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Berkey VS AlexaPure: Unveiling the Champion in Water Purification

In the landscape of water purification, the Big Berkey and AlexaPure stand as formidable contenders. Today, we delve into a detailed comparison, underscoring the pros and cons of each, and present a conclusion that may surprise you.

Big Berkey: Pros and Cons

Berkey Water Filter

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Pros of Big Berkey

Firstly, the Big Berkey water filter system is synonymous with high quality, performance, and trustworthiness. Berkey water systems are versatile, ideal for everyday use at home and practical for outdoor activities or emergency situations.

Black Berkey filters, the heart of every Berkey system, are powerful purifiers designed to remove a broad spectrum of harmful contaminants, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals while preserving beneficial minerals. They're not just filters but powerful purification elements that combat both organic and inorganic minerals.

The stainless steel housing adds a touch of elegance and robustness, ensuring a long-time service. The Berkey system also offers different sizes like Travel Berkey, Berkey Light, Imperial Berkey, and Crown Berkey, each designed for unique user needs.

Cons of Big Berkey

However, no system is without its drawbacks. Flow rates can decrease over time with the Big Berkey water filter, requiring maintenance of black Berkey filter elements to maintain optimum performance. Also, the replacement filters may seem relatively pricey, although their longevity and efficiency justify the cost.

AlexaPure: Pros and Cons

AlexaPure VS Berkey

Pros of AlexaPure

The AlexaPure system effectively removes a wide range of contaminants from untreated raw water sources, making it a competent water treatment device. Its stainless steel housing matches that of the Berkey in terms of durability, and the system performs well in various conditions, including emergency environments.

Cons of AlexaPure

Despite its strengths, AlexaPure has some limitations. Test results have shown it to be less effective than Berkey at removing pathogenic bacteria and organic solvents. Its flow rates are also less impressive, especially as the filter elements age, resulting in flow rate decreases.

Final Verdict: Big Berkey VS AlexaPure

While both the Big Berkey and AlexaPure are commendable in their own rights, the Big Berkey water filter stands as the clear winner in this comparison. Berkey water filtration system's comprehensive approach to water purification, the efficacy of Black Berkey® purification elements, and the high-quality stainless steel structure ensures clean water, crucial for health-conscious people.

From removing heavy metals to toxic elements, Berkey® system excels, promising you peace of mind whether you source water from tap water, remote lakes, or stagnant ponds. The Berkey canisters' design, from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, assures that you always have access to purified water, thus enriching your healthiest life.

The Berkey water system, whether it's the Big Berkey water filter, Travel Berkey, or Berkey Light, provides a trusted companion for both home use and emergency situations. Therefore, we believe Berkey is the better choice, offering both superior performance and reliable customer service.

To live the healthiest life, trust Berkey.


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Saxon Funk
Saxon Funk

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