break the bank to make the prepper in your life happy this year. There are plenty of great emergency preparedness gifts that anyone can buy. Here are some of the best options under $100, and don't forget to take advantage ofour holiday sales!


Lion Energy

Lion Energy Prowler

If your prepper is worried about staying at home during civil unrest, Nature's Generator might be a little too big for them. In that case, Lion Energy Prowler is a great option for portability. With 74Wh, it's more than enough to charge cell phones and small electronic devices temporarily, and it can easily fit in your loved one's pocket or backpack for easy transport!

A larger Lion Energy device may be worth it for someone with cochlear implants or hearing aids, as keeping their batteries charged could be a matter of life or death. 74W is enough for 5-10 recharges, which is great for the short term. However, a model with solar recharging is a better option for powering medical supplies.

In the meantime, they can even bring it with them on an airplane, as they are TSA-approved. This is perfect for camping trips and keeping your phone charged in your everyday life.

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Emergency Food Supplies

ReadyWise Food Storage

After water, having enough food is the next most important aspect of prepping. If your loved one is a serious prepper, they'll want to have years' worth of food stored for the end of days. They know that in the event of a nuclear disaster, they can't grow food, especially in the early days of a potential nuclear winter when grocery stores will be emptied.

Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to give your loved one the emergency food supply they need.

Consequently, they'll need emergency food in reserves. Wise food storage offers some of the best bulk emergency food supplies that are easily stored in large buckets, including everything from whey to fresh fruit and soups!

Wise food storage is good for 25 years in its packaging, and you can purchase recipes for any meal or snack of your choice. You may just find your loved one's favorite recipes!

Alternatively, there is also Nutrient Survival, which is a better option for transportation. The food also lasts for 25 years in its packaging, it comes in lightweight and transportable bags, and the food only needs water added. It has all of the important nutrients your body needs, and you can order anywhere from a 72-hour kit to a 3-month survival kit!

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Sport Berkey Water Purifier

Sport Berkey Water Purification Bottle

We mentioned the Berkey water filters, and there's also the Sport Berkey, which is perfect for a budget gift while still offering strong purification abilities. This way, your loved one can always access clean water while on the go, which everyone knows is the top priority for all things survival!

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Berkey Water Filter Accessories

Berkey Stainless Steel Base

For your loved ones that own a Berkey and love their clean drinking water, here are a collection of Berkey Accessories they would enjoy. Stands, Extra Berkey Filters, a variety of different Spigots, Carry Bags, you name it!

Berkey Water Filter Accessories


Faraday Defense

Faraday Defense

Does your Prepper have electronics they want to protect incase of an EMP? We carry a variety of Faraday Defense products to protect anything from electronics, to entire homes! Prices starting as low as $22!

Faraday Defense


Lawson Hammock

Lawson Hammock

Help the Prepper in your life to relax with a Lawson Hammock. Perfect for lounging at a campsite or setting up in your backyard, relaxing in a Lawson Hammock will let you connect with nature while your worries fade away. 

Lawson Hammock


Choose the Best Gifts For Preppers Today

Life throws challenges all the time, and you never know when the worst is going to come. Unfortunately, these cliches take on a different meaning during times of uncertainty like today. If you have someone in your life who is worried about current affairs, give them the gift of personal security this year and enjoy some of the best discounts of the year!

Stay up to date with our latest prepper tips, and order your gifts today with free shipping in the United States!

Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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