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Survival Preparedness with Numanna’s Survival Food Storage

by Jefferson Ebasan May 12, 2021 8 min read

The world we live in today is undeniably a whole lot safer than that of our ancestors. However, no matter how far our civilization progresses, unexpected events will be unavoidable. Life is unpredictable, and there’s no harm in being prepared for all kinds of situations.

We don’t often think about survival because we always have access to the things we need to survive. But that won’t always be the case, as proven by the global pandemic that changed our lives forever. If anything, it showed how we took food for granted. Many households swarmed to groceries to stock up on food, probably because they weren’t expecting that lockdowns would block their access to it. Most people were suddenly made aware that food is something that can be scarce one day.

No one expected the pandemic, right? That’s precisely the case why survival food is essential. There will never come a time where we don’t need food. But, we can be sure of the possibility that something unexpected will happen that will make food unavailable to us.

Why is Having A Survival Food Important

Food is essential for us to live. There is no way around it. We need it to survive, and there will be detrimental consequences if we fail to eat food. That is the fundamental reason why having survival food is crucial because it can literally save our lives. However, don’t mistake survival food for emergency food. There are essential differences between the two. Survival food is meant to sustain us in a much more extended time, whereas emergency food is for short-term periods.

1. It sustains us during a natural disaster.

When it comes to unexpected events, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is natural disasters. Truthfully, it is the primary reason people think of when it comes to food storage and preparing for emergencies. Whenever a natural disaster strikes, it destroys not only our homes but a community’s local goods and services as well. Our food and water sources are eliminated; thus, we won’t be able to get food.

During a natural disaster, it is highly improbable that stores near you will be accessible. If they are, they might not even have a supply of food. In a vast disaster, food supply can be close to none in your city, in the next town, or even the next city after.

2. It can save you money and feed you when you have none.

However, the importance of having survival food storage isn’t limited to natural disasters. There are many more reasons why it is essential, such as economic reasons. When money is running low, you would be grateful to have survival food stored. Moreover, the chances of a financial crisis happening, regardless of its scale, are higher than a devastating disaster.

What happens if you suddenly lose your job in the middle of an economic recession? It might take months for you to get a stable job again, so how can you sustain yourself for the time being? With your stored food! The one you have safely stored through a food storage company.  

3. It allows you to feed yourself and your family during an unexpected crisis.

There are other occurrences besides natural disasters and economic emergencies that call for food storage. Unexpected events such as a pandemic, societal crisis, food shortages, and hyperinflation are other reasons it is essential to store food. The main objective of storing survival food is preparedness in case an unforeseen event strikes. When you have your own supply of food, you become self-reliant. All you have to do is get storable food.

Furthermore, when you have your own food supply, you don’t have to rely on government initiatives or charities. There’s no need for you to wait for anyone to help feed you because you can do so yourself.

When you understand the importance of survival food, you might be thinking about how you can actually implement it. How do you store large amounts of food? What if you don't have space? All of these are understandable reasons but don't feel discouraged just yet. With a reliable food storage company, you can store food and be prepared when unexpected things happen.

Numanna: The Best Survival Food Company 

Numanna has been around since 2011, so it’s a trusted company. This is not the only thing interesting about them, but what’s more is that it is a company made out of love. Coming from the caring minds of a husband and wife, the idea for tastier and healthier emergency food storage was made. This was because they decided that the current offers in the market were not actually the best for the palate and for the people’s health, so they aimed to make Numanna Emergency Food and Numanna Food Storage to make their clients thrive as they survive. 

Besides this, the company also makes it a goal to uphold personal responsibility and self-reliance as a means of educating us on survival skills and the importance of always being prepared. If you’re wondering why they are the answer to what is the best survival food with long shelf life, this is because they put their all in health and ingredients. Not only this, but they made it their mission to make palatable food that their clients would want to eat daily, which they have fulfilled. Instead of offering plain food choices, the company provides us with various options of food to choose from. These also come in different categories such as convenience packs, family packs, defender packs, and no-glute packs. Apart from this, the company also offers several other products from food, water, milk, and other organic food. 

Numanna is also highly reliable as they have a 24/7 customer service line that is responsive, toll-free, and offers a 2-month no risk money back guarantee. Their website is also user-friendly and complete with all the information you need. Plus, you also get large variants of emergency food supplies for reasonable prices with servings to last you for more than just a year. Numanna is definitely a worthy investment.

Numanna Food Storage Family Pack with Meat Review 

Have you found yourself wondering, what is the best survival food with long shelf life? Well, Numanna has the answer for you. Known for their motto that says, “not just survive, but thrive”, Numanna ensures that you get every cent of what you pay for in their emergency food storages. You can also ensure delicious, healthy, and high quality products from their Organic Emergency Food Line, which is also 100% USDA Certified. 

Numanna Food Storage doesn’t kid around when it comes to being part of the best survival food company out there. You get nothing but the best storage from Numanna Emergency Food. Being the original and sole company to provide shelf-stable emergency food storage that is non-GMO and has no MSG, pesticides, heavy metals, corn syrup, and preservatives, you get it all organic. Aside from tasting terrific, they last for an incredibly long time too, as their shelf life lasts up to 25 years. 

Numanna Family Pack with Meat is fully packed with 146 servings of food perfect for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. With this you can gain the following benefits:

  • Diversify your food storage preparations
  • Enjoy tasty pre-packaged long-lasting food preparation
  • You can enjoy it anytime you want, even as early as you get it or up to 25 years from now
  • It is the basis of any food storage program 
  • It is free from soy, genetically modified organisms, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and other preservatives
  • Great for people with food sensitivity 
  • Each serving is filled with nutrition and natural superfoods
  • It contains a variety of food to enjoy for the whole family

You definitely would have no regrets getting the Numanna Food Storage because it contains all that you need for proper nutrition at any time! 

Numanna Family Pack Food Storage

As someone who travels a lot, we need to pack light and minimize the space. NuManna freeze-dried food makes that possible. From breakfast meals like pancakes to dinner foods like pasta, you can never go wrong. There are times that you get hungry all of a sudden, or there's no restaurant or fast-food chain in a certain place. There's no need to worry because NuManna, the best survival food company,  is there to the rescue. Aside from being delicious to being convenient, it's all there. Imagine for 259.75 dollars you get dishes like Mac and Cheese, Pasta Alfredo, Pancakes, Enchiladas, and many more. 

Their food packs also last 30 years which means that you could use them in your everyday survival kit. With the pandemic going on, it is best to prepare for the worst. Having this food package lets you breathe easy knowing that you have food to eat even though there are calamities. NuManna via Oak Trail helps in practicality and safety. 

Also, as someone with allergies to soy, it is always good to know that there are safe products for you to eat. Since it's 100% GMO-free, it will relieve you to know that you are eating safe and clean, knowing that this is sustainable. It is also a smart decision to be responsible for what we eat; even if it's accessible, it is important to ensure that we're eating clean and sustainable.

Numanna Freeze Dried Chicken Food Storage

Most consumers see NuManna's new Freeze-Dried Diced Chicken Breast as the best ingredient for the family's nutritional and survival food. If your refrigerator is malfunctioning, you don’t have to worry about seeing your food spoiled. This will definitely save your day. 

A lot like this NuManna freeze-dried food because it can last for a long time but remain healthy! Imagine having a family feast while in survival mode. Majority of the children love the various choices it provided us as well for their incredible camping food experience. Those 36 servings of quality and nutritious food helped them survive long camping trips despite the food shortage they experienced.

This freeze-dried chicken breast adds protein to meals and fills stomachs easily. Most mothers also say that this is a great factor and deal-breaker, for their kids usually tend to pack all the junk foods they could find before they go camping. But thanks to NuManna, the best survival food company they ever encountered, they will have no more worries about finding food in the wild and less time worrying about what to cook for my family!

In terms of packaging and services, NuManna is also one of the best transactions so far. Their crew are helpful and patient when customers inquire about buying this survival food. It also came earlier than expected with safe packaging.

Buy Top-Quality Products

NuManna is the best survival food company out there with top-quality products for you. Whether for camping purposes or preparation for the apocalypse years from now, NuManna freeze-dried food will keep you secure from famishing and emergencies. 

You can choose from a wide variety of food choices, which is good if you or you have family members who are particular with food. Even if the situation is not preferable, breathe a sigh of relief whenever you remember that you have NuManna products in your pantry or emergency bunker. 

Are you finding it hard to prepare for such life and death situations or your first camping trip? Don't worry! With their loyal customers in mind, get the best satisfactory experience with NuManna for top-tier customer assistance. For camping enthusiasts, beginners, or pros, NuManna is a good companion for survival, so get your essentials now before stocks run out!

Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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