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Disc-o-bed: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

by Hunter Kissam December 05, 2022 6 min read

Thinking of upgrading your sleeping system before your next adventure? Maybe you just want a storable sleeping solution for guests in your home. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Disc-o-Bed, regardless of your size or space needs. Here's what you need to know about Disc-o-Beds and how to choose the right one for your needs!

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What Are Disc-o-Beds?

Disc-o-Beds are a portable sleeping system that uses ultra-strong cots and frames to support your body weight while offering easy transport and setup. Disc-o-Bed is a family-owned business founded in 1988 to challenge conventional cot wisdom.

So, why is it called Disc-o-Bed? The name comes from their patented disc system that makes for easy set-up and take-down while still offering enough support.

Disc-o-bed cam-o-bunk

Why Are Disc-o-Beds So Popular?

Disc-o-Beds come with a durable and long-lasting steel frame that makes them stand out from other cots, offering bunkable strength and easy set-up. These beds consistently exceed the needs of military and disaster relief personnel in need of temporary sleeping systems. However, they're even more popular among homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts!

Also, the canvases are made of water-resistant, PVC-coated polyester. This makes them perfect for any environment, and helps prevent your canvas from developing mold or mildew over time.


Specs and Dimensions

While different models come in different sizes and dimensions, full-sized Disc-o-Beds have portable steel frames that can support up to 500 pounds per single cot or 1000 pounds per configuration. The average full-sized adult cot only supports up to 250 pounds, and some can't even support 200!

Let's start with the largest model, the Disc-o-Bed XL. The total bunk weight with two cots is 60 pounds (27 kg) and each cot has a weight tolerance of up to 500 lbs. The bottom bunk sits 11 inches off of the ground and the top bunk sits 32 inches above that (43 inches total).

This large model is perfect for taller adults, as the length is 79 inches or 200 cm. If you're over 6 feet tall, you'll have a hard time finding a cot that long elsewhere.


How to Use Your Disc-o-Bed

Transporting your system onto your next adventure will be quite easy. It's very portable and comes in a canvas carry bag that can hold a double or single cot.

Setting Up

Setting up a Disc-o-Bed is as easy as it gets. It's a ready-to-go sleep system with no-tool assembly. You can set up your sleep space almost anywhere, including on uneven terrain. The steel frame allows you to easily flatten your cot into the dirt simply by banging on the top of the frame.

To see how it's done, watch the video below and see just how easy it is! All you have to do is put the rails through the sleeves, connect them to the discs, and it's ready to support your weight!



Accessing the Top Bunk

You do not need a ladder to get onto the top bunk of a disc-o-bed due to the height of the top cot. Instead, all you need to do is stand on the side rail of the bottom bunk, swing your leg up, and get on top.


Other Uses

While camping, a single cot can double as a comfortable sleep solution as well as a sitting bench. If you are planning on a backpacking trip or if you have limited space, this can eliminate the need to bring extra chairs, saving you space and weight!

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Who Needs a Disco Bed?

Again, these beds are ideal for emergency shelters, military or other service members, and outdoor enthusiasts. However, they aren't the only people who can find a use for them, as these beds are ideal for daycare centers, group homes, and more.

Also, homeowners with a tight space budget can use these to make accommodations for guests. If you have a second home, cabin, or RV, these beds can fit neatly into your space while still providing maximum comfort for your guests.

The reason why they make such great investments is that they aren't cheap cots you would find at your local discount store. Their steel frames and PVC-coated polyester mats are durable and long-lasting, making these the best option for your money, especially for heavy users. Emergency shelters and other regular users won't have to replace them nearly as often, and they can support as many people as possible for as long as possible!


The Best Disc-o-Beds to Choose From

All Disc-o-Beds are created with the same high-quality materials. Still, different models will be right for different needs. Here's how to choose the right Disc-o-Bed for your needs!

Disc-o-Bed Extra Large

XL Disc-o-Bed

The XL and the 2XL are perfect for bigger and taller folks. While the smaller ones can support weights of up to 500 pounds, the XL is quite sturdy at 66 pounds (86 pounds for the 2XL). The length also goes up to 85 inches (215 cm), which is perfect for anybody above 6'5" or 195 cm.

The height of the top cot is 40 inches (101.5 cm) and you can enjoy a comfortable width of 39.5 inches or 100 cm.

Disc-o-bed large with organizers

Large Bed With Organizers

For a longer camping trip or for a military sleeping system, having a lightweight sleeping system with built-in storage can go a long way. As you can see, there are organizers hanging off the side rails for your electronic devices, flashlights, or anything else you may need.

The large bed offers 79 inches of length and 27.75 inches of width for a wide open sleeping area, and the canvas comes in greed or black to fit your aesthetic preferences!

Disc-o-bed Kid-o-bunk


These are perfect for taking your family or even smaller pets with you on your outdoor adventures. If you're planning on offering beds for an emergency shelter or daycare center, then Kid-o-Bunks is essential, as they are more affordable and are well-designed for younger children.

Also, this smaller option is much easier to transport, weighing only 35 pounds (16.5 kg) and collapsing to a much smaller size than the large or XL sizes.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Disc-o-Bed

Once you've found the right model(s) for your needs, let's talk about some tips on how to get the most out of your Disc-o-Bed!



As long as you keep it away from excessive moisture, it's quite easy to store your cot for when you need it. They are quite easy to fold and contain in a small space, even for the XL model.

Disc-O-Bed Bag


When transporting your Disc-o-Bed, we recommend using the canvas carry bag for easy transport. At up to 60 pounds, it can be challenging to carry without the bag, but it fits comfortably like a backpack otherwise.

Also, the bag neatly and comfortably fits down to 32.5" x 15" x 5" or 82.5cm x 38 cm x 14 cm, making it easy to store in a trunk or carry around.



Cleaning a Disc-o-Bed is surprisingly easy. You can wash the canvas parts with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and use the bleach-free detergent of your choice! From there, all you have to do is let it air dry, which you can do while the bed is set up!


Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, let's answer some common questions about these popular sleeping systems and hopefully clear up any of your concerns!


Will I Roll Off the Bunk?

You and your children will not roll off the bunk. The polyester mat contours to your body, which makes the side rails high enough to prevent you from rolling off.


Can I Use a Mattress?

While you do not need a mattress, a thin mattress pad may provide additional insulation if you are sleeping in a colder environment. However, a warm sleeping bag or blanket will do the trick, as the cot itself is incredibly comfortable!


Can You Triple-Stack Disc-o-Beds?

Unfortunately, you cannot triple-stack these beds. You can only use two bunks at one time, which is typically more than enough for a smaller space. Even if you could, it would be unsafe to climb to the top bunk if there were three.


Do You Really Not Need Tools to Assemble?

None at all! The disc system allows for a seamless setup that only takes a couple of minutes to complete, especially once you get the hang of it!


Is There a Manufacturer Warranty?

Yes! Disc-o-Bed offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all of their products, so you don't have to worry about any issues with their systems. Again, they're the best on the market!

 Disc-o-bed uses sign

Buy a Disc-o-Bed Today

Now that you know why Disc-o-Beds are so popular, you can choose the one that's right for your needs. They make for a comfortable backup or travel sleeping solution that lasts for a lifetime with minimal upkeep. They're also safe and hygienic for emergency shelters, and you can store them as easily as you can set them up!

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and buy a Disc-o-Bed today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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