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It took two years of great research and development before Humless proudly unveiled its product, Humless Universal. The original goal was to create a smart ESS (Energy Storage System) that can handle everything. In the current energy storage industry, one of the biggest frustrations found was having systems that work well for one application but don't work at all for another. 

That is why Humless created an intelligent system that can manage everything that you can find on the market. May it be retrofitting to existing solar arrays to storing power for large off-grid commercial businesses. No matter how complex your power needs are, the Humless Universal will definitely work for you. 

With the mission to create the most reliable power storage systems using the power of new and old technology, Humless was able to build systems that store more power and last longer than ever before. Their state of the art lithium technology stores three times more than a traditional battery while able to cycle up to five times more.