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OverEZ Chicken Coop: Full Maintenance Breakdown

by Cliff Co May 28, 2024 4 min read

Large OverEZ Chicken Coop with custom Chicken Run

Maintaining your OverEZ Chicken Coop is key to a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for your chickens all year round. Designed by Amish-trained craftsmen, these coops are not only robust and functional but also easy to maintain. Whether you’re prepping for the cold winters or the hot summer months, this guide will help you keep your coop in top shape.

In general, the smaller your chicken coop is, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Bedding gets soiled much faster, and when mixed with regular droppings, can quickly lead to messy and unhealthy chicken coops. Continue reading to learn Wild Oak Trail's Essential Maintenance Tips for Your OverEZ Chicken Coop!

Keeping Your OverEZ Chicken Coop Clean

Daily Checks

  • Air Quality and Ventilation: Ensure every single vent is cleaned to prevent ammonia and bacteria buildup. OverEZ Chicken Coops come with strategically placed vents and windows that should be checked to make sure they are functioning correctly. If you walk in and get even a slight whiff of ammonia from their waste, open more windows!

  • Feed and Water Systems: Clean feeders and water systems daily to prevent mold and pests. OverEZ coops consider ease of access in its design for both hosing down and refilling.

Weekly Maintenance

OverEZ Hemp Bedding
  • Remove Droppings and Refresh Bedding: Regularly clean out droppings and wet bedding. On one hand, bedding from pine shavings are excellent for keeping the coop smelling fresh while providing comfort for your chickens. On the other hand, hemp can absorb up to four times as much moisture while maintaining a neutral odor, but at a higher cost.

    • Common signs that your bedding needs replacing are clumping, discoloration, and odd odors. You can observe your chickens too, and if you notice they're reluctant to enter the coop, then it may be the bedding!

  • Nesting Boxes: Check and clean the nesting boxes weekly. Adding fresh straw can keep your nesting box warm and inviting for your hens and their eggs. Also, remember to keep the entire area nice and tidy; bacteria love messy chicken coops!

Monthly Maintenance

OverEZ Organic Coop Care Solution 32 oz
  • Full Coop Clean: Once a month, remove all bedding and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Spray some OverEZ Organic Coop Care or other similar solutions to clean your coops without introducing harmful chemicals.

Checking for Moisture

High moisture levels can lead to mold and health issues for your flock. Regularly check the wood and walls of your coop, particularly after rain or snowfall. Insulated walls and the gable end design of OverEZ coops help protect against moisture ingress, but it’s vital to:

  • Look for Condensation: Especially during cold weather, check for signs of condensation inside the coop.

  • Maintain Good Bedding: Absorbent materials like pine shavings or sand can help manage moisture levels on the floor of the coop.

Winterizing Your Coop

Insulation and Warmth

  • Check Insulation: OverEZ coops are designed with insulation to withstand freezing temperatures. Ensure that any added insulation remains dry and intact.

  • Warmth Sources: If insulation isn't enough, additional heat sources may be installed—though the coop’s own design often provides sufficient warmth. Always ensure any heat sources are safe and well managed to avoid fire hazards.

Protecting from the Elements

  • Rain:OverEZ Chicken Coops are naturally resistant to rain thanks to slanted roof, high quality wood, and elevation. If your coop is set on soil or dirt, check the ground after rain for any signs of sinking.

  • Snow and Wind: Make sure the roof and walls are secure against strong winds and harsh snowfall. The steep roof design helps in shedding snow efficiently. For those winter days, though, when it seems impossible to keep your chickens warm, consider installing an OverEZ Electrical Heat Package.

  • Drafts: Check for any drafts that could make the interior uncomfortably cold for your chickens.

Summer Maintenance

Cooling and Ventilation

  • Heat Management: OverEZ chicken coops come with ample windows and ventilation systems. During hot months, ensure these are open and unobstructed to allow air flow and prevent overheating.

  • Shade and Water: Provide plenty of fresh water and shade to help your chickens stay cool.

Preventing Pests

  • Cleaning: Regular tidying and maintenance help prevent infestations of mites, flies, and other pests, especially at night.

  • Check for Openings: Inspect your coop for tiny openings where pests might enter. OverEZ coops are designed to be secure, but regular checks are essential to maintain this.

Long-term Upkeep

  • Check the Foundation and Roof: Regularly inspect the coop’s foundation and roof for any signs of wear or damage. Make necessary repairs to protect against weather and predators.

  • Paint and Sealing: To maintain the wood and keep the coop looking new, apply a fresh coat of paint or wood sealant as needed. This also adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

OverEZ Chicken Coop Prices and More Info

Coop Accessories

Everything we've talked about can be made so much easier with some accessories. These are a godsend and will bring a day's worth of work down to just a few hours!

  • Wheels:The smallest OverEZ Chicken Coop weighs 225 pounds—much heavier than even the strongest of us can carry. OverEZ Chicken Coop Wheels will help you wheel it around your yard, allowing easy protection from the elements. Is it raining too hard? Tornado warning? Move your chicken coop somewhere safe!

  • Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Automatic doors can significantly reduce your daily chores by safely securing your chickens at night and allowing them to roam freely during the day. An OverEZ Automatic Chicken Coop Door also helps in maintaining the internal temperature of the coop by closing off the external environment during colder nights or warm days.

  • Chicken Feeder and Waterer: OverEZ Classic Chicken Feeders and Waterers are designed to minimize waste. They hold a significant amount of feed and are just as durable as the coop itself, reducing how much you need to clean and refill.

By following these tips and giving your OverEZ Chicken Coop the care it deserves, you ensure that your chickens have a safe, comfortable, and healthy home. Not only will your chickens love their well-maintained space, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of happy, productive birds that will lay eggs for years to come. Happy farming!

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