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Titan Solar Generator Review

Picture of the Titan Solar generator with two batteries beside a Solar Panel outdoor.

With all the dangers of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, we need to be prepared for drastic situations. Some other reasons why I believe solar generators are so important is because of blackouts that could occur. Anyone who has experienced a blackout knows how much of an inconvenience it can be. Being able to survive without power entirely during an emergency is possible with a solar generator, therefore making those who own one more likely to survive without damage or injury.

However, with so many different brands, models, and sizes available, finding the perfect one that's within your budget and needs can be a challenge. To help you in your endeavor, I have spent countless hours to find an efficient, reliable, and most importantly, an affordable solar generator that I feel is nothing short of a miracle worker. Throughout my tests,Titan solar generator always outperformed all its competitors and more than adequately met my expectations.

What is the Titan Solar Generator?

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with one battery on a table outdoor.

Be it for emergency preparedness, outdoor adventures, camping trips, backpacking, or the show-down with mother nature; the Titan solar generator is an innovative, high capacity, portable system that exemplifies efficient solar energy production. Boasting 24V battery compatibility that can be charged to 100% in under 4 hours, this portable generator is sure to be your new best friend for all your power needs. It can also charge from AC outlets, DC outlets, and even universal inputs simultaneously, greatly reducing charging times and increasing versatility.

Further graciously endowed with top-notch electronics and an incredible 3000 Watts capacity, the generator is a prime choice for concerned homeowners, contractors, light-industry owners, business users, and more. Understanding the importance of time and performance, the gen-set has been graced with an intelligent multi-stage charging system that replenishes the batteries up to 400 Amps. But what truly makes this solar generator a favorite is its stackable lithium-ion cell architecture.

Unlike most traditional generators, which come with fixed, solid lithium-ion cells that can only be replaced individually, its stackable lithium-ion rechargeable power source system permits seamless and rapid battery replacement, ultimately shortening time and costs. With superior performance, extreme versatility, and a host of amazing features, the Titan solar generator is a must-have for those seeking an economical and high-quality solar generator. However, its list of awesomeness doesn't end there. Enlisted are some of the most crucial features that make Titan the best solar generator, in my opinion.

8 Important Features of Titan Solar Generator:

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with one battery.

Despite the unquestionable benefits of solar generators, criticisms around them have never fully subsided. Focusing on the necessity for affordability, capability, and portability, there still has not been a single solar generator available that completely satisfies the market's needs. In simpler terms, the larger, costlier solar generators on the market just aren't powerful enough to be truly independent. Well, except for the Titan solar generator by Point Zero Energy, anyway. To bring you more depth into the efficiency and power of the Titan solar generator, listed are my top 5 favorite features of this innovative solar generator.

1. Battery Capacity:

Don't let the small size and light weight fool you; the Titan's lithium-ion battery boasts a whopping 2,000 watt-hours, meaning it's packed full of power. That 2,000-watt battery is a notable upgrade over the previous model's 1,800 watts. But despite this increase in power, Point Zero has somehow managed to make the new Titan solar generator weigh less than the original build. Not only that, but the impressive battery in the new Titan is rated for higher than 2,000 watt-hours if you need to use it in that capacity.

Furthermore, unlike most manufacturers, Point Zero is not advertising the nominal rating for the Titan's lithium-ion battery. Instead, the company is advertising the actual number of watt-hours that the battery can be used for independently. Other companies will provide you with the nominal capability of the battery. However, if you add that into their advertised use cycle, you actually get less real-world use. Point Zero's approach seems to focus more on the number of watts that can be used during a specific time period rather than toughing up how long the battery can last while maintaining a certain wattage level. This one honest approach makes it easier to compare one battery against another in a way that provides valuable feedback about actual output.

To further impress you, the Titan lithium-ion battery has a 97% usable capacity, which means that you practically have 2,000 watt-hours available at all times, rather than 90%, which is the case with much of the solar generators on the market. In some cases, this can actually translate to quite a significant increase. So, consider its full available capacity when in need of a top-quality solar generator for your needs.

As a concerned user, you should know that lithium-ion batteries may suffer from strain during overcharging. Point Zero actively monitors the behavior of the battery as it charges and adapts to it, increasing the charging speed during the later stages of the recharge process. This feature, in particular, is very important when the panels you use have dropped in power output or are not optimally aligned. This not only helps preserve the life of your battery but also reduces the amount of time it takes to charge it to full capacity.

Not only is the Titan lithium-ion battery more effective than most on the market, but it's also easy to replace. Much more efficient than the older generations of lead-acid batteries that are typically found in most other types of solar generators, its lithium-ion battery packs are designed to be equipped with a high-energy density that increases its ability to hold a substantial amount of power without putting much strain on the entire system. All of this equates to more power for your needs. Most users don't know that fast charging is often the cause of damaged Li-ion cells. Why? Well, because Li-ion battery voltage is susceptible to the voltage of the charger.

An in-line injection of high voltage current during the charging process creates uneven voltage spikes that are very pervasive with fast-charging equipment. This uneven voltage can actually cause a reaction of the inner negative electrodes of the cell, which can ultimately cause cell failure as well as irreparable damage to the battery as a whole. To prevent any such possibility, Point Zero has calibrated its lithium-ion battery charging system and capped the charge rate to 1,000-watt. Meaning to charge 2,000-watt-hours of energy will take about 2 hours.

Overall, in terms of battery capacity and performance, there is hardly any other solar generator in the market that competes with the Titan by Point Zero.

2. Weight & Portability:

Weighing no more than 65 pounds, the Titan by Point Zero is a solar generator that certainly is not light. Truly, the Titan is a device that is heavy and difficult to transport. The compact build of the new tool from Point Zero is meant to accommodate the needs of bigger operations. That being said, the brand's representatives surprised me in a pleasant sort of way once I had the chance to experience the new Titan solar generator firsthand. The unit is not only physically a lot smaller than I had thought it was, but also is two pieces. Equipped with four clasps, the Titan can be separated into two separate units, thus making it easier to transport and to set up.

The top section has the plug-in option, so users can use it to power lights and appliances with the inverter or grid adapter. It comes with 2 MPPT charge controllers, holds the brains of the operation, along with a built-in, gigantic 3,000-watt inverter. Moreover, the top portion of the Titan solar generator separates from the bottom easily. Each piece weighs only 33 pounds, and each piece weighs no more than Point Zero's Apex for its incredible power.

The bottom portion of the Titan solar generator makes for one of the best products on the market if you are someone who is looking for the ultimate piece of equipment to power up their RV or camping truck. Focusing on using a generator that would be as close to silent as possible, Point Zero's offering has 3,000 watts continuous output.

Overall, the built-in inverter is a beast of a piece of machinery. Vastly more powerful than any option on the market, this unit is capable of producing an incredible 3,000 watts of AC power with a 6,000-watt surge. With a 97% duty cycle, it is capable of powering all your lights and appliances without any problem.

3. Multiple Inputs and Outputs:

If you keep your options open, though, there is another unique feature that is available on the Titan solar generator. Those same USB ports can also be used to power various devices from home. This is thanks in very large part to the brand-new small-factor USB Type-C charge ports, which are often not included by other manufacturers. The standard outlets are also a welcome feature, as you can plug just about anything into them thanks to the Titan's 3,000-watt capacity; that includes basic appliances without the need for a converter and more unusual types of electronics, too. All in all, the availability of so many universal inputs and outputs is going to be a major advantage.

There are four 12V DC outputs with 20 Amp capacity, which are adaptable for smaller household appliances. Its six USB ports are capable of supplying 5 Watts per charging port, again, ideal for smaller electronics. Then you have two type-c ports that can sustain 2.4 Amps, which is the maximum charging capacity that most electronics need. In any case, I find it quite convenient that you can charge a wide variety of items, whether large or small, without needing an additional converter.

4. Dual MPPT Charge Controller:

MPPT or maximum power point tracking is designed to extend and maximize the use of solar panels in order to produce the most wattage. As a charging device, MPPT controllers help monitors and protect solar panels and the batteries they charge by removing the unstable power peaks or voltage spikes that can over-stress or damage the battery. So, in simpler terms, MPPT chargers increase the amount of wattage that is produced by solar energy, get a higher percentage of charge from the panels, and at the same time, reduces the stress and strain on the solar cells and batteries alike.

So, when you invest in a solar generator that boasts two superior MPPT charge controllers, you can rest assured the solar panels will be able to charge your appliances more efficiently without any wasted energy or damage to the batteries. Not to mention, the batteries will last longer than those without this feature. On top of that, it also reduces the amount of time spent charging the battery because the controller can take up excess energy that is produced by the solar panels.

5. Informative LCD Screen:

Hassle-free utilization of solar generators signifies a bright future brought about by top-notch technology. It's vitally important for solar generators to provide their users with detailed data on the functioning of solar panels and generators, leaving any questions far from ever surfacing. After all, solar generators can be exceedingly complex, which makes prompting feedback even more of a necessity. To fulfill such a need, Titan comes with an informative LCD display that shows the actual production data over a period of time.

Not only will you be able to see the current reading for voltage, amps, and watts, you'll also be privy to information relating to the battery's specific voltages, temperatures, and charge levels. Such a well-documented readout will likely be able to keep even more inexperienced users informed on what is the current situation. A great addition to the Titan solar generator is that all the information received on these displays can be downloaded via USB or SD card, allowing you to take them anywhere you want.

6. RV Charging:

Unlike some previous solar generators manufactured by Point Zero, the new Titan solar generator is meant to power up both RV and automotive batteries. Other products on the market have been left out due to not being able to accommodate the plug-ins that high-capacity vehicles require for recharging.

The 30-amp RV plug empowers you with the complete ability to power up your RV or similar vehicle fully. Boasting unrivaled 3,000 watts AC power and a 97% real-world duty cycle, the Titan solar generator is just as suited for powering up your RV and automotive batteries as it is for conquering most outdoor living situations. With incredible output and a host of innovative features, this is a massive solar generator that is capable of powering up your on-the-go lifestyle.

7. Inverter Size:

Designed as a reliable and fully-featured do-it-all generator, the Titan solar generator features a Pure Sine Wave inverter with a modified electronic voltage regulation system (EVR) for stable electricity. Covering a range of 300 to 6000 watts, the inverter lets you connect a variety of circuits and appliances and operate them effectively since the voltage of the systems is modified according to various appliances. It achieves this stability by monitoring the various circuits to prevent dangerous electrical fluctuations thanks to its EVR.

8. Customer Service & Warranty:

As a customer-centric company, Point Zero has made it a point to provide unmatched customer support to all its customers from the time they place an order until years after the purchase to ensure that each buyer has a satisfactory experience. This further includes Point Zero's exceptional customer service team, who respond quickly and politely to all customer's concerns within 24-48 hours only. Moreover, when it comes to the Titan solar generator's warranty, Point Zero is a reputable company that will make it its mission to fulfill the desires and expectations of its customers. All products are guaranteed for two years after purchase to be free of manufacturer defects, which means that the warranty cannot be nullified for any reason.


  • Superior build quality,
  • Boasts 2 MPPT charge controller,
  • Excellent output of 3,000 watts AC power,
  • Comes with an informational LCD screen,
  • Provides RV charging,
  • Proved up to 6,000 watts surge power,
  • Is compatible with a stackable lithium-ion rechargeable battery system,
  • Comes with an intelligent multi-stage charging system,
  • Provides a pure sine wave inverter,
  • Satisfies all its customers with an excellent 2-year warranty.
  • Cons:

    1. Weights ~65lb, which makes it a little heavier than usual.

    When to Use the Titan Solar Generator?

    Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with 10 100 watt flexible solar panels (1,000 watts), with the wires and connectors on the right

    Solar power generators like Titan solar generator can prove their true worth in a number of circumstances. See below for a comprehensive list of situations where the Titan or other solar generators could be a perfect choice.


    Natural and man-made disasters can happen at any time and any place. A solar generator can be a crucial addition to your preps when faced with evacuations or situations without access to power.


    An endless series of power outages could turn your life into a hopeless cycle of frustration. That's why the Titan solar generator, with its ability to power with the sun and work off of stored energy, is one lifesaver you don't want to go without.

    Office and Warehouse:

    As they have multiple outlets, a solar generator can be a powerful tool for operating equipment or powering electronics in remote locations. For business or personal use, these generators are a convenient way to spread your loadout over several outlets.

    Natural Disaster Prep:

    The Titan solar generator is a wonderful addition to your kit, especially if you live in an area affected by storms or hurricanes. However, it could also be a wise choice for individuals looking to be prepared for things like forest fires and other natural phenomena, or even to avoid power outages during natural disasters.


    Whether you are roughing it in the wilderness or carving out a simple, off-the-grid camp, a solar generator has the impact and power to keep your gear running. Think of the Titan solar generator as a dynamo that will keep your food and essentials protected. In addition to its usefulness in the outdoors, it can be a welcome choice for tailgating.


    Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with three batteries.

    Considering all the factors, getting a solar generator can be a very smart investment. Such a system will help you make your way through most extreme living situations, rather than leaving you stranded. Even though solar generators have recently gained immense popularity, they're still only being adopted by a specific community of users. Solar generators can be pretty pricey, but if you're in the market for an excellent quality that will last long without any complications, the Titan solar generator is a great choice. Despite some minor flaws, mainly weight and portability, this product is able to stand up to the heaviest of tasks. So if you're looking for a dependable and affordable solar generator, then Titan is without a doubt a great option for all your power needs.