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Your Guide to EcoFlow Delta Pro Bundle Deals

by Hunter Kissam March 19, 2022 3 min read

Bundle Deal

Best For

EcoFlow Delta Pro

Beginners - Short camping trips - Charging basic electronics

1,600W (8x200W) Panel Bundle

Maximum power - Free energy - Home backup - Efficient 200W panels

1200W (6x200W) Panel Bundle

Power/Price ratio - Home backup - Efficient 200W panels

300W (3x100W) Panel Bundle

Camping - Extended power - Passive charging

400W (2x200W) Panel Bundle

Power/price ratio - Efficient 200W panels - Panels work in bad weather

Extra Smart Battery

Home backup - Charging large appliances - Combines with any bundle

If you’re looking to buy a solar generator, there is no equivalent to the EcoFlow Delta Pro. It offers the best that modern technology has to offer and every package is leagues ahead of its competition.

However, you may want to buy the right Delta Pro bundle for your needs. Well, we can help you choose. Here’s our honest review of the best EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station bundles and deals!

Best Beginner Bundle: EcoFlow Delta Pro Basic Package

If you’re looking for an alternative to a gas generator for your portable power needs, then there’s nothing wrong with the basic package.

In this bundle, you’ll find:

  • EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station
  • 1 AC charging cable
  • 1 car charging cable
  • 1 solar charging cable
  • 1 DC5521 to DC 5525 cable
  • 1 handle cover
  • 1 Delta Pro to Smart Generator Adapter
  • User manual

For a “basic package”, you’ll find a lot of great features, but most importantly, the battery.

Without a doubt, the EcoFlow Delta Pro battery is one of the most underrecognized feats of technology in recent years. 

Not only can it charge your phone more than 300 times over on one charge, but you can drain the battery every day for 10 years before seeing a 20% dip in capacity. That’s over 6,500 life cycles.

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Best Value: EcoFlow Delta Pro With 1200W Solar Panels

In this bundle, you will find everything in the basic package, six 200W solar panels, and the appropriate cables to attach. There are 800W options available, but each panel is only 100W.

With EcoFlow’s state-of-the-art 200W solar panels, you can easily charge your portable power station for free, even on cloudy days.

Many customers have used these panels on rainy days and found they operate at 45% capacity or higher, meaning that the 200W panels function on their worst day at the same level the 100W panels function at their best!

Well, considering the batteries will store energy for over a year, if you need home backup during a storm, then generating the most from limited sunlight is your best option, especially if you need to power large appliances.

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Best for Camping: EcoFlow Delta Pro With 300W 12V Solar Panels

Yes, the 200-watt panels are fantastic, but if you’re just looking for some extra power while camping, then 1,200 watts isn’t entirely necessary.

Honestly, the basic package is perfect for those looking to charge their laptops, phones, and cameras, as the Delta Pro battery storage should be enough for multiple days.

However, if you’re looking for some extra power to run an electric cooler, minifridge, or to last you for a long trip, then some free energy is exactly what you need.

Starting with a fully-charged battery and 300 watts in the right sunlight, you should have no problem lasting over a week charging basic electronics without plugging into anything else.

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Best for Home Backup: Extra Smart Battery

If you have a meat-filled freezer, life-saving medical equipment, or anything that requires constant power in your home, then having an extra battery is likely necessary.

On a full charge without any outside power, one EcoFlow Delta Pro battery can power most refrigerators or freezers for 24 hours. 

When paired with the 1,200W or 1,600W solar panel bundle, having an extra Delta Pro Smart Battery could keep your system running for days, even with limited sunlight.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently come in a bundle, but you can purchase an additional Smart Battery along with any bundle of your choice. If you want, you can even pay it in monthly installments!

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Choose the Right Delta Pro Bundle Today

Now that you know the impressive deals that come with the EcoFlow Delta Pro bundles, make the right choice for your needs today! 

Remember, every package offers plenty of power, the right cables, and a handy app to help you monitor and control your power usage. You can’t go wrong!

Stay up to date with our latest tips on outdoor living and check out our price guarantee if you’re interested in shopping with us!

Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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