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Berkey Water Filters: Cost Comparison Guide

You've probably heard about the Big Berkey water filter and you may have even seen what it's capable of. However, sometimes the price tag can scare off consumers who are worried about their water quality. Let's talk about the high quality of Berkey water filter systems and see how much they cost in the long run!

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Bottled Water Costs

Bottled Water pouring into glass

Without question, the cheapest option to buy purified water upfront is to buy treated water in bottles. Whether you spend $1 on one small bottle at the convenience store or $10 on a 5-gallon bottle at your local department store, it's a great way to get cheap and clean water when you need it.

However, this is unsustainable, as bottled water becomes the most expensive water purification option on this list by far after only a few gallons, and it comes with the most waste by far. To put it into perspective, if you drink 4 bottles of water every day and buy a 24-pack of disposable water bottles for $3, then you have spent $1825 after only ten yearsjust on drinking water.

You may save some money and plastic by purchasing a 5-gallon reusable tank and dispenser. However, this will still cost at least $100 to purchase and around $6 to refill. For a small family, that could easily exceed $1400 after ten years.

Also, bottled water is not created equally. You don't know where their water supplies come from, and some large companies have faced controversy after controversy for selling bottled tap water or sourcing from an unreliable water supply.

Average Water Purifier Costs

Brita, Pur, and other popular water filters are the next cheapest option to purchase upfront. You can typically get a new system for around $40 to $60, and they will come with your first filtering element, and maybe a couple of replacement parts.

However, these filter elements will only last for 40 to 120 gallons, which is not enough for home use. These companies typically make their money off of selling the replacement filters, not the entire system. If you have to replace a $10 to $20 filter six times a year, then the cost after a decade will be anywhere from $640 to $1260 over your first ten years, including the initial system.

Also, they are quite wasteful! With everyday use, you will have to replace your plastic filtering elements every couple of months, and even more often with a large family.

Berkey Water Filter Costs

Berkey Water Filters size comparison

We won't even discuss Berkey's efficiency at removing heavy metals, harmful chemicals, organic solvents, pathogenic bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. It removes over 99.9% of each of these and can even filter untreated raw water from stagnant ponds or other such sources.

Of course, this is the most expensive upfront, but let's weigh out the long-term costs. At most, you would spend around $330 to purchase your system, which will include your first filtering elements.

If your household consumes a lot of water, then you may need to replace these filtering elements every two years. For a moderate household, you'll only need to change it every 3-5 years and occasionally clean the stainless steel top chamber and Black Berkey elements.

From there, you can have filtered water for ten years at amaximumcost of $705 over ten years. With a smaller system and more moderate consumption, you would only spend $405 in that time. It will also work during emergency situations including boil-water orders, and the lower chamber requires little to no upkeep.

Try Berkey Water Filter Systems For Yourself

Berkey water filters are the best in the market, and they have the test results to prove it! The Black Berkey filters won't harm the beneficial minerals, but they will get rid of nearly all harmful contaminants in your water for the lowest possible price.

Stay up to date with our latest product information, and buy a Berkey water filter today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!


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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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