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Berkey Water Filters: How to Spot a Counterfeit

by Saxon Funk June 16, 2023 2 min read

The Black Berkey® Elements, the flagship filters of Berkey Water Filters, were innovated by NMCL over two decades ago. These are at the heart of Berkey's systems, engineered to meet the specific requirements of users in search of efficient and budget-friendly water filtration solutions. The Black Berkey® Elements are deemed to have undergone the most stringent testing among all gravity-fed water filter elements.

Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filters

Why people Love Berkey

The Berkey Water Filters systems are loved for their simplicity and ease of use. They require neither electricity, expensive setup, nor special tools. They offer economical and enduring water purification solutions, costing mere cents per gallon. Trusted by households worldwide, Berkey systems assure the quality of drinking water every day.

The Black Berkey® Elements have carved a reputation as the gold standard in gravity-fed water filtration. They have become a household name in the water filtration products sector.

However, the recent market influx of counterfeit filters from China and elsewhere, imitating the genuine Black Berkey® Elements, has caused concern. Consumers are having a hard time distinguishing between authentic Black Berkey® Elements and counterfeit carbon block filters. These counterfeit items have notable performance and usability issues, leading customers to unjustly question the integrity of Berkey products. This misperception is tarnishing Berkey’s well-earned reputation for reliability and performance. It's crucial to address this issue.

Avoid falling prey to counterfeit or imitation products. Be informed and shop for Berkey Water Filters systems with confidence.

Counterfeit Products

Watch out for carbon block filters in packaging that imitates Berkey’s graphics, logos, holograms, barcodes, instructions, and warranty details.

Impersonator Brands

Beware of brands marketing their carbon block filters as “replacements” or “interchangeable” with Black Berkey® Elements.

False & Misleading Claims

Certain knockoff and impersonator brands misuse the trusted Berkey name, and the specific part number “BB9-2” associated with Black Berkey® Elements, in their product listings. This misleads consumers into purchasing their inferior carbon block filters and Berkey lookalike products.

How Berkey is different

What sets Black Berkey® Elements apart from counterfeit and lookalike filters? Black Berkey® Elements consist of a unique blend of various media types. They work synergistically to target specific contaminants, exceeding the reduction capabilities of ordinary carbon block filters composed solely of activated carbon.

Steer Clear of Unauthorized Sellers

While online shopping platforms are convenient, some sellers are known to peddle counterfeit or lookalike Berkey products. Counterfeit carbon block filters do not tackle the range of contaminants that authentic Black Berkey® Elements have been proven to reduce or eliminate by multiple certified third-party labs. Therefore, these counterfeits or lookalikes can pose a threat to the health and safety of those who consume water filtered by these systems. We cannot guarantee the authenticity, source, or condition of these products and thus, we do not provide support or warranty for these items.

Buy with Wild Oak Trail, an Authorized Berkey Dealer

Berkey Water Filters
Saxon Funk
Saxon Funk

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