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Titan Solar Generator Review: The Perfect Power Partner

Picture of the Titan Solar generator with two batteries beside a Solar Panel outdoor.

Prepare for natural calamities and avoid the inconvenience of blackouts with solar generators. Stop relying on power banks for your electronic devices and trying to navigate through your house in complete darkness. By doing so, you won’t be endangering yourself and your family to potential accidents and injuries.

The saturated generator market offers different brands that manufacture all shapes and sizes, and looking for the best match for your needs may be a pain and a challenge. But don't worry, the search for your efficient yet budget-friendly yet large solar generator is now easier, thanks to the Titan Solar Generator.

Consistently delivering astonishing results, the Titan will undoubtedly give its competitors a run for their money. Ready to know more about this powerful and eco-friendly machine? Buckle up your seatbelts and read on!

Why Choose the Titan Solar Generator?

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with one battery on a table outdoor.

Never be alone in the dark again with Titan Solar Generator. Whether for emergencies, outdoor camping trips with your family, backpacking through the mountains, you will only get the best from this product.

The Titan combines innovation and quality by guaranteeing efficient solar energy production through its portable system. Equipped with a top-grade 24V battery that charges only for 4 hours using a handful of compatible outlets such as AC, DC, and Universal input, this is your energy companion that you can take any time, everywhere.

But, it doesn't stop there! This generator is for everyone. With its 3000 Watts capacity, this is the ideal choice for homeowners, contractors, light-industry owners, business users, and more. No more worries about leaving it alone while charging, for its intelligent multi-stage charging system that replenishes the batteries up to 400 Amps.

Of course, this one is the deal-breaker above all the reasons you should choose the Titan. It has a stackable lithium-ion cell structure that allows rapid battery replacement, unlike the old traditional ones that require individual replacement. Say goodbye to unnecessary costs that will only put a hole in your pocket. With this gen-set, you can have the utmost protection without breaking the bank.

Curious to know more about Titan Solar Generator's greatness? The following is a quick run-through of more champion and crucial aspects that will make you love this superior gen-set even more:


8 Winning Features of the Titan Solar Generator:

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with one battery.

Most of the available generators on the market have not fully satisfied the market's needs. Well, that was before the Titan Generator by Point Zero Energy came into the picture. A game-changer, customers indeed approve of its quality. Here's why:

1. Battery Capacity:

The Titan's lithium-ion battery boasts a whopping 2,000 watt-hours, despite its compact and lightweight size. Point Zero made this new model weigh less than the original build and increase its capacity. With a 97% usable capacity, 2,000 watt-hours are available every time, unlike its competitors, who can only offer until 90%. A significant increase in wattage equals your best choice for your top-quality solar generator.

You might worry that with its Li-ion battery, cell failure and irreparable damage may be possible. But, no need to fret or sweat! Point Zero has calibrated the Titan's charging system and capped the charge rate to 1,000-watt, which means to charge 2,000 watt-hours of energy, it will take about 2 hours. Other solar generators can hardly beat this intelligent charging system that can handle its battery capacity and performance on its own.

2. Weight & Portability:

No heavier than 65 pounds, the Titan by Point Zero is not light, for it is for more extensive operations. You can separate its compact build into two separate units that weigh only 33 pounds each, which allows for more accessible transport and set up, thanks to its four clasps.

With 2 MPPT charge controllers and a built-in, gigantic 3,000-watt inverter, the Titan is a powerful beast that can produce an incredible 3,000 watts continuous AC power output with a 6,000-watt surge. Power your lights and appliances in your RV or camping with no problem with its 97% duty cycle.

3. Multiple Inputs and Outputs:

Another unique feature of the Titan is you can also use its six 5 watts USB ports and its four 12V DC outputs with 20 Amp capacity on your various power devices. It also comes with 2.4 Amps USB Type-C charge ports, which only a few manufacturers offer, such as Point Zero. There is no need for a converter usually needed by unusual electronics, as you can plug them in its 3,000-watt capacity supported by standard outlets!

4. Dual MPPT Charge Controller:

What maximum power point tracking or MPPT is designed to do is that it helps your solar generator in producing the most wattage by extending and maximizing the use of solar panels. MPPT controllers act as a charging device and remove the voltage spikes or unstable power peaks that could potentially cause too much stress or damage the battery.

By doing this, they also help in monitoring and protecting the solar panels and batteries that they charge. To put it in terms easier to understand, MPPT chargers help you see an increase in the number of watts solar energy produces and gain a bigger percentage of charge from the solar panels, all while lessening the stress, strain, and damage on both the solar cells and batteries.

By investing in a solar generator that has two superior MPPT charge controllers, you can know for sure that the solar panels are more than capable of charging your electronics more efficiently, without wasting any energy or causing any damage to the batteries. Compared to the ones without this feature, these batteries are longer lasting. What’s more, since the controller is able to take up the excess energy that the solar panels produce, the amount of time you have to spend on charging the battery will also be reduced.

5. Informative LCD Screen:

Solar generators must be able to provide detailed data on how the solar panels and generators are functioning to their users and answer all the questions that they might have. Prompt feedback is also necessary, especially since solar generators can be quite complicated. Because of this need, Titan has an informative LCD display where you can see actual production data over a certain period of time.

The screen shows you not only the current reading for voltage, amps, and watts, but also information related to the specific voltages, temperatures, and charge levels of the battery. In fact, even users with little to no experience can keep themselves informed on the current situation due to its well-documented readout. Not to mention, you can download all the available information on these displays through a USB or SD card. Now, wherever you want to go, you can take them with you!

6. RV Charging:

What makes it stand out from the other solar generators previously manufactured by Point Zero is that the new Titan Generator is designed to charge RV and automotive batteries alike. Other products on the market have not been included because the required plug-ins to recharge high-capacity vehicles could not be accommodated.

Equipped with a 30-amp RV plug, it allows you to completely power up your RV or another similar vehicle to the fullest. And thanks to its unrivaled 3,000 watts of AC power and a 97% real-world duty cycle, this solar generator is perfect for charging your RV and automotive batteries and living out most outdoor situations. With such an incredible output and so many innovative features, this massive solar generator is definitely most suitable for powering up any kind of lifestyle you may have.

7. Inverter Size:

The Titan is designed to be a reliable and fully-featured generator that can do it all. It features a Pure Sine Wave inverter that has a modified electronic voltage regulator system (EVR) so that you can be assured of stable electricity. Because the voltage of the systems is modified according to various appliances, the inverter also lets you connect and effectively operate a wide range of circuits and appliances that are from 300 to 6000 watts. This stability is achieved thanks to the EVR, since the various circuits are monitored so that dangerous electrical fluctuations can be prevented.

8. Customer Service & Warranty:

Point Zero makes sure that unparalleled support is provided to all of its customers, from the moment they place an order and even until years after the purchase. With an excellent customer service team who respond quickly and politely to all of its customers’ concerns and queries within just 24-48 hours, each buyer is sure to have a pleasant experience. To add to that, all products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for up to two years after purchase. This means that the Titan’s warranty cannot be nullified for any reason whatsoever!


Titan Solar Generator Pros and Cons

Titan Solar Generator Pros

Multiple Batteries in a Modular Design

What's the point of having just one battery when you can have a full-stack?

Yes, you may stack as many batteries as you want on top of each other on the Titan, increasing the total power capacity each time.

Each battery, on the other hand, weighs a massive 35 pounds. This device weighs almost 100lbs when the Titan and two batteries are combined.



The Titan boasts excellent solar charging capabilities, so if you have many solar panels on hand, you might want to consider purchasing one. Using solar power to charge this product is only one of many methods to decrease your carbon footprint and help the environment.

The Titan, according to the producers, may last up to ten years with 2,000 lifespan cycles, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to put your solar panels to good use.


Ventilation Cooling System

It's no surprise that a solar generator with this much continuous power output capacity requires a lot of cooling and ventilation. The Titan is equipped with unique fans that pull air in and push air out, keeping the goods cool.

Of course, there is the issue of noise. But its all just because of the power it generates, and the noise is not that big of a deal especially in case of emergencies.


Titan Solar Generator Cons

Titan is one of the best solar generator available in the market today, but there are things that poses minor drawbacks like any other product out there. Here are some of the Titan Solar Generator's disadvantages.


It's Expensive

The Titan is one of the most costly solar generators on the market, with a price tag of about USD 3,000.

If you're a serious prepper and is knowledgeable about the specifications of generators, then you'd know why this product have such a high price point.

But then again, with this much features on a solar generator, you would question yourself if you would even use all of the things that Titan offers. As for me, its always better to have the advanced features than buy an outdated one.

It's Huge and Quite Heavy

The Titan alone weighs 31 pounds, but when a single battery is added, it weighs 66 pounds.

The fact that you can stack numerous batteries on top of each other to increase the power capacity exponentially is now its entire selling point. Even though the unit is 70lbs, that is when it is totally assembled, each part is 35lbs and modular which makes it easier to transport.

But to be clear, 241 pounds is roughly 50 pounds more than my body weight. If you want to move that anyplace, you'll need a trolley, have a large group of people to assist you, or disassemble the entire generator.

If you have to take it downstairs to get to your kitchen, then you'll just have to do what you have to do.


It's Quite Loud

Titan is also one of the solar powered generator that produces a lot of noise thanks to its loud fans and continually circulating air ventilation system.

If you're using this as a backup power source, noise may not be an issue, but some people may find it bothersome, especially if you have sleeping kids. We need as few annoying noises as possible when we're coping with the aftermath of a blackout and we're stressed. However, when comparing it to the traditional gas-powered generator, Titan is almost as quiet as a mouse.


Ridiculously Advanced Features

6 AC power output slots, 6 USB ports, and 4 DC outputs in the event of a power outage? Some people may find it a little exessive, but not me!

Rather than attempting to operate a few things in my house, this generator can even go as far as producing energy for Coachella! (a joke of course)

Some folks may find this product an overkill but this is where we are leading in to anyway. Having many inputs and outputs on a solar generator is extremely useful since you will never know what can happen and it may save you in the future.


Consider These Points Before Purchasing A Portable Solar Generator

Solar generators are fantastic, but they aren't suitable for everyone. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a solar generator, regardless of the brand you choose.



Are you seeking a portable solar power station that can be used for camping and outdoor trips, or are you looking for something that will merely act as backup power for your home?

Solar generators designed to provide real backup power for your home are far too heavy to transport on travels readily. If you want to do both, you may require separate backup power and portable solar generating stations.


Battery Capacity

How much power do you require? Solar generators of enormous capacities are necessary if you want to keep your home's fridge, TV, and other large equipment operating for more than 24 hours without grid electricity.

On the other hand, if you only need to power your smartphones and torches in an emergency, you can save money by looking for much smaller portable solar generators.


The Number of Outlets

It's excellent that specific solar generators have so many inputs and outputs. Think about it this way, generators having a lot of outlets is the future! Having tons of spare outlets can save a life, and I'm not exaggerating as we will never know what may happen in the future.



While it is prudent to be prepared for power outages, you must consider the cost of your investment.

Suppose your primary motivation for purchasing a backup solar generator is to power your refrigerator in the case of a blackout. In that case, you should calculate how much it would cost to replace the food in your fridge vs. the cost of purchasing the solar generator in the first place.

The $3000 price tag, instantly covers itself after just two power outages and it being able to save a freezer with over $1500 of frozen food in it.


How To Use Titan Solar Generator?

Titan Solar Generator

To begin, when looking at the front of the Titan, you'll note that there's a top unit called the power module (which houses the inverter) and at least one black portion with a handle. And you can easily add as many batteries as you want and can afford this arrangement.


Power Switch: As you can see in the image on the left, there is a three-position power on the switch. Off, AC & DC ports on, and DC ports just on are the three options. When the switch is turned off, the power module disconnects entirely from the batteries. As a result, you may be sure that the AC and DC ports are not operational.


DC Ports: The DC ports are the four spherical ports that resemble cigarette lighters. This bank of DC ports can handle up to 20 amps when all four of these are used together. If you go beyond that and accidentally overload the ports, a reset button above the four DC ports resets all of the DC and AC ports. In comparison to other solar generators now on the market, 20 amps are pretty impressive.


When you purchase a Titan Solar Generator, you will receive four adapters, one for each of the four DC connections. These adapters provide USB-A and USB-C connectors for charging cell phones, tablets, and other devices that support those interfaces. With the adaptor removed, you can also plug items designed to be plugged into a cigarette lighter into a DC port.


AC Ports: On the front of the Titan Solar Generator, just below the four DC ports, there are two stacks of three 120 volt AC outlets. You can draw up to 15 amps from each bank of three AC outlets for a total of 30 amps. A reset button is located just above each bank of AC outlets in case you mistakenly exceed the 15 amp limit for that bank. You can use multiple-outlet extension cords to plug as many gadgets as you like into each of the AC banks, as long as you don't go over the 15-amp limit. In comparison to the competition, a total of 30 amps of AC electricity from a solar generator is quite impressive.


The Titan has a large socket on the far right that you may use to power your RV. It also has a maximum current draw of 30 amps, which I believe is the best on the market right now.


Titan Display Screen

The Titan Solar Generator's display panel is straightforward to use and understand. The image of a battery in the top left-hand corner shows how fully charged the batteries are and lists the remaining amp-hours (Ah). Depending on whether your Titan Solar Generator is bringing in more power than using, the two arrows next to the amp hours point up or down. Hopefully, that was clear.


The percentage of battery life left is indicated by the "94 percent" number in the top right corner. Below is a figure showing the number of hours left at your current watt usage or the time until the batteries are fully charged (if you are bringing in more energy than you are using).


Finally, the net volts, amps, and watts used and brought in are displayed along the bottom. For example, if your solar panels are generating 2,000 watts and you are currently utilizing 1,500 watts with the items you have hooked into the unit, the watt figure will show 500 watts charging. If this is still unclear, go back and watch the video I posted above because I also explain this in that video.


How to Connect the Titan Solar Panels

Connecting the solar panels is a breeze. Each panel contains two wires, one with a female end and the other with a male end, that come out of the rear. Connect the female end of one panel to the male end of the adjacent panel. And you do it to every one of them in turn. After that, you'll have one with a male end on either side of your sequence of panels and one with a female end.


These then link to a longer, similar line that leads to an adaptor that plugs into the Titan Solar Generator. Now all you have to do is switch on the Titan and angle your panels at the sun to start charging! It's pretty straightforward.


Solar Panel Stand

To make use of the panels, If your home has a south-facing wall, lean the panels against the wall so they face south. (Do not set them flat on a lawn since they will overheat and damage the grass.) However, mounting them on a stand at a 45-degree angle allows you to shift the direction they're pointed at during the day to follow the sun.


The Best Titan Solar Energy Kits

1. Titan Solar Generator

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator outdoor placed in a wooden base. - Point Zero Energy Generators

Ultimate family trip companion!

Don’t be afraid to purchase a generator that came from a newer generation. It will definitely make your family trips more comfortable since you don't need to worry about running out of electricity anymore. You can have your gadgets charged in the RV until the end of your vacation, even if it will take many days. Thanks to the Titan's several USB ports, you also won’t have to worry with the different users. All of you can charge at the same time.

2. Titan 500 Kit - Point Zero Energy

Picture of the Titan 500 Kit with a 50′ of solar extension cable set, branch connectors, 15′ extension cable, and an mc4 to Anderson adapter - Point Zero Energy Generators

A must-have from heaven!

Definitely one of the 2021 purchases from Point Zero Energy that no one will never regret! This is the perfect kit for camping and outdoor explorations since it comes with everything you need.

For one, it runs with five 100 watt solar panels alongside a reliable lithium battery packs. This feature is capable of running your computer, TV, lights, and even our refrigerator. What’s good about this as well is that you only need a short amount of time to reach full-battery. The average time to do is at four hours but this might stretch for a bit longer due to the weather and location.

3. Titan 1500 Kit by Point Zero Energy

Picture of the 1500 kit panels and the Titan Solar Generator with one 2000 watt-hour Battery. - Point Zero Energy Generators

Well, it's called Titan for a reason!

If you’re looking for an efficient and high-quality portable solar generator, the Titan 1500 Kit is for you! It boasts its 3000 watts continuous with 6000-watt surge inverter. This feature is preferred by many since its capacity is twice compared that of other units. Due to its no load power draw, it also has a high efficiency of 92 percent!

Lastly, its expandable lithium ion battery is also removable. There is higher flexibility and portability when powering your generator, and replacing batteries is much easier.

When to Use the Titan Solar Generator?

Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with 10 100 watt flexible solar panels (1,000 watts), with the wires and connectors on the right

Solar power generators such as the Titan solar generator can be useful in a lot of different situations. You can continue reading below for a comprehensive list of circumstances where they could definitely come in handy.


You have to be ready for disasters, may it be natural or man-made, to strike at any time. When you are suddenly cut off from power, you will need a solar generator, so make sure to include it in your emergency kit. You can invest in Emergency Food Kits and Survival Food Storage Supplies so you won’t have to worry about food getting spoiled in case of emergencies.


With our lifestyles these days, long power outages will be a nightmare. Thankfully, if you have the Titan solar generator, it can charge with the sun and work off of its stored energy, saving you from a bout of frustration.

Office and Warehouse:

Solar generators have several outlets, making it the perfect tool for powering up appliances or operating any needed equipment in remote locations. Whether it be for personal or business use, these generators can conveniently spread your loadout across multiple outlets.

Natural Disaster Prep:

If your area is always affected by storms, hurricanes, or typhoons, the Titan solar generator will be a lifesaver. And not just that, it can also prepare you for other natural disasters such as forest fires or other phenomena that can cause a power outage.


Love going out in the wilderness or taking a trip to somewhere off the map? If so, make the solar generator and our off-grid camping package a crucial addition to your camping essentials, as its impact and power will help keep all of your equipment working. Aside from being practical for the great outdoors, you can also use it for tailgating.


Picture of the Titan Solar Generator with three batteries.

With all of its various uses and neat benefits, investing in a solar generator is definitely a great idea. During these uncertain times, owning such a system will be a massive help in going through extreme living situations, and you can avoid getting stranded. Despite having a recent rise in popularity, however, only a specific community of people are adopting to buy solar generators. This may be since you have to shell out quite a bit of money to buy them.

Nonetheless, if you don’t mind minor issues on weight and portability, solar generators such as the Titan solar generator are guaranteed to be of top quality that will last you a long time without any problems. For a dependable and affordable solar generator that can get you through the most burdensome tasks, the Titan is the perfect choice to suit all of your power needs.