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Icon Grills

Icon Grills are constantly striving to go above and beyond the expectations of any grill on the market. With that in mind, they raised the bar in the industry by having their engineers expertly craft their grills to accommodate the function and aesthetic of a classic kamado-style grill. At the same time, Icon Grills are still updating the look to incorporate an elegant, unique finish. Imagine having all of those plus an optimized, operational design and you’ve got yourself a product that's easy on the eyes while on the cutting edge of grilling technology. Whether it’s the incredible flavor of charcoal or the convenience of propane gas, Icon Grills got you covered.


These Kamado-style grills that Icon offers are far beyond the expectations of any other grill. Icon Grills guarantee a premium, outstanding grilling experience every time you use their product. Each grill is handcrafted and intimately designed to function to the best of its ability. The innovation and versatility set Icon Grills apart from other companies. Why settle for something good when you could have something truly great? Because Icon grills are more than just good — they’re unrivaled.