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Do Solar Air Conditioners Actually Work? HotSpot Energy Honest Review

by Hunter Kissam August 05, 2022 3 min read

If you haven’t heard of this technology yet, solar air conditioners are technically solarheat pumps. They can cool your house in the summer and heat it throughout the colder months. Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient and clean way to heat and cool your home throughout the year, and by offsetting their energy with solar panels, they become the cleanest method on the market.

At least, that’s the claim. Let’s give an honest review of the most popular HotSpot Energy solar air conditioners and see how they work!

HotSpot Energy Solar

How Do HotSpot Energy Solar Air Conditioners Work?

Solar air conditioners like the HotSpot Energy ACDC12C work by taking in solar energy and pumping cold or hot air into your home. Heat pumps find and pull heat from the air outside and pump it into your home during winter, and vis versa in the summer. They also use compressors to help cool down your home with freon, much like normal air conditioners.

Solar heat pumps work exactly like other heat pumps. The only difference is directly offsetting their energy consumption with solar panels. Your system can use both solar energy and energy from your grid at the same time and will need to be connected to both for the best results.

Are Solar Air Conditioners Really Clean?

Heat pumps operate much more efficiently than standard air conditioners. A medium-sized air conditioner that you put in your window will use up to 1500W at a time, which adds up to massive electricity bills in the summer for most of us.

By comparison, the HotSpot Energy ACDC12C only needs around 500-600W of power at a time. On top of that, if you use the recommended 3x300W solar panels with your system, you can completely offset that energy during the day. Also, running your AC while the sun is out will dramatically reduce your need for AC at night.

One can argue that manufacturing solar panels and heat pumps currently generates emissions. However, those arequickly offset when these models are used correctly, and they create no more emissions than a regular AC during the manufacturing process. Therefore, solar air conditioners are the cleanest option by far for heating and cooling your home.

Do They Save Money?

HotSpot Energy

Let’s do the math and assume you pay $0.12 per kWh of electricity when using your grid. In that case, running one medium-sized AC in your home for 24 hours a day, you would pay $4.32 to run your system each day. If you use that for 4 months out of the year, that’s $518 per year to run one air conditioner.

Now, if we contrast that with the HotSpot Energy ACDC12C, you will receive around 14 to 16 hours offreeenergy per day, leaving you with a bill for 10 hours of 500W on average. That means that you would pay $0.60 per day or $72 for 4 continuous months. That’s a savings of $446 per year foroneair conditioner.

Yes, the HotSpot Energy solar air conditioner will cost more to purchase, but it will pay for itself in only one or two summers. Also, we didn’t mention how much money you would save during the remainder of the year using the system for heat!

Get a HotSpot Energy Solar Air Conditioner Today

Now that you know how much you can save (money and CO2 emissions) with a HotSpot Energy solar air conditioner, why wait? If you need to buy a new air conditioner or heating system anyway, these systems aren’t much more expensive, and they’ll actively save you money every year.

Keep reading our blog for our latest product tips, and buy a HotSpot Energy solar air conditioner today with free shipping and a price match guarantee!

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Hunter Kissam
Hunter Kissam

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