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Green Toilet Family Package

Green Toilet Family Package by Waterless Toilet Shop

Introducing the Green Toilet Family Package, your perfect outhouse Toilet Solution! This package is the perfect toilet solution for families and small groups,  by providing a versatile and practical waste management system. The Green Toilet System adapts to any situation from outdoor use to tiny homes more! This Green Toilet Package also comes with a spare container that makes servicing your Green Toilet quick, hygienic, and straightforward, ensuring a pleasant experience every time.

Why Choose the Green Toilet?

  • Safe and Hygienic - Gets rid of direct contact with waste and a system that ensures an overall clean sanitary experience
  • Reliable - Green Toilet is a toilet known to be tried and tested. Guaranteed to last for years and years to com
  • Simple and Straightforward - From Installation, Use, and Maintenance, everything is as easy as 123. 

GL 90 Batch composting toilet Installation And User ManualGreen Toilet Family Package Installation and User Manual

Green Toilet Family Package Features



Effective Composting

Built with a double base structure with capillary pillars, the Green Toilet is able to optimize the balance of moisture inside to prevent the compost from being too wet or dry thus making an effective composting process. 

Green Toilet Effective Composting
Green Toilet Druable and Reliable



Durable and Reliable

The Green toilets are designed to last. With no moving parts, it ensures that your Green Toilet System will last and is not easy to break even if it was set up for public use. On top of the Reliability the Green Toilet offers comes a 10-year warranty for most of its components. 




The Green Toilet's Containers are not too heavy to move around even at full capacity. Its intuitive design features a pull/pull handle and a set of wheels for easier transport. Also comes with a spare container to avoid any inconvenience in toilet availability

Green Toilet Portability
Green Toilet Family Package double base design




The Green Toilets are built with an ingenious double base design that effectively separates Urine from Soli waste. Paired with an effective ventilation System, your Green Toilet System stays completely odorless



Laboratory tested

The Green Toilet has been proven to reduce Escherichia coli by over 99.8% in just one month. Over time, as the composting process continues with natural heat, all harmful bacteria will eventually be eliminated.

Green Toilet Laboratory Tested



User-Friendly and Easy Service

Installation is very easy and so does using the Green Toilet itself. Once the Container is full just take it out and replace it with the spare container. You don't need to shovel Raw Waste just leave the container that's full outside for further composting. Installation is also quite easy with the adjustable Waste Shaft that can extend from 0 to 11.8 inches to accommodate any outhouse structure's height. 

Green Toilet Measurements

Green Toilet 120

  • Size   - 23.62 in Width, 23.62 in Depth, 27.56 in Height
  • Weight of package - 50 lbs (empty)    
  • Liquid hose - yes (included, 5 ft Depth, 26 in Diameter
  • Ventilation pipe - yes (included), 6 ft+ 2 ft flex pipe, 4 in Diameter

Green Toilet 330

  • Size   - 26.0 in Width, 32.3 in Depth, 36.2 – max 44.1 in Height
  • Weight of package - 70 lbs (empty)    
  • Liquid hose - yes (included, 5 ft Depth, 26 in Diameter
  • Ventilation pipe - yes (included), 6 ft+ 2 ft flex pipe, 4 in Diameter

Green Toilet Inclusions

Green Toilet 120

  • Green Toilet 120 composting container (31-gallons) with wheels and adjustable waste shaft
  • Green Toilet 120 Spare composting container
  • Ventilation kit
  • 5 ft liquid hose
  • Hinged Thermal seat with fixtures
  • Seap liquid outlet plug
  • Hemp dry material bale
  • Installation and use manual

Green Toilet 330

  • 87-gallon Green Toilet composting container with wheels and adjustable waste shaft
  • Green Toilet 330 Spare composting container
  • Ventilation kit
  • 60-inch liquid hose
  • Hinged Thermal seat with fixtures
  • Seap liquid outlet plug
  • Hemp dry material bale
  • Installation and use manual


Does the Green Toilet Smell?

No, it does not. The Green Toilet Family packages are designed to be odorless at all times thanks to its double base design(Separate liquid from solid waste) and ventilation system.

Is it okay to use the Green Toilet during Cold Climate?

Yes, you can still use the Green Toilet even during cold climates. Freezing Temperatures may slow down the composting process but that doesn't mean you can no longer use your Green Toilet System.  For areas with Colder Climates, we'd recommend getting spare containers so there won't be any stop to using your Green Toilet. 

Can you install the Green Toilets Indoors?

Yes, you can. Green Toilets can be installed indoors but it all depends on your building's structure.

Should I get the 120 or the 330 Green Toilet Family Package?

Each household has different toilet needs depending on the number of people who'll be using the Green Toilet. The Green Toilet 120 is ideal for seasonal use like holiday houses, tiny homes, or cabins. The 120 Green Toilet is more suitable for smaller families. For larger families of five or more people who will be using the toilet consistently throughout the year, we recommend getting the Green Toilet 330.

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