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Ecoflow Delta 1300: The Portable Power Generator For You

by Jefferson Ebasan April 29, 2021 8 min read

Are you one of those people afraid to face medical emergencies, undergo long camping and hunting trips, or experience neighborhood power outage? If you are, then a generator is for you. Owning this is a great way to achieve that peace of mind due to the comfort and security it brings, while still being cost-efficient. 

There are different generators in the market and a standby generator may be the one on the top of your mind. However, there is another alternative that will provide you flexibility in any situation that you will encounter - a portable power generator. Why Choose the EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Portable Power Generator? Read on and find out!

What Is A Portable Power Generator?

A portable power generator generates electricity through the use of an on-board alternator pushed by a gas-powered engine. The unit’s power outlets enable users to plug electric-powered tools, extension cords, and other appliances into it. 

The only difference of a portable power generator is that it is not permanently installed in one place compared to the usual standby generator systems. At the same time, users have to manually start this. The power amount it releases will depend on the amount of power produced (Watts). The higher the Watts, the higher the amount of electricity it generates. 

Benefits of A Portable Power Generator

It Gives Power During Emergencies

You can’t avoid power outages especially when natural disasters occur. What’s more commendable is that its portability enables first-responders and medical front-life to conduct their services easier during emergencies. They are more capable of using their state-of-the-art equipment with the help of the accessibility of power through portable power generators. 

Keep in mind that these are not only helpful for cases like these. In case power outages occur, portable power generators contribute a lot in house problems. One definite example of this is saving food wastes when powers are out. Since we can’t use the fridge and stove at times like these, there is a high risk of facing rotting food, especially the perishable ones. This type of generator allows these essential household appliances to keep working and prevent waste. 

It Is Ideal For Recreational Uses

If you’re a fan of outdoors, portable power generators should be part of your must-carry list. This investment is a great tool to power your mini-fridge to avoid spoilage of fresh food during your camping trip. This way, you will retain your food ration for the whole week. 

As a generation who lives in a technology-obsessed world, it seems impossible to get away from the online world. It’s pretty difficult to sustain a job without having access to your work email. It’s also challenging to stay out of the loop from world and local news. With all of these in mind, a portable generator eases your mind from these worries. You can easily charge your gadgets at the same time through its many ports. 

It Is Convenient For Field Works

Portable power generators are not only a gift from heaven for emergencies and homes, but it also benefits those working in the field. Sample of this is the construction industry. Most of these businesses start working in bare land wherein most don’t have access to electricity. The most convenient solution to this problem is a portable power generator. 

They can move this to multiple sites, depending on where the constructions need to be done, and its handiness speeds up the work. They may even place this in the top floors of the buildings if needed since it’s easy to carry compared to standby generators. 

How does the EcoFlow DELTA 1300 work?

Many of you are surely wondering how this fast-charging solar generator works, so here is a walkthrough of the uses of the EcoFlow DELTA 1300

The EcoFlow DELTA 1300 converts solar energy into an energy that you can use to charge your gadgets or power your appliances. This generator harnesses power from the sun using the several solar panels that are attached on it. To charge your generator, you can just simply use the solar charge cable that has MC4 to XT60 input that comes with it. If there is no sun, you can also opt to charge it using your car by connecting it there using the 1.5m car charge cable that also comes when you buy the EcoFlow DELTA 1300. 

Aside from those, you can also use the X-Stream AC charging input port when recharging your EcoFlow DELTA 1300. This can withstand an effective current of 15A and when you plug your generator, it goes from zero to eight within an hour only! 

To turn the generator on or off, you have to press and hold the EF power button. After hitting the on button, the LED display should light up. The EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Portable Power Station has several USB-A, USB-C, AC output sockets and three-pin ports that you can use to connect your devices or your other appliances. 

With the USB-A ports, you can charge your different gadgets such as your iphone, speaker, GoPro or other gadgets that can be charged using a Type A USB. When you connect a gadget through the USB-A port, the USB-A Output Indicator will automatically light up. Aside from that, the USB-A ports also support fast-charging. Fast charging devices, when connected, can charge at a maximum speed of 28W. However, if your device does not support fast-charging, it will only be charged on a regular speed. 

On the other hand, you can also use the EcoFlow DELTA 1300 for your Type C devices such as Macbook, android devices, and many more! When you plug in your device, the USB-C Output Icon will automatically appear on the LCD display. 

The EcoFlow DELTA battery generator can also power small appliances that need 100V to 120V or international versions that need 220V to 440V. It has six AC output sockets for the 100V to 220V appliances and four AC output sockets for the 220V to 440V appliances. You can use this to charge your laptops or power TVs, mini refrigerators, vacuums, and other small appliances. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid of charging or powering multiple devices or appliances at the same time as the EcoFlow DELTA 1300 is equipped with the right technology to prevent it from overheating. First, it has ventilation fans to keep it at the right temperature. Aside from that, it also has an overload protection switch that automatically pops out on the LED display when the input current continuously exceeds 20A. If you have confirmed that the device is on a normal status, just press the overload protection switch to continue charging and powering your devices and appliances. 

Give Your Workflow a Boost with Ecoflow DELTA 1300

Imagine the endless possibilities of power in your hands. Stay productive whenever and wherever with this portable and easy-charging power generator! The Ecoflow Delta 1300 will have your back for hours, whether for your house or office use or for powering up your gadgets and appliances during camping.

This powerful machine boasts a lot of benefits, and it surely won't let you down! Still not convinced? Take the chance to know more about the potential this generator holds with the champion features we highlighted below! Beware and fasten your seatbelts, for the benefits of Ecoflow Delta Portable Battery Generator will undoubtedly rock your world!


Battery generators are more compact and lightweight compared to gasoline generators. They are more silent, too, which makes them perfect for camping or hunting.

The EcoFlow Delta generator is a portable power station that meets various electricity demands, whether outdoor usage for home, travel, camping, or backseat usage on long road trips with family.

The DELTA 1300 is more compact and portable than its competitors, which makes it easier to move. Thanks to its large rubber pads, the battery is kept safe, and the rigid plastic feels more durable than competing products.


Gasoline generators emit carbon monoxide, which causes a large number of deaths annually. But, with DELTA, you can power your home with no pollution, especially during electric outages or home recreational activities that allow you to use it indoors safely. Not just for the kitchen, you can use it in your living room around kids and pets.

You can also use natural energy by harnessing rays from the sun to charge it with solar panels! Indeed a power companion for environment enthusiasts. 


What makes DELTA 1300 a deal-breaker? No generator can recharge from 0% to 80% instantly in 1 hour and to 100% in 2 hours aside from this mammoth machine! 

You don't have to impatiently wait for it to load up when you are running late for your family trip itinerary, or you won't be caught off-guard by recurring power outages. If you use the EcoFlow Delta battery-powered generator in industrial or emergency operations, it will come in handy, especially when an extension cord or power outlet is not around.

EcoFlow equipped DELTA 1300 with their patented X-Stream Technology empowers, which allows for recharging ten times faster than most available power generators in the market. You can reuse the ecoflow delta generator a lot of times then charge it with no sweat!


Ecoflow Delta Portable Battery Generator is an all-around companion. DELTA features multiple charging outputs that provide more options: six AC outlets with 100V-120V 1800W 3300W, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, two USB-A fast charges, and one standard DC 13.6V port. 

Power 12 devices simultaneously. Power your laptop, smartphone, camera, iPads, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, refrigerator, mixer, and other appliances any time without worry, whether for house usage or in your cozy RV!


Maintaining a gasoline generator is quite expensive and time-consuming. Meanwhile, battery-powered generators like Ecoflow Delta Portable Battery Generator require no maintenance.

Calibrated for pass-thru charging, DELTA 1300 meets one of the most important features when considering any solar generator. It allows you to use a solar generator as a long-term or off-grid power solution.

Now, you can run your devices all day and night while simultaneously charging the generator during the 5-7 good sun hours each day!

What's more convenient than an intelligent power generator? Keep your mind at peace since when the EcoFlow Delta 1300 detects a power failure, it automatically kicks into gear. Its informative LED screen also displays watt input/output and remaining time. You can also expand capacity by chaining DELTA with another DELTA unit. 

Large Capacity

The EcoFlow DELTA portable generator offers a large storage battery. With its 1260Wh capacity, the EcoFlow DELTA powers standard home appliances and common heavy-duty DIY tools in your garage, as long as they are under 1800W.

DELTA 1300 is excellent for emergencies, camping, and general use where power is not available. Recharge more than just your phones and tablets, and run your refrigerator, water pumps, power tools, and medical equipment. 

For example, with the DELTA 1300, you can charge a smartphone about 85 times and a 50-inch TV for 15 more hours for several days. Its sleek and powerful 1300 watt-hour lithium battery will power everything from a full-size fridge, tv, lights, and tools to CPAP machines.

Universal Compatibility

The Delta charges in various ways, but via the AC adapter is the fastest. It can fast-charge 1200 W via main power and charge within 2 hours (80% in 1 hour). Meanwhile, solar panels can harness solar power within 4-6 hours in good weather conditions; however, the maximum input for this is 400 W.

The EcoFlow DELTA 1300 recharges from a wall outlet to 80% in an hour, so no need for fancy adaptors! It allows fast-charging without an AC power inverter (a power brick) like desktop PCs. If you are outside and you need a quick charge, don't worry! Charge the best way you can in around 10 hours by plugging into your vehicle's carport.

By passing through its power inverter directly, the Delta can increase charging speed to more than ten times the traditional AC to DC adapter cable. It's also easier to replace a lost charging cable.

EcoFlow DELTA is the One For Your Power Needs

Why buy bulky and slow-charging power generators when you can have efficiency and portability with EcoFlow Delta 1300? As proven and tested by smart moms and dads out there, it remains on top of the game by being worth the price that is not design-compromised.

Not all products in the power generator market can power all 13 devices simultaneously until the EcofFlow Delta battery-powered generator came into the picture. Power outages are no biggie with this machine. Your food stock won't spoil when you have this available on the dock! Don't miss out and get yours now!


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Jefferson Ebasan
Jefferson Ebasan

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