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Be Prepared with Lion Energy Portable Solar Power

by Jefferson Ebasan May 18, 2021 4 min read

Are you planning for a camping trip, or are you preparing for disasters and natural calamities? Whichever the case, solar generators prove themselves helpful in both cases, for they provide enough energy to power your house or RV. Experience no more inconvenience from sudden lack of electricity and relying on power banks for your electronic devices! Powered by its solar panels, harness unlimited solar energy and save the environment, too! 

Why Choose Solar Generators?

Quiet and noise-proof

Maintain your peace while sleeping in the woods or your home with solar generators. Compared to a fuel-generated one, it has no moving parts, and you will not lose sleep due to machinery noise. 

Free, natural, and unlimited energy supply

After purchasing your solar power gear and accessories, you are good to go and enjoy free and unlimited energy. With an optimal amount of sunlight, charge all you want and harness energy from the sun as long as you need. Say goodbye to unstable diesel and gasoline price fluctuations!

Low running costs

Solar generators will allow you to save money on energy costs, especially if you plan to use your RV for a long time. Compared to a fuel-powered generator, you won't consistently need to purchase expensive fuel.

Since there are also no moving parts, you do not risk replacing parts when they get damaged.

No fumes & eco-friendly

Unlike gasoline generators, solar-powered ones don't release hazardous fumes into the air because they are clean, emissions-free, and renewable energy sources. 

Lessening carbon emissions does not only save the environment but also keeps you from harm. Solar generators are safe to use even around kids who are sensitive to smell, like individuals with asthma. 

Another thing that not everyone may be aware of is that you might be qualified for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit since RVs can be considered a second home. To make sure, consult with your tax advisor and find out, for this may let you save more.

The Best Lion Energy Portable Solar Power in the Market

Lion Safari UT 1300

If you are an adventurer or a camper, you will surely like lion energy portable solar power, specifically this Lion Safari UT 1300. It is reliable and amazing, keeping you covered during your trips outside using your RV or boat.

You will also be happy to know that the UT 1300 can be your lifetime battery, for it has a capacity 14 times better than deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. But, to give you more peace of mind, what makes it one of the best in the market is it comes with a lifetime warranty from Lion Energy!

Of course, its great battery capacity is made possible by its smart internal Battery Management System (BMS), which regulates it like a safety gate. Helpful if you are the type of person who forgets to unplug appliances from the outlet or always finds yourself overthinking if you left anything charging while outside the house.

Lion Energy Off-Grid Camping Package

Bringing a power source while on the road doesn’t have to be a burden. Whether you’re at the beach or countryside, lion energy portable solar power is the first thing you would have in mind. Lion Energy offers the Off-Grid Camping Package, and it is truly one of the best when it comes to reliability and quality.

The Off-Grid Camping Package is safe for everyone who wants to go on an adventure. It provides a silent and portable power for cooking, communication on social media, or just jamming the night away with family and friends. If you also experience power outages at home, this is your best friend that can give you enough power for hours!

The package includes a Lion Safari LT, 100 Watt folding solar panel, Anderson Cable, and light bulb string. All of your needs are in this package, so it’s worth the buck. Keep the fun rolling by availing of the Off-Grid Camping Package now!

Lion Energy’s Disaster Prep Package

You’ll never know when disaster hits you, and that’s why we always have to be prepared. The first thing we need is to have the right tools. Luckily, Lion Energy’s Disaster Prep Package is reliable for families. The lion energy solar power this kit has provides the best results in times of calamity.

This package is also suitable for those who want to go camping or always on the road. It gives enough power for lights, communication, and other things needed to survive the day. The Disaster Package can last for a week without any recharging needed! 

The Disaster Prep Package has an ample amount of devices that can last hours or even days. It includes a couple of Lion Safari LTs, Mini-Spark Jump Starters, Extension cables, light sets, and many more. All of these devices will assure you that everything gets better.

Always expect the unexpected. Don’t think twice and get yours now!

Choose Lion Energy Portable Solar Power

Solar generators are good for their price and can truly increase your satisfaction from exploring the outdoors or keeping your house safe and secured even from unwanted disasters. Not only are they eco-friendly and sustainable, but they are also safe and convenient to use with no more gasoline smell and obnoxious machinery sounds.

If you are now convinced to get your solar generator, a great example is Lion Energy portable solar power products! With a wide range of available products, choose depending on your needs; your camping or disaster readiness plan will surely be smooth and stress-free.


Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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