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Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet

Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet by Waterless Toilet Shop

Discover the ultimate sustainable Toilet Solution with the Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet. Perfect for off-grid enthusiasts, adventurers, and eco-conscious homeowners. This cutting-edge composting toilet offers unparalleled convenience, making it an essential addition to your sustainable lifestyle.

The Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet is the perfect solution for those who do not have much space to work with when setting up an off-grid composting toilet solution. This System comes with a built-in compartment for the composting container for wastes just underneath the toilet itself. No need to have a separate container installed underneath your floor. Truly the perfect toilet solution for off-grid and for any outdoor activity.

Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet Features

Flexible Capacity

The OZ-e-Pod is a toilet system that is Ideal for 1-2 full-time users or 2-3 part-time users. The OZ-e-Pod also offers the flexibility to expand your system by adding additional compost bins.

Sturdy Build

Built only with quality components. The Oz-e-Pod is made of ASA to give you superior resistance to impact, UV light, and chemicals.

Odor Free

The Oz-E-Pod composting toilet is designed with a silent fan that generates airflow for an effective airflow system and enhances the evaporation capacity. This gives the waste container ideal conditions for breaking down contents for an odour-free operation.  

Hassle-Free and Waste-Reducing

The Oz-e-Pod features a hassle-free waste reduction system. Thanks to this toilet's Transit Tray a clean container exchange is possible. During the process of composting, the waste's volume inside the container is efficiently reduced to 70%-90% producing a safe and nutrient-rich compost.

Energy Efficient

The Oz-e-Pod is designed to be energy efficient to cater to making it the perfect toilet solution for any situation. You can power your toilet's fan with any standard AC wall outlet or an optional solar pack. All of this is made possible with the low energy consumption fan and an efficient drainage system for liquid waste.

User Friendly

Efficient, Effective, and User Friendly! The Oz-E-Pod composting toilet is designed to provide customers with the most convenient toilet solution. 

How to Use the Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet

The Oz-E-Pod composting toilet works like any traditional toilet but without the need to use a flush. When using the Oz-e-Pod all wastes including toilet paper are stored in the compost container/bin within the Oz-e-Pod. Once inside the container, it starts to compost into humus and mulch. 

*Please note that plastic and sanitary towels should not be thrown into the toilet. These items are not compostable and must be thrown into a different bin. 

After using your Oz-e-Pod it is recommended to scatter a covering material. Approximately one cup of hemp or peat over the waste to conceal any visible waste and to speed up the composting process. 

When your compost bin is full all you need to do is to carry the container inside your Oz-e-Pod and replace it with an empty spare container. 

How to change Oz-e-Pod Composting Toilet Container


Oz-e-Pod Inclusions

  • Comes with 2 composting containers (15 gallons capacity each)
  • 1 lid & 1 transit tray as standard
  • plus 12V fan & housing, 240V adaptor
  • vent cowl
  • moisture trap to protect the fan from condensation
  • covering material
  • compost starter/accelerator
  • 65mm pipe & excess liquids drainage pipe.

Dimensions and Specs

  • Dimensions -  25.2 inches (L) x 19.3 inches (W) x 17.7 inches (H)
  • Toilet Seat Height -  18.7 inches
  • Power Source - Mains electricity or 12V solar power source
  • Usage Rating - 1-2 person full-time use and 2-3 people part-time use
  • Capacity Expansion -   Can be increased by adding more composting bins

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