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Mango Power E vs. Ecoflow Delta Pro: A Comprehensive Review

What is a Solar Generator

Mango Power E vs EcoFlow DELTA Pro

A solar generator is typically a power station designed to utilize energy from solar panels. It integrates portable solar panels, a battery, a charger, and an inverter, forming a unified device to harness, store, and distribute solar energy.

They're a favored choice for camping, boating, RV adventures, and as an emergency power reserve. While traditional generators rely on fuel sources like gas, diesel, or propane and encompass components like an engine and alternator, solar generators stand out due to their absence of moving parts. They primarily consist of:

Solar generators are invaluable as mobile energy solutions, be it for travel, camping, or providing power during outages. Depending on the situation, one might prefer a generator equipped with diverse outlets, especially during emergencies when powering multiple devices is crucial.

A standard solar generator usually features 12-volt sockets, AC outlets, and USB ports, ensuring versatility in charging various devices. The advantage of multiple charging methods means users can cater to their power needs as desired. For instance, a user might directly charge their phone using a USB port while simultaneously powering string lights through an AC outlet.

While it's common to find individual components like battery storage or solar panels available separately, there are comprehensive all-in-one kits for convenience. When considering a purchase, it's advisable to opt for components or kits that align with your power generation and storage needs.

Among the many Solar Generators now, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro and Mango Power E are on of the most famous and best in the market today. In this blog, we will be diving deeper into the specifics of each model and help you decide which one fits your lifestyle and power needs.

Embark with us on this enlightening voyage, arming yourself with the insights to make not only an intelligent choice but also a conscientious one. Opting for solar doesn't just energize your world; it fuels a movement towards a greener planet.

Ready to harness the sun's energy for backup and off-grid lifestyles? A luminous future awaits, and it begins right here.

Rising with the Sun: The Surge in Demand for Portable Solar Generators

Environmental awareness and the push for sustainable energy have heightened the demand for energy self-reliance. Portable power stations, by offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional energy sources, help cut down our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. With more individuals and companies keen on lowering their ecological footprint, these stations present a viable solution. The modern trend of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and RVing means there's a growing need for dependable off-grid energy solutions. Portable power stations fit the bill perfectly, allowing users to enjoy their adventures while powering their gadgets, lights, and appliances.

Thanks to innovations in battery technology, portable power stations are witnessing a revolution. Devices now come with denser energy storage and better efficiency in more compact designs. Cutting-edge battery types, such as solid-state or lithium-sulfur, are upping the power storage game. This ensures users can count on their portable stations for longer durations without performance issues. Further, these stations are increasingly harnessing renewable energies, setting the stage for complete energy autonomy.

The future seems bright for portable solar power stations, with expected robust growth in their adoption and market presence. Industry studies predict a significant boost in the global portable solar power station market. This growth can be attributed to a combination of factors: an emphasis on energy self-reliance, the rise of outdoor adventures, and the requirement for emergency power backups. These stations empower users to generate their own power, reducing grid dependence. Modern portable power stations are becoming even smarter, equipped with advanced power management systems that can discern and cater to the power needs of connected devices. This intelligent distribution of power boosts efficiency and battery lifespan. Plus, with user-friendly interfaces, individuals can effortlessly monitor and regulate power usage, making the experience even more seamless.

Mango Power E: An Overview

Mango Power E Home Backup and Portable Power Station

Introducing the Mango Power E: the latest portable power station from the renowned Mango Power line. This cutting-edge unit not only supports an additional battery pack but boasts an impressive 3kW AC output and a base battery storage of 3.53kWh. Allowing you to power your essentials at the same time with ease.

The Mango Power E also offers flexibility to upgrade this powerhouse to a staggering 14kWh to ensure power during prolonged power outages and also allow you to power even the heaviest demand appliances.

Back-up Power, Outdoor Adventures, Off-Grid Living? The Mango Power E is set to redefine the standards of portable energy.
Stay tuned as we explore the extraordinary features of the Mango Power E.

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Power Output

The Mango Power E offers a massive power output of 3000 Watts of continuous power and 6000 Watts of surge power output. Power your essentials with ease and if that’s not enough, Mango Power E’s ecosystem allows you to connect two of these units together to get twice the Power output you get with just one unit. 

Battery Capacity

The Mango Power E offers a base 3500Wh battery capacity with the option of adding another battery to get a whopping 7000Wh battery capacity, allowing you to run your essentials twice as long. With Mango Power E’s ecosystem, you can even get up to 14kWh Capacity.

Mango Power E battery Capacity

Charging Options

With multiple options of charging ranging from AC Charging, EV Charging, and Solar Charging, the Mango Power E is truly an ideal companion for all situations may it be indoors or outdoors you are guaranteed to have a source of reliable energy.  

Weight and Portability

The Mango Power E weighs 100.1 lbs / 45.4kg with dimensions of 17.8*13.6*19.4 in / 45.2*34.5*49.4 cm and comes with a set of wheels and a retractable pull handle for easy transport. 

Ports and Outlets

The Mango Power E is equipped with 16 ports and 6 varied outlets, ensuring you can power all your essential devices simultaneously or individually. Its diverse outputs enable it to accommodate a broad spectrum of appliances and gadgets, fulfilling all your energy requirements.

240V Capable

Thanks to the mSocket Pro accessory, you can connect 2 Mango Power Es to get 240V. This also doubles your power output and battery capacity to the point where even the highest-demand appliances are powered with ease.

Mango Power 240V

EcoFlow Delta Pro: An Overview

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro sets a new benchmark as the world's inaugural portable home battery, boasting a 3600W power output and peaking at 7200W, raising the bar for portable power solutions. This standalone Delta Pro model showcases an unparalleled 3.6-25 kWh capacity, attributed to its advanced LFP battery technology. Its massive battery capacity makes it as an ideal choice for powering intensive devices, be it during unexpected power disruptions or routine usage.

The Delta Pro's ecosystem allows for the integration of additional batteries, further amplifying its inherent capacity. Additionally, it incorporates a specialized protection system, safeguarding the battery from depleting to critical charge levels. This not only ensures an extended battery lifespan but also minimizes energy wastage.

Want to learn more about the standout attributes of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro? Join us as we explore the remarkable features of the DELTA Pro.

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Power Output

With an outstanding 3600W continuous power output and a 7200W during surge power output, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro effortlessly powers a spectrum of devices – from your everyday gadgets to high demand appliances like air conditioners and power tools. And if that's not enough, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro's ecosystem can ramp this up, offering a whopping 7200W of continuous power. Stay tuned as we discuss that thrilling detail a bit later!

Battery Capacity

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro comes packed with a robust 3600Wh battery capacity. You can also triple this battery capacity by connecting up to 2 extra batteries, skyrocketing your capacity to a jaw-dropping 10,800Wh. And if you need more, the DELTA Pro's Ecosystem allows you to get up to 25kWh battery capacity. However this setup, though, would involve having two DELTA Pro units working in tandem. Check the image below for more information on how you can expand your battery capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Battery Capacity

Charging options

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro offers charging options for AC, EV, Car, and Solar Charging. This makes sure that you stay charged whenever and wherever you may be. Additionally, the DELTA Pro has a fast ac charging feature that goes from 0-80% within just an hour and a full charge within 1.8 hours to make sure that you are ready for any emergency.

Weight and portability

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro weighs 99lbs/45kg with a dimension of 25*11.2*16.4 in/63.5*28.4*42cm. The good thing about this Solar Generator is that it comes with a set of wheels and a pull handle for easier transport given its weight.

Ports and Outlets

Power your whole house or RV with ease knowing you've got enought power and all the ports you need. Power even up to 15 devices at once. 

240V Capable

The EcoSystem of DELTA Pro introduces the innovative Double Voltage Hub. With this hub, you can seamlessly link two DELTA Pros, boosting your setup to a substantial 240 volts and a continuous 7200-watt power output. And here's the icing on the cake: this setup not only doubles your power but also your battery capacity! Instead of being limited to just 2 additional batteries, you can now incorporate 4 extra batteries, allocating two for each DELTA Pro system.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro 240V

Side-by-Side Comparison


Mango Power E 

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

Power Output

3000W Continuous(6000W Surge)

3600Continuous(7200W Surge)

Battery Capacity 3500Wh 3600Wh
Max Solar Input 2000W  1600W
Battery Expansion Up to 7,000Wh for one Mango Power E. Up to 14kWh with DELTA Pro's Ecoystem Up to 10,800Wh for one DELTA Pro. Up to 25kWh with DELTA Pro's Ecoystem
240V compatible Yes, with the mSocket Pro Yes, with the Double Voltage Hub


Truly, the Mango Power E and EcoFlow DELTA Pro are great choices for either off-grid, power on the go, or backup power. To help you decide between these two powerhouses, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should choose which and why. 

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper and help you make your decision.

Why Choose the Mango Power E?

In the realm of dependable, high-capacity solar power offerings, the Mango Power E truly distinguishes itself. Crafted to revolutionize the solar sector, this unit isn't merely a standard backup; it serves as a comprehensive solution for everyday energy requirements and emergency situations. Delivering a robust 3000W of continuous power and a surge capacity of 6000W, it guarantees seamless operation of nearly any appliance. Despite having lower battery capacity, battery expandability, and power output, the Mango Power E outperforms the EcoFlow in terms of Solar Charging. With a max Solar Input of 2000W, it is a more reliable Solar Generator for Off-Grid especially for households that run more than 1600W per hour.

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Why Choose the EcoFlow DELTA Pro?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro overall outperforms the Mango Powe E in terms of Power Output, Battery Capacity, and battery expandability. Compared to the Mango Power E which is only capable of adding one battery per E power station, the DELTA Pro can have up to 2 extra batteries. Battery capacity-wise, the EcoFlow DELTA pro has 100 watt hours more per battery. In terms of power output, the DELTA Pro has 600 watts more.

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Additional notes

If warranty is one of your deciding factors, the Mango Power E offers a 10 year warranty and the EcoFlow DELTA pro offers a 5 year warranty. 

Final Thoughts on Mango Power E vs. Ecoflow Delta Pro

Both the Mango Power E and the Ecoflow Delta Pro have firmly established themselves as top contenders in the world of portable solar power solutions. Whether you're an adventurer seeking power on the go, a homeowner desiring a reliable backup, or an off-grid enthusiast, each of these units promises outstanding performance and reliability.

Ultimately, the choice between these two powerhouses isn't about which is superior but rather which aligns more closely with individual preferences and energy needs. It's a decision between power output and battery capacity versus solar efficiency. Both models are shining examples of innovation in the portable solar power sector, ensuring that whatever your choice, you're investing in a robust and reliable energy companion.

Still undecided? We’re here to help. We are one call and chat away! What are you waiting for? Let’s get you the perfect power station for you!

Joshua Abedoza
Joshua Abedoza

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