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NuManna: A Delicious Must-Have for Emergency Food Kits

When stockpiling for an emergency, food security is our number one concern. We have to make sure that our family won't go hungry during a catastrophe. For most families, their go-to would usually comprise a lot of canned goods or instant items that are non-perishable but are unfortunately so-so when it comes to health and flavor.

NuManna, offers emergency meals that may be as delicious, if not more, than your average everyday food. In addition, they also cater to those with strict dietary requirements or people who are medically not able to eat certain food groups or types. They believe in giving consumers food that will help them "not just survive, but to thrive."

NuManna was created by very passionate individuals. The couple who initially started the company in 2011, was driven by their dissatisfaction of the available food storage products in the market. Daniel Brigman, the Executive Director of NuManna, wanted food storage products that would tick all of the boxes in his family's checklist. The frustration of not being able to find such eventually prompted him and his wife to initiate their own quest in creating the ultimate food preparedness product that every family can enjoy. 

What Makes NuManna Superior?

1. Their Food Storage Kits are Healthier and More Inclusive

The Brigmans' pursuit for a healthy and tasty emergency food option led them to launch products that are Certified 100% GMO-Free with no preservatives, no soy, or other controversial ingredients. Not to mention that they also offer complete Gluten Restricted buckets with the same chemical and preservative-free standard. All of their food products are even free of Autolyzed Yeast Extract. NuManna is indeed a true innovator when it comes to creating healthy and chemically free storable foods.

Moreover, if you are into something organic, you can try one of the best lines that they offer, the Organic Emergency Food, which includes a range of 100% USDA Certified organic meals.

Numanna is absolutely the best emergency food storage company when it comes to health and ingredients. They are the first and only company to offer a shelf-stable emergency food storage that is non-GMO, no MSG, free of corn syrup, free of preservatives, free of aspartame, and organic.

2. Delicious While Serving Its Purpose

Why should you be deprived of flavor? The NuManna food storage products are so tasty that those who've tried them would want to consume them as their everyday meals instead of it being just a choice in emergency situations. Granted that NuMannamay be generally more expensive than other emergency food supply companies, the company guarantees that you get what you pay for.

3. With 25 Years of Storage Life

Food Storages are great to have on hand in the event of a long-term emergency. That is why NuManna found a clever way that lets their emergency food supplies have a 25-year shelf life. The only difference with other companies who have the same claim is that NuManna veered away from the use of preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.

Which NuManna Products are The Best For You?

Fueling your body during an emergency is very different from your everyday diet. Because you’ll probably expend more energy than you normally would, you should eat high-energy, high-protein foods. And because you’ll have a limited supply, the higher-quality foods you eat—and the less of them—the better. So which NuManna product should you try?

Here are the different NuManna Kits:


One of the crowd favorites, the Combo Packs is a combination of Family Packs and Defender Nutritive Packs. This provides a balance and mix of NuManna's two staples. Perfect as a base to build your long term food stores around. 


During times of heightened stress, the body requires extra nutrition to repair itself and remain healthy. Each Defender Pack comes with 124 servings of our traditional GMO-free, easy-to-prepare meals. In addition, NuManna raised the bar by adding the available nutrition with organic grains and "superfoods" (not synthetic vitamins, which are poorly absorbed and can be toxic). Now you can enjoy the classic chili and supercharge it with organic quinoa. The Defender Nutritive Pack is a great way to prepare for your family's long-term well being.


In times of heightened stress, the body needs EXTRA nutrition and Numanna has the perfect product for every situation. The Survival Kit is a great combination of NuManna’s exceptional products. These kits include Defender Nutritive Packs, Meat Buckets, and Hormone-Free Milk Powder that lasts for 10 years.


The Family Pack is certainly NuManna's flagship product and is a good foundation for any food-preparedness program. This mixes well with other products and they can also be used alone as a complete food source.


The NuManna Starter Pack is the perfect way for you to start your long-term food storage. Not only does it bring peace of mind for any short-term emergency it also serves as a building block for your long-term food storage. With all of NuManna’s meals, you get exceptional tasting food with real nutrition. And you can enjoy eating it today or years from now. This is absolutely the best that money can buy.


In case of an unexpected short-term emergency, NuManna's Gluten-free kit is great most especially for people who are nor able to digest gluten. This Gluten-free survival kit is quite perfect for anyone, whether you can or can’t eat gluten. Not only will this great Kit sustain you, but it also does with exceptional tasting meals with real nutrition. You can enjoy eating it without the fear of experiencing a health crisis.


Grab-n-Go is the original light, portable, storable meal. Our technology has been designed to maintain food quality, taste, and nutrition for up to 30 years. Enjoy tonight, or at a moment's notice in case of an emergency. 


For those who are having the time of their lives unplugged from the busy city or those who are basking in the joys of living in a tiny home, this Homesteader Package may be the best for you. Getting this would give you more time to enjoy life on the road. This particular package will set you up with all your nutritional needs for quite some time. Just get one and you and your family are good to go.

NuManna's wide array of Food Storage Kits guarantees great satisfaction. Their aim to bring you the best-tasting food fit for emergency or off-grid living has now been validated by hundreds of happy consumers all around the world. Food storage is more than just having ample food for your family in emergency situations. You also deserve to enjoy your meal, no matter what. 

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Cherry May
Cherry May

Cherry May, the heart of Wild Oak Trail as the Store Manager, brings an unmatched dedication to customer service enriched by six years of hands-on experience and learning. Her journey with Wild Oak Trail has seen her evolve into a cornerstone of the community, renowned for her expertise in off-grid living, solar generators, and comprehensive prepping. Customers and colleagues alike applaud her for an impeccable service ethos, effortlessly blending profound knowledge with a genuine commitment to meeting every individual's needs.

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