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Can an EcoFlow Delta Pro Power a Space Heater?

If you find yourself in a winter storm with no heat, if you want to heat your off-grid shelter, or if you want to try winter camping, you may have thought about clean ways to do it. Running a gas heater or gas-powered generator will cost money for fuel, create harmful emissions, and pose a carbon monoxide risk in your home.

Well, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is the strongest portable power station on the market, but how does it handle electric space heaters? Let’s find out!

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Space Heater Efficiency & Demand

Electric resistance space heaters operate at 100% efficiency. Whatever the wattage your heater claims to have will be converted into heat, unlike with gas heaters. They are also much safer to use indoors, especially with supervision, as they do not emit any toxic gases or fumes.

For a large space heater that you would use at home, you should expect a demand of around 1500W per hour. While that is a lot, there are smaller space heaters that you could use that run as low as 200W per hour. It all depends on the size of the space you are heating and how hot you need it to get!

EcoFlow Delta Pro For Heating

EcoFlow Delta Pro side view

If you want to try heating a large electric space heater with an EcoFlow Delta Pro, you should be able to run it for 2 and a half hours with one full charge. Of course, that isn’t going to last for a two-day outage, but if you conserve the heat, bundle up, and unplug it periodically, it could save your life in a pinch.

However, for a smaller space heater with a fan, you could easily run the system overnight on one full charge. The EcoFlow Delta Pro has a 3.6kWh capacity, so a 300W heater will last for 12 hours. This won’t be enough to heat a house, but it would be more than enough for a camping trip or a medium-sized room or a hot tent while camping!

To prepare for emergencies like this, keep your Delta Pro in one of the smallest rooms in your home with a small space heater. If you have an extra Smart Battery or solar panels, you could run that small heater for days if needed!

Keep It Warm

Clearly, an EcoFlow Delta Pro has a large enough capacity to keep you warm during an emergency or while camping. Just remember to keep yourself warm by bundling up, keep food and water handy, and call for help right away if you need it.

Keep reading our blog for our latest preparation tips, and buy a Delta Pro today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!
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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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