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Are Martin Propane Heaters Safe With Children and Pets?

3 min read

Martin propane heater

We don't have to tell you that having children and pets in your house can be a little chaotic. Still, it's important to keep them warm during the winter, as some pets can't handle temperatures below 60 degrees.

Unfortunately, not every home has the best heat dispersion, and achieving better heat flow isn't always possible. Instead, you can supplement your living space with Martin propane heaters. Let's find out if they're safe to use with children and pets!

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Common Risks With Propane Heaters

Outdoor home propane tank

Martin heaters are perfect in remote locations without access to the grid, but they still rely on a combustible fuel source. Here are some of the most common risks associated with propane heaters, and how Martin propane heaters solve them!


Many wall heaters have exposed coils and flames that can cause serious burns. Fortunately, Martin's flames and coils are covered by a heavy-duty grill or glass-ceramic window that offers a sleek fireplace design without the risk of burns.

Fire Hazards

Where there is a heat source, there is a potential fire hazard. However, Martin propane heaters require low maintenance and have plenty of safety features to prevent potential fire hazards.

Tipping Over

If a propane heater tips over, the propane supply may continue to come in. This poses both fire hazards and carbon monoxide risks. Children and pets can easily bump into or jump on a wall heater, which could tip it over.

Luckily, Martin heaters come equipped with tip-over safety switches, which can cut the fuel supply instantly, preventing a gas leak in your home.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of people and pets every year, and heating fixtures are the primary cause. Whether its a buildup, tip-over, or poor installation, the effects can be devastating.

Fortunately, propane offers fairly clean energy and has a lower quantity of carbon monoxide than other heating fuels. More importantly, your Martin direct vent wall heater comes with an easy installation kit and will remove all exhaust from your home.

Lack of Heat

If you have a power outage during a winter storm, this can cause some propane heaters to shut off or not ignite. However, Martin propane heaters do not require electricity to run or ignite thanks to the Piezo ignition. This can save the lives of your entire family during an emergency, keeping the room temperature comfortable no matter what.

Martin Heater Safety Features

Martin propane heater

Martin heaters are the safest wall furnace on the market. The versatile front grill, the room thermostat for adjustable heat, and the many safety features on the back of the unit help prevent these hazards, as well as gas wastage.

The tip-over safety switch ensures that even your most ambitious cat cannot cause a gas leak, the ceramic glass will not heat up enough to cause a burn, and your gas supply will remain outside. Also, if you discover any issues or missing parts, you're covered by the manufacturer's warranty within 365 days of purchase. You can even receive a full refund on returned products without additional fees!

Buy a Martin Propane Heater Today

Martin propane heaters are the best in the industry without a close second. They are the safest wall heaters on the market, they work without the grid, and they can remain in perfect condition for decades with little to no maintenance.

Stay up to date with our latest product information, and buy a Martin propane heater today with free shipping in the United States!

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