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10kWh Power Kits by EcoFlow

 The EcoFlow 10kWh Power Kit is on Pre-Sale!

 EcoFlow 10kWh Power Kits ship Mid-August.


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10kWh Power Kits by EcoFlow

Introducing the all-new EcoFlow 10kWh Power Kits! This modular power kit lets you charge, store, and use energy anytime and anywhere. A plug-and-play system that will do wonders for your power needs whether it be in your RV or living Off-grid. Featuring stackable batteries because we know that space is valuable. Control your system with the console or with your mobile phone. 


 Ways to set up your 10kWh Power Kit

RV Setup
EcoFlow Power Kit RV

Off-Grid SetupEcoFlow Power Kit Off-Grid

EcoFlow 10kWh Power Kits Key Features

EcoFlow Power Kits key advantages


Traveling? Not a problem! Plenty of ways to charge, and fast your kit. A new range of rigid and flexible solar panels is available to give your van a solar input of up to 4800W. Use your alternator to recharge with 1000W. Camping? Take advantage of shore power for an extra 3000W. Need more juice? Use your Smart Generator for emergency backup.


Power Hub:
• Pure Sine Wave
• 70A, 12V, 1000W or 60A, 24V, 1500W DC Main Out
• 30A Max, 120V, 3600W (6000W Surge) AC Main
Out (3000W @ Battery Voltage < 50V)
• 20A Max, 120V, 2400W AC Outlet
• 85V~144V, 3000W AC Charger
• 60A, 13V~60V, 1000W Convertible DC-DC Battery Charger with MPPT
• Dual 30A, 15V~150V, 1600W MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, 3200W combined
• Operating Temp. -13°F to 140°F
• 11.8” X 18.9” X 5.5” (H X W X D)
• 31 lbs Net Weight
• CE, UL, FCC Compliance
• EMC Class A

5kWh LFP Battery:
• Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry
• 51.2V (Nominal), 100Ah
• ~3500 Cycles @ 80% DOD
• Integrated BMS and LCD Indicator
• Auto-Heating for Cold Environments
• Quick Access Fuse Box Mounted
• Advanced Battery Safety Protections
• Charging Temp. -4°F to 125°F
• Discharging Temp. -4°F to 140°F
• 11.8” X 19.7“ X 10.3” (H X W X D)
• 89.5 lbs Net Weight
• CE, UL, FCC, IC, UN38.3, IP54 Compliance
• EMC Class B

AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel:
• 30A Max, 120V, 3600W AC Main Input
• 12V, 70A, 1000W Max or 24V, 60A, 1500W Max DC Main Input for 12V or 24V System
• 6 X AC Positions with 20A Circuit Breakers
• 12 X Fused DC Positions (6 X Positions
Controllable via Power Kit Console & APP) • All AC & DC Positions Can be Monitored
• Operating Temp. -13°F to 140°F
• 8.3” X 14” X 3.9” (H X W X D)
• 5.7 lbs Net Weight
• CE, UL, FCC, IP21 Compliance
• EMC Class B

Power Kit Console:
7-Inch (Diagonal) IPS Touch Screen
• RJ45 CAN Communication • 12 VDC Power Supply
• Quick-Mounting Design
• Industry Leading Responsiveness & Speed
• Intuitive Control of Entire Power System
• Operating Temp. -13°F to 140°F
• 4.5” X 8.1” X 0.9” (H X W X D)
• 1 lb Net Weight
• CE, UL, FCC Compliance
• EMC Class B

EcoFlow Power Kits 4k





What's Included
EcoFlow Power Kits 4kwh Inclusions

Get Set Kit (10kWh):
• 1x Power Hub
 2x 5kWh LFP Battery
• 1x Cable Pack

Prepared Kit (10kWh):
• 1x Power Hub
 2x 5kWh LFP Battery
• 1x Cable Pack
• 1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel
• 2x Battery Mounting Straps

Independence Kit (10kWh):
• 1x Power Hub
• 2x 5kWh LFP Batteries
• 1x Cable Pack
• 1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel
• 1x Power Kit Console
• 2x Battery Mounting Straps

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