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EMP Shield Micro – EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles (DC-12V-MICRO)

Next Generation EMP Protection With Military Certified Testing.

Listed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Micro – EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles (DC-12V-MICRO) by EMP Shield

Secure your investment and ensure that your entire home is protected at all times! With EMP Shield Micro, now 78% Smaller than the Original Vehicle EMP Shield but with the same Protection Features! Connect it to your electrical system to ensure your investments survive lightning, solar flare(coronal mass ejection), power surges, and electromagnetic pulses with EMP Shield!

Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP) pose a significant risk due to the substantial amount of electricity they induce into conductors, generating heat and potentially causing destruction. All EMP Shield products undergo thorough and repeated testing at the Keystone Compliance Facility. The recreation of an EMP surge requires a massive amount of electricity, limiting the number of facilities capable of conducting such tests.

The Keystone Compliance Facility, a federally approved testing center, conducts numerous advanced and thorough technological tests. Every test and evaluation carried out at the facility is extensively documented, showcasing the genuine capability and robustness of the EMP Shield.

EMP Shield Micro Additional Features:

● 78% smaller than the original vehicle model.

● Comes with 2x industrial fasteners for easy swapping the EMP Shield Micro Between Vehicles.

● Features LED indicator that draws 18.4 micro amps which is 150x less energy while maintaining the same brightness as the original vehicle model.

● Designed to fit perfectly for ATVs, Motorcycles, and other small mobile platforms.

● Fits easily with vehicle engine compartments with limited space. 

EMP Shield

    How does an EMP Shield work?

    Through the process of shunting or shorting the overvoltage that is coming in from the grid and the induced voltage that is collected within your home, your EMP Shield will surely safeguard all of your electronic devices.  It does not matter whether the source of the electrons is from inside the house or may be coming into your electrical system from an external source (the grid), the EMP Shield will see the surge and will immediately be hard at work to protect your electrical system.

    With the help of modern technology, SightSpeed™ embedded into the EMP Shield, it is now able to react in less than 1 billionth of a second! This means that since the shunting or shorting is completed in an incredibly fast time frame, the overvoltage is drained away from your devices or equipment even before the voltage can rise high enough to create any kind of damage.

    Leading the Way in EMP & Lightning Protection

    Why Choose EMP Shield?

    Industry leading 10 year warrantySurpasses all military EMP testing standardsListed by the Department of Homeland SecurityUsing one of the world's fastest technology (SightSpeed)Can withstand up to 228,000 AMPS per phase IP 66 weather-proof for extreme hot and cold climate conditionsEasily installs in 10 minutes or less100% American madeVeteran owned businessWith free shipping to the continental US

    Why the Need for an EMP Shield?

    1. A 2019 Executive Order was signed by Trump on  Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses. The government is highly encouraging everyone to build resilience and protect themselves against electromagnetic pulses.
    2. If in case the grid is down due to a damage to the technology or to the electrical infrastructure systems, you can still have a functional home if you have an EMP Shield protection.
    3. You will have an advantage over others as EMP Shield will ensure that your vehicle operates after an EMP. Thus, helping you to get home safely or get around for supplies.
    4. If lighting unfortunately strikes your home, you won't have to worry about shelling out thousands of dollars for repair or new appliances/devices.
    5. An EMP Shield will make sure that your solar system or generator will still work despite an EMP threat or attack. 

    1. What is EMP Shield?

    EMP Shield is a device that is designed to protect your electronic devices from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs).

    2. How does EMP Shield work?

    EMP Shield works by diverting the high-energy electromagnetic pulse away from your electronics, using advanced surge protection technology.

    3. What type of EMP does EMP Shield protect against?

    EMP Shield is designed to protect against all three types of electromagnetic pulses: E1, E2, and E3.

    4. Is EMP Shield easy to install?

    Yes, EMP Shield is designed to be easy to install. It comes with all the necessary components and instructions for a hassle-free installation.

    5. What types of electronic devices can EMP Shield protect?

    EMP Shield can protect any electronic device that is plugged into an electrical outlet, including appliances, TVs, computers, and more.

    6. Can EMP Shield protect my car?

    Yes, EMP Shield can protect your car from EMPs. They offer a specific model designed for cars and trucks.

    7. Can EMP Shield protect against lightning strikes?

    No, EMP Shield is not designed to protect against lightning strikes. It is specifically designed to protect against EMPs.

    8. What is the warranty on EMP Shield?

    EMP Shield comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.

    9. How long does EMP Shield last?

    EMP Shield is designed to last for many years, providing reliable protection for your electronic devices.

    10. Does EMP Shield require maintenance?

    No, EMP Shield is maintenance-free once it is installed.

    11. How can I tell if EMP Shield is working?

    EMP Shield has indicator lights that will let you know if it is working properly. It also has a self-test feature that can be used to confirm its functionality.

    12. Can EMP Shield protect against solar flares?

    EMP Shield is not specifically designed to protect against solar flares, but it may offer some level of protection.

    13. Is EMP Shield safe?

    Yes, EMP Shield is completely safe. It does not emit any harmful radiation or electromagnetic fields.

    14. Can EMP Shield be used in commercial buildings?

    Yes, EMP Shield can be used in commercial buildings to protect electronic devices from EMPs.

    EMP Shield Protection Bundles

    Choose the best bundle for your overall protection!

    Photo of the EMP Shield Bundle

    This EMP Shield Bundle Includes:

    • 1x Home Model EMP Shield
    • 1x Whole Home Generator EMP Shield
    • 2x Vehicle Model EMP Shields

    Photo of the Home and Auto Protection Bundle by EMP Shield

    This EMP Shield Bundle Includes:

    • 1x Home Model EMP Shield
    • 1x Vehicle Model EMP Shield

    Photo of the Three Vehicle Bundle by EMP Shield

    This EMP Shield Bundle Includes:

    • 3x Vehicle Model EMP Shields

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