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Why you need the Lion Energy - Lion Eclipse on your next adventure

by Joshua Abedoza January 25, 2023 4 min read

Have you been in the middle of camping or exploring the great outdoors when you find your phone battery dead and suddenly an emergency pops up out of nowhere? Or do you simply want to enjoy the beauty of nature alongside the comfort and entertainment your electronic devices bring, but you just don’t have the juice to run them after hiking for two days straight? Powerbanks are great for camping trips and other situations like flights & traveling where you may not have access to a reliable power source for your smart phones, smart watches, laptop, and more. They’re also super useful in case of an emergency, to ensure you can always make an emergency call if needed. In these modern times, electronic devices are vital. They make daily tasks and activities easier and provide us with a means of entertainment and access to information. Compared to a Solar Generator, the Lion Eclipse is very handy weighing only a few pounds and we can all agree that when we go camping it’s a must to only bring the essentials and pack lightly, with the help of the Lion Energy Eclipse power bank, you’re able to pack light and be ready for anything.  


What is a power bank?


A power bank is a portable device that allows you to charge your electronic devices when you’re on the go. It’s a must-have when you’re away from an electrical outlet and need to keep your phone, laptop or other devices powered up. The Lion Energy Eclipse is the definition of a perfect portable power bank providing exceptional watts of power in any emergency, outdoor trip, or while you’re traveling. 


Lion Energy - Lion Eclipse Features

The Lion Energy Eclipse is an amazing portable power device that features fast charge technology. It works wonders in emergency situations to ensure you can stay connected, as well as keeping your devices going during a long flight or just a fun day at the beach. This compact yet powerful battery bank comes with USB and USB-C charging ports for charging cable-bound mobile phones and other USB devices. Not a fan of cables? Not a problem. The Lion Eclipse also carries a portable 3-in-1 wireless charger so you can charge your smart devices with a wireless charging feature, by simply placing them on top of the charging pads absolutely hassle-free! Whether you’re going on road trips or just need to charge your phone and other USB devices, the Lion Eclipse™has you covered. Take the Eclipse USB power bank and your USB charger, stuff them in your backpack and you’re all set! 


One of the features that sets the Eclipse apart from the rest is its compact size. At just 1.6 pounds and a dimension of 8.5 x 3.5 x1.3, it's easy to pack and take with you anywhere and anytime. Portable enough to fit almost any travel bag, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. It's also durable and built to last. With its lithium NCA battery chemistry and 1,000+ life cycles, the Lion Eclipse is guaranteed to serve you for years and years to come.


The Lion Eclipse may be compact but that doesn't affect its power output. With a capacity of 150 watt-hours, it's guaranteed to charge your gadgets from standard devices to devices that require more power to run or charge. Not only does it offer a faster charge time but also guarantees a longer run time. The exceptional battery capacity of the Eclipse which is 27,000mAh or 99.9Wh allows you to stay powered for hours, charging devices at a faster rate without running out of Battery capacity right away.


The Lion Eclipse is versatile as well providing you with almost all the ports you need. It has 2X USB-A Ports, 1X USB-C port or input, and 3X Qi Wireless Charger, allowing you to charge a multiple number and variety of devices at once from standard to newer devices. It also has built-in LED lights to help you determine what charging mode your Eclipse is in(wired or wireless). When in wireless mode the left side of the white lights will show a green light, making it useful in low-light situations. With a built-in powerful portable wireless charger, you can charge multiple devices at once without having to worry about the clutter of multiple chargers and tangled charging cords.


One of the best things about the Eclipse is that it has fast charge technology. Take the eclipse to any standard ac wall outlet and have it fully charged within 90 minutes or 1.5 hours, making it easy to recharge wherever you are and making you ready for any emergency or outdoor trip. Imagine what else the Lion Eclipse could be charging with the usual fraction of the time it takes for other traditional power banks to recharge.


Overall, the Lion Energy Eclipse is one of the best and safest power banks on the market today for all your portable power needs may it be indoors or outdoors. With fast-charging USB ports and a powerful 3-in-1 wireless charger, it's the perfect solution for outdoor adventures and for those who want to be prepared for a power outage. Plus, with free shipping and the best price around, it's a great deal for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient way to charge their devices. All it takes is your backpack, the powerful eclipse power bank, and your electronic devices for an outdoor trip with backup power for entertainment and emergency. Take your next adventure to another level with the Lion Energy - Lion eclipse!


With long-long lasting life cycle compared to outdated and traditional portable power banks on the market today, portability, all the ports you need, exceptionally fast charge times, and multiple charging options for your devices, all in the palm of your hand, the Lion Energy Eclipse is a great investment that will truly do wonders for all your charging needs whether indoors or outdoors. So why wait? Get yours today and never be without power on the go again!


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Joshua Abedoza
Joshua Abedoza

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